Massive BridgeMark scandal gets larger - 82 subjects

Anthony Jackson
BCSC lawyers informed commissioners that; “This investigation is very large; it’s ongoing; it’s very complex. And it will take more time to complete.” In November 11 CSE-listed companies as well as 25 individuals and their 26 associated firms were identified. There are now 82 subjects of the investigation, up from what was 62.

The investigation has so far resulted in 116 production orders, including 14 to public companies, 44 to banks, 10 to brokerage firms, 36 to individuals and 12 to others. About 300 bank accounts and 230 brokerage accounts have been searched. At the core of the case is the unproven allegation that BridgeMark members are and were never consultants, as defined by BCSC.
Preveceutical gains default judgements
PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (PREV.c) announced today that it has obtained a default judgement against JCN Capital Corp. (John Rosarino Bevilacqua)
Preveceutical Medical Inc. (PREV.c) has obtained a default judgment against each of Essos Corporate Services Inc. and Detona Capital Corp. A notice of civil claim was filed on Dec. 17, 2018, by the company, as plaintiff, against the defendants, consisting of Aly Babu Mawji, Justin Liu, BridgeMark Financial Corp., Rockshore Advisors Ltd. (Cam Paddock Enterprises Inc.), Detona Capital Corp., Escher Invest SA, Essos Corporate Services Inc., Jarman Capital Inc., JCN Capital Corp., Kendl Capital Ltd., Lukor Capital, Northwest Marketing and Management Inc., Sway Capital Corp. and Tryton Financial Corp.
Stephen Van Deventer
The amount of damages and costs to be awarded to the company and against Essos and Detona remain to be assessed by the court. Essos is related to Von Rowell Torres and David Matthew Schmidt. Detona is related to Danilen Villanueva and Natasha Jon Emami.
BridgeMark Steven Hoffmann at PDAC
BridgeMark Steven HoffmannHighly enigmatic ringleader of the BridgeMark scam was spotted at PDAC2019 this past week. Steven Hoffmann has somehow kept his name out of the limelight as massive chit hits his BridgeMark scam. On other fronts we can confirm Lisa Jackson has been booted from the realtor business.
We have good information that the accounting bodies are about to turf Anthony Jackson and Konstantin Licthenwald for their roles in the BridgeMark scam.
Graeme Wood - Glacier Media blows BridgeMark wide open
Graeme Wood has unleashed his story on the massive BridgeMark Scam. Central figure is convicted securities fraudster Aly Babu Mawji. Mawji spent 17 months in German prison after being convicted in 2012 for the massive pump and dump of De Beira Goldfields. The BCSC cannot explain how Mawji restarted his scamery under their fully dopey noses. Another major name is Justin Liu, who has business dealings in Kelowna with well known Hells Angels associate Shane Schuhart. Aly Babu Mawji and Justin Liu

Ryan Venier, far left, Kenneth Tollstam, third from left, and Anthony and Lisa Jackson, centre.
Broker Robert Barber of Mackie Research Corp. was making introductions to Mawji, who is working out of his own $2.8m West Vancouver home, sold by Lisa Jackson last year. Anthony Jackson’s cohorts included Royal LePage realtor Tara Haddad, former NHL player Cameron Paddock, his receptionist Danilen Villanueva and his brother-in-law Ryan Venier.
Anthony Jackson seeks court-ordered AGM for MY.c - Montego

Montego Resources Inc. - MY.c BridgeMark director Anthony Jackson is asking for a court-ordered annual general meeting. He says that he is the only director who was properly elected, with the others being improperly appointed. He further points out that the company has not held an AGM since Nov. 15, 2017.
The lawsuit comes just days after the company issued a news release stating that it had fired Mr. Jackson from his role as chief financial officer. Jackson is one of several individuals named in the massive ongoing BCSC investigation over abusive share issuances on the CSE.

Montego Resources Inc. - MY.c was not named in the initial BCSC order but is understood to be under investigation. It's office ... Suite 800 – 1199 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC is well known as the BridgeMark headquarters.
Say howdy do to Mr. David 'cheque swap' Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt recently WITHDREW from the BoD of White Gold (WGO.v) as CFO. A tough bit 'news' to find for obvious reasons ... he was named in the rapidly growing and massive BridgeMark scandal by the BCSC.

