Saturday, December 9, 2023

Dayne Brajkovich selling Death Heads - update III

Dayne Brajkovich was stabbed in the neck outside a concert on Friday night during an altercation with OMG outside the venue. He will survive, this time. It was his press advertising his attendance at the event days prior that sunk him.
Brajkovich was kicked out of the HA in 2022. Former HAMC bikie and most recognizable 1% mug in Oz Dayne Brajkovich is selling 'Death Heads' to the highest bidder. The former enforcer is all over the press and says he is reformed from the scum in the HAMC and is offloading HIS HA gear. Brajkovich lost favor after dictating whom other members were 'allowed' to associate with.
Brajkovich has a wall in his home with 14 newspaper front pages with that mug splashed across them.
The gear he's peddling doesn't belong to him and never did. It was loaned, and he failed to give it back meaning it is stolen. The 'Death Head' is not his to sell. The bikers in the East County chapter in Melbourne have a reason to visit Brajkovich to retrieve their club's Death Head from a non-member ass clown. That goes for every member of the Perth City chapter.
The 3 Hells Angels charters in Western Australia are Perth, Perth City and Ellenbrook. Brajkovich attacked Perth City President Kevin Simonsen when he was on crutches using knuckledusters. He gloats of it in the press.
Brajkovich's merchandise also includes photos of his former brothers. Brajkovich knows what the rules are. He knows he's shitting on a great many of them, and it never ends well for those doing that. Many have been killed for less. We predict Brajkovich will appear here again. Soon and probably toes up. (It took 2 weeks)
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