Saturday, November 4, 2023

HA Marvin 'Casper' Ouimet

Quebec Hells Angel Marvin Ouimet, 54, failed to avoid having to reside at a halfway house while he serves out a 14-year sentence for his role in Quebec's Biker War. Most offenders serving time in federal pens in Canada automatically qualify for release after two-thirds of their sentence if they weren’t previously granted parole, which Ouimet wasn’t. The parole board imposed a halfway house condition for six months as well as another that he not be in places like bars. Quimet appealed. The parole board disagreed and said Ouimet’s membership in the Hells Angels is enough to justify strict conditions.
Ouimet tried to gain control of bricklaying companies in Quebec through threats, intimidation and extortion. He was nailed in 2009. 145 charges were laid and the boss of the Trois-Rivières chapter lost $9m in loot.