It appears majors like Kinross (K.t) and Agnico Eagle (AEM.t) are grotesquely ignorant and fully incapable of elementary due diligence. Whilst work continues, we do know as a very certain fact that David 'cheque swap' Schmidt was the key operative in the $5.5m kickback of Prize Mining. (PRZ.v), where he served as a director, now resigned.
'Cheque Swap' was a key player in White Gold for an extended period.
While small investors are counting their losses, Mr. Anthony Jackson closed on the home at 2854 Bellevue Ave in West Vancouver. The home sold on November 2nd, 2018.

The selling price was a reported $16m for the 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom, 6,177 sq ft mansion. As it turns out Anthony Jackson's little woman Lisa Jackson is on title to the non mortgaged palace, along with her daddy Albert Tollstam.
It was described as...

"This custom built contemporary home features exceptional luxury in an oceanfront setting. The upper floor consists of 3 ensuite bdrms. This custom-crafted, highly exclusive estate stands on a private beachfront, sharing a powerful kinship with surrounding ocean views and mountain landscapes."
On April 18, 2018 Mr. Anthony Jackson CA, a principal at BridgeMark Financial Corp. joined the BoD of LiCo Energy Metals Inc. - LIC.v. On December 7th, 2 weeks after BCSC news of an investigation into alleged securities offenses involving BridgeMark he resigned.

The regulator was motivated ONLY by a complaint from stakeholders of another junior, Blocplay Entertainment Inc - PLAY.c. A shareholder revolt caused by BridgeMark tactics resulted in a complete BoD change. The new board has failed to file financials and is "looking for value". Prospects appear very poor for the company.

The essentials of the scheme are simple and have been repeated dozens of times. The group provides 'financing' but requires the company receiving the money to enter into 'consulting agreements' that returns the vast majority of the cash to BridgeMark. This happens at the same time funds are advanced.
The shares received by BridgeMark 'investors' have a cost base of very near zero. They are basically free. The group blasts out of the paper at any price. Then the process is repeated with some another company.

BridgeMark abused the consultant exemption to obtain free trading paper without need of a prospectus. In some cases, to avoid the 4 month regulatory hold on selling shares they shorted the stock. This is possible for some without a margin requirement. They are shorting from a secured position. An example of this is Micheal McPhie's Prize Resources - PRZ.v which showed a massive short position of some 2.3m shares at the end of October. The short is covered by the PP paper when it becomes free trading. This is a risk free way to unload paper.

The pattern was repeated many, many times. RIO2 - RIO.v announced a $ 10m PP through BridgeMark. Most recent numbers reveal the co blew $ 10.2m in 9 months while doing virtually nothing with their flagship property.

ALL companies involved with BridgeMark scheme are being sold off right now at any price. Most often the seller is tagged as 'anonymous' meaning the public cannot track the brokerage house doing the selling. The principals of BridgeMark are racking millions in gains ... right this instant.
Micheal McPhie - BridgeMark Venture Scam

On November 26 the BCSC prohibited a group of purported consultants from buying or selling the securities of 11 companies listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE), alleging that they participated in a scheme that is abusive to the capital markets. The so called "Bridgemark Group" is now blocked from all CSE-listed companies from using the consultant exemption to sell shares without a prospectus to the group of 25 people and 26 firms, most of whom are in B.C.’s Lower Mainland. $17.9 million worth of shares sold to members of the BridgeMark Group, returned $15.3 million to members of the group.

The latest to emerge is a list of Venture companies who dealt with Bridgemark. Among them is Prize Mining PRZ.v, led by Micheal McPhie. $5.5m of a recent $6.5m in financing was returned to the Bridgemark Group. "Of the funds raised, $5.5 million will be directed towards activities 1 and 2 listed above."

McPhie had the ballulars to call a swack of dead free dilution (SRUs) 'just paper.' McPhie also had the manstones to claim the free paper needed to be 'earned' even though 400k vested immediately.
The Executive Director alleges that the securities sales to BridgeMark were illegal because they improperly used the consultant exemption to avoid filing a prospectus, a formal document that provides details of an investment.
The BridgeMark Group.

