Sunday, October 15, 2023

Winnipeg's pink crack queenpin Sandra Guiboche looking at 10 years

Sandra Guiboche, 59, was the head of a crack network in Winnipeg that was known for it's pink product. She was the boss of a drug trafficking organization she built over several years that was headquartered in homes she owned in Point Douglas. Cops busted 26 and laid more than 100 charges in 'Project Matriarch'. Cops seized $2.3m in contraband, including 10 homes, bank accounts, vehicles, weapons and drugs.
Guiboche's workers lived in her homes and paid rent, including working shifts at her crack shacks selling drugs. Three of her crack houses on Lisgar Avenue and three on Austin Street N. were seized through the province's Criminal Property Forfeiture Act.
One of her 24/7 crack cooks, Timothy Verbong, pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit an indictable offence and was sentenced to eight years less time served in September 2022.