Monday, November 13, 2023

Cop chief says no cop escort for HAMC 'Toy Drive' - Biker Santa

Fairfield Police Chief Dan Marshall says he will quit if the city forces his officers to help with a Christmas toy run. He says the reason is because the Hells Angels are involved in it. "This is a hill I'm willing to die on, and I'm willing to give up my job before I order the police department to do this escort," Marshall said. "That's how serious I am about it." For years, hundreds of motorcyclists, including Santa, have paraded down Fairfield streets in the Samoa Mission Christmas Toy Run. Fairfield police served as escort. The chief says no more.
The HAMC joined the run 2 years ago for PR purposes and cops complained then. Four Hells Angels were arrested on charges of attempted murder in a Sacramento shooting. Earlier this year, four other Hells Angels were indicted in connection with a vicious beating in Solano County. HA Michael Mahoney of the Solano County Hells Angels was sentenced to 3 years on gun charges, including a sawed off shotgun, in May.
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