BridgeMark Financial Corp., Jackson & Company Professional Corp., Anthony Kevin Jackson;
Lukor Capital Corp., Justin Edgar Liu;
Rockshore Advisors Ltd. (formerly known as Cam Paddock Enterprises Inc.), Cameron Robert Paddock;
Simran Singh Gill; JCN Capital Corp., John Rosarino Bevilacqua;
Essos Corporate Services Inc., Sway Capital Corp., Von Rowell Torres, David Matthew Schmidt;
Detona Capital Corp., Danilen Villanueva; Natasha Jon Emami;
Altitude Marketing Corp., Ryan Peter Venier;
Platinum Capital Corp., 658111 B.C. Ltd., Jason Christopher Shull;
Tryton Financial Corp., Abeir Haddad;
Tavistock Capital Corp., Robert John Lawrence;
Jarman Capital Inc., Scott Jason Jarman;
Northwest Marketing and Management Inc., Aly Babu Husein Mawji, Rufiza Babu Husein Mawji-Esmail, Denise Marie Trainor;
Randy White, Escher Invest SA, Hunton Advisory Ltd.;
Kendl Capital Limited;
1153307 B.C. Ltd., Russell Grant Van Skiver;
Bertho Holdings Ltd., Robert William Boswell;
Haight-Ashbury Media Consultants Ltd., Ashkan Shahrokhi;
Saiya Capital Corporation, Tara Kerry Haddad; Keir Paul MacPherson;
Tollstam & Company Chartered Accountants, Albert Kenneth Tollstam;
727 Capital, David Raymond Duggan;
Viral Stocks Inc.;
10X Capital.

List of CSE issuers.

  • Cryptobloc Technologies Corp. (CSE: CRYP);
  • New Point Exploration Corp. (CSE: NP);
  • Green 2 Blue Energy Corp. (CSE: GTBE);
  • BLOK Technologies Inc. (CSE: BLK);
  • Kootenay Zinc Corp. (CSE: ZNK);
  • Affinor Growers Inc. (CSE: AFI);
  • Beleave Inc. (CSE: BE);
  • Liht Cannabis Corp. (formerly known as Marapharm Ventures Inc.) (CSE: LIHT);
  • PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (CSE: PREV);
  • Speakeasy Cannabis Club Ltd. (CSE: EASY);
  • Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. (CSE: ATT);
Alex Black's RIO2 - Millions into the ether - $ 2m+ stolen?
Here's the Information Circular related to the merger, all 267 pages of it. First to emerge is that RIO's adviser, Raymond James, was retained on April 28, 2018. That means their involvement lasted 30 days as the deal closed on May 31st. Unknown how many millions that cost.
BMO began it's 'advising' services to Atacama in May 2017, butt (_O_), those services were all about soliciting, and 3 live ones eventually came forward. RIO was rejected. After a score of months the preferred deal didn't fly and RIO was then selected. It appears BMO services vis-a-vis RIO specifically was no more than 4 months. So we can conclude the $3.4m to 'advisors' was paid out for a combined 5 months of 'services' provided towards the completed deal.
We've been pouring over RIO2 numbers and the result is more questions ... for sure no answers. Since Mr. Alex Black has seen fit to offer guidance about 'expenses' lets see what it means. $1.2m in accounting/legal. Black neglects to mention the majority of that went to his BridgeMark connected director/arsecrack DLA Piper lawyer Daniel Kenney.

$ 3.4m to 'advisors'. Black states 2 advisors billed for a whooping $3.4m. MORE THAN 30% of the financing to 'advisors' who will never confirm nor deny receiving a penny. This is patently unbelievable and very much so. It fairly reeks, strongly.
Notwithstanding a mountain of 'expenses' that don't appear anywhere, it beggers disbelief that a $10m financing results in less than 12% of it benefiting shareholders. 88% of it went into the ether, and that ether is appearing to be the capitalization into a property of dubious economics where absolutely zero work has been done and where no valuations for that 'asset' exist, either before or after the merger.

Black expects us to believe the closed mouth advisors made out like bandits and 'did' next to nothing to earn it. We have discovered a too interesting 'co-incidence' between 2 VSE companies linked to the BridgeMark scam. Micheal McPhie of Prize Mining (PRZ.v) and Alex Black of RIO2 (RIO.v) both used a lawyer at DLA Piper in Calgary to execute finance documents. That would be Mr. Mitchell Smith. Mr Smith's boss is Mr. Daniel Kenney a very long term director/insider of RIO2, who also happens to be the long term corporate secretary of PRZ.v. He is a partner at that office.

Mr. Kenny and his firm has been doing extremely well lately. "the Company incurred legal fees of $526,446 (2017 - $167,555) to a firm in which a director of the Company is a partner."
Kathryn Johnson CFOWhen RIO2 was first implicated in the BridgeMark scam I began an investigation into the company's financials and the $10m raised. RIO2, while 'doing' virtually nothing with their flagship property found a way to blow $10.2m in 9 months. Where precisely this cash went surely isn't obvious. The co has a paltry $3m in net current assets at last report.

It is appearing that many millions simply vanished ... i.e. was capitalized, not shown as any expense. "Further development costs were capitalized to the asset from acquisition by Rio2 on July 24, 2018 to September 30, 2018." This accounting treatment is grossly improper and IMO fraudulent.

Alex Black, CEO.
Meanwhile, like every other public scam company involved with BridgeMark, the share price of RIO2 has sewered to ever new 52 week lows with 'anonymous' leading the charge downward.
Robbie Grossman robbie.grossman@dlapiper.comOn a whim, I checked, at random, into confirmed BridgeMark PoS GBLT Corp. Corporate secretary is lawyer Mr. Robbie Grossman.

A newly minted partner this 'man' is, earning his button in February with, wait for it ... DLA Piper (Toronto).
Most find numbers boring. For dopes rolling the bones on venture chit they best have a minimal appreciation of the size of the pee pee up their behind holes. There is something stinking in Mr. Alex Black's RIO2 and it ought not take audited numbers to (eventually) figure it out. Co raised $ 10m through 'subscription receipts' for "additional infill drilling of the higher grade areas and studies related to completing a definitive feasibility study for the Cerro Maricunga Gold Project, expenses of the Arrangement, as well as for general corporate and working capital purposes." That number ended up being $ 9.1m and the dough appeared at the end of July. Net assets were about $ 13m.
The latest reported numbers dated September 30, tell us net current assets were now around $3m, and this jives well with a statement of cash flows saying a whopping $ 10.2m was blown in 9 months. So we can state that in 60 days this co offloaded millions. Where (the fuk) did it go? There was no drilling and no work on the flagship save 'desktop studies'. There are no expenses reported explaining the missing dough. The only thing left is that many millions was paid out and then booked as an addition to capital. (i.e. Capitalized)
From what we know about the BridgeMark scam, the 'cheque swap' occurred when funds were advanced. That means the dopes behind the financing documents (DLA Piper) had to have handled the agreements regarding the kickback of those funds as well.

Given the incestuous relationship between those involved here it absolutely, positively appears a fraud of massive proportion has occurred.
Insider Chart - Past 6 Months
We KNOW something is stinking with the way some $9.2m (after expenses) vanishes. These dopes aren't gonna say where the dough went so I'm guessing.

There was $ 9.2m in folding after May 31st 'subscription receipts' closed. That found it's way onto the books, temporarily. Precisely 4 months later (when the paper would be free trading) insiders of all stripes make market buys for some reason. Where did the cash for that come from?
Essentially it appears arse-cracks/insiders have bought RIO2.v paper with stakeholder's own money.

See ----->Alex Black's RIO2 - Millions into the ether
See ----->BridgeMark
Micheal McPhie - BridgeMark Scam - Baffle em with bullchit
Horrid securities monkey man Mr. Micheal McPhie figures great heaps of verbal stupidity will save the day. The 'man' has released 'news.' The avalanche of anonymous selling continues, dopey verbal diarrhea notwithstanding.
Another obvious connect betwix Prize Mining (PRZ.v) and Rio2 (RIO.v) is career terd Feisal Somji, who is also on the PRZ BoD. (RESIGNED) Somji has a long history with RIO's Alex Black. IF this man EVER created a nickle in value in his entire 'career', it sure ain't in evidence anywhere.

We can report the massive PRZ.v short position has magically evaporated with zero buying in the market. We can also report more than 5m PRZ.v shares have been blown out 'anonymously' in the past 30 days.

For some reason the market is unimpressed with McPhie's latest retardisms, likely because most have already been flushed out while BridgeMark continues to unload their dead free shares at any price. McPhie is basically spewing to hear the sound of his own terd dribble down his chin.
Latest and not so greatest in Mr. Micheal McPhie's little world is a spanking by the Alberta regulator. "The Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) has ordered an interim cease-trade of Prize Mining Corp. shares issued to the subscribers of a July 2018 non-brokered private placement until the determination of a January 14, 2019 hearing into allegations about Prize's public disclosure. The 10-day window gives the junior mining issuer and 12 other respondents time to contest preliminary allegations by Staff of the ASC that Prize breached the Securities Act (Alberta), and acted contrary to the public interest, by making misrepresentations and failing to comply with its continuous disclosure obligations.

The interim cease trade order affects: Seungkap Kim, Kyung Kim Yoon, Justin Edgar Liu, Lisa Jackson, Detona Capital Corp., Tryton Financial Corp., and Rockshore Advisors Ltd. (formerly Cam Paddock Enterprises)
Too simple fact here is these wicked crooks have already blasted out of millions of shares. They likely didn't get caught holding much PRZ.v paper at all. Two issues. Why is this horrid worthless paper still trading (Halted) and how will ANY of the pure chit deals in the BridgeMark stable achieve signed audited financials?

David 'cheque swap' Schmidt

Von Rowell Torres

Jason Shull

Cameron Paddock

Ken Tollstam
Lisa Jackson (nee Tollstam
Left to right Anthony Kevin Jackson, unknown, unknown, Aly Babu Mawji and Justin Liu.

Cam Paddock in 2010

Tara Haddad

Ryan Venier

Brian Oldham, Kelowna Hells Angels
John Rosarino Bevilacqua - (JCN Capital Corp.)
Listing the BridgeMark Chit
A-Labs Capital I Corp. (ALBS.P) - $ .10
Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. - ATT.c - Suspended
Aria Standard Holdings -
Arcturus Ventures Inc. - AZN.h - $ .08
AIS Resources Ltd. AIS.v - $ .07
Affinor Growers - AFI.c - $.03
Arian Resources - ARC.h - Suspended
Altan Rio Metals - AMO.v - $ .005
Altan Nevada Minerals Limited - ANE.v - $ .01
Beleave Inc. - BE.c - $.07
BLOCKStrain Technology Corp. - DNAX.v - $.115
Blockchaink2 Corp. - BITK.v - $ .305
BLOK Technologies - BLK.c - $.015
Blocplay Entertainment Inc - PLAY.c - No Bid
Catalina Gold Corp. - VPO.h
Cipher Resources Inc. - CIFR.v - $.07
Cryptobloc Technologies - CRYP.v - .005
Element Lifestyle Retirement Inc. - ELM.v - $ .12
Eyecarrot Innovations - EYC.c - $0.13
Fire River Gold Corp - FAUH.h - Suspended
GBLT Corp - GBLT.c - $ .12
Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd. - GLH.c - $.11
Good Life Networks Inc. - GOOD.v - $.19
Green 2 Blue Energy - GTBE.c - $.07
Global UAV Technologies Ltd. - UAV.c -$.035
Global Health Clinics Ltd. - MJRX.c -$.10
Intact Gold Corp. - ITG.v - $.06
Katipult Technology Corp. - FUND.v - $ .345
Koios Beverage Corp. - KBEV.c - $ .24

Kincora Copper Limited. - KCC.c - $.115
Kootenay Zinc Corp - ZNK.c - $.055
LOOPshare - LOOP.c - $0.05
Liht Cannabis Corp. - LIHT.c - $0.17
LiCo Energy Metals Inc. - LIC.v - $ .07
MegumaGold Corp. Mining - NSAU.c - $ .14
Montego Resources Inc - MY.c - $ .04
New Point Exploration - NP.c - Halted
New Tech Lithium NTM.c - $0.03
NuRan Wireless - NUR.c - $ .055
Pure Global Cannabis Inc. PURE.c - $0.13
PreveCeutical Medical - PREV.c - $.04
Prize Mining Corporation - PRZ.v - Halted
Quantum Cobalt - QBOT.c - $ .045
Rio2 Mining - RIO.v - $ .44
Silver Predator Corp. - SPD.v - $ .075
Speakeasy Cannabis - EASY.c - $0.34
Tiller Resources Ltd. - TIR.h - Suspended
Transatlantic Mining - TCO.v - $.035
Tisdale Resources Corp. - TRC.v - $.17
Vantex Resources Ltd. - VAX.v - $.12
And away we go with a growing list of public chit directly connected to Anthony Jackson and the BridgeMark Group. Beware these names, greatly; Steven Hoffman, Anthony Jackson, Lisa Jackson, Konstantin Lichtenwald, Viktona Lichtenwald, Simran Gill, Cam Paddock, Valerie Raiagorodskaia, Robert Howe, Von Rowell Torres, Danilen Villanueva, Kenneth Tollstam, Ryan Venier, Quinn Field-Dyte, Justin Liu, Richard Grieve, Mo Ahmad, Scott Jason Jarman.
Lisa Jackson - BridgeMark - 'Get to Know Lisa'
lisa@lisajacksonrealty.comLets say howdy do to West Vancouver realtor Lisa Jackson, little woman to Anthony Kevin Jackson, part and parcel of the BridgeMark cabal and recently named in the ASC spanking of disgraced Micheal McPhie's Prize Resources. (PRZ.v)

According to her website she ... "exemplifies the integrity, energy, hard work and innovation necessary for positive experiences ..." Riiiiight, butt (_*_) there's more ... "vast educational and professional background ... combination of skill, experience and cutting-edge marketing"

Our girl takes the 'prize' for zero ethics, no question whatever on that one. Methinks the tax man ought to examine Lisa Jackson Realty and pronto.
Our gal is a too proud member of MacDonald Realty's West Vancouver office.

It's appearing the folks at MacDonald Realty either can't read newspapers at all or simply don't care about what their agents are doing to the members of the community they serve.

There have been howls of outrage as the group of dirty BridgeMark 'consultants' have been whittled down by the BCSC at it's first hearing. Layfolks best realize the limitations of BCSC power and the term 'prima facie'.

The definition is "based on the first impression; accepted as correct until proved otherwise." It is a slippery legal slope to make 'prima facie' determinations without trial. Basically one is determining guilt without any recourse to those being accused. That is contrary to fundamental justice.
Public types can rest assured the massive publicity will guarantee more investigation moving forward, quite likely criminal and almost certainly from the civil forfeiture office. That same publicity has permanently sunk the 'BridgeMark Group' moving forward. NO public company idiots/crooks would dare sell their stakeholders down the BridgeMark river now.
Bo Bo Bert Abenante in infamous 'BridgeMark Crooked Basterds' photo
Kudos to an alert Stockhouse poster who spotted Abattis Bioceuticals - ATT.c crooktard Bo Bo Bert Abenante in the now infamous 'BridgeMark Crooked Basterds' photo.

This space ought to have recognized those Bertardian eyebrows anywhere.
See ----->Bo Bo Bert Abenante - ATT.c - Suspended Robert Abenante of Abattis Bioceuticals (ATT.v) - Scott Jason Jarman

"Due to an oversight, the company did not timely disseminate a news release or file a Form 9 with the Canadian Securities Exchange respecting the closing. The company confirms that it has now filed the required Form 9 and apologizes to its shareholders for the delay in informing them of the closing."
Named and disgraced securities mutt Mr. Scott Jason Jarman CONTINUES to abuse the 'consultant exemption.'

"Abattis has recently unveiled its new marketing and branding materials, developed in conjunction with media company Canada One Communications."

Robert Abenante
And that's the level of respect of open career securities criminals. The BCSC is a global joke and the main reason career criminal scum come to Vancouver to globally and gleefully rip stupid folks off. A massive bust and it slows these types down not at all. Amazing.
Things have suddenly gotten mucho worse for Bo Bo Bert Abenante as it's now a 'policy 3' suspension.

Bo Bo is facing one or more 'regulatory concerns.' Most likely it's related to his far too easily uncovered lies related to TO target NutriVida. As was posted here the numbered B.C. company was registered last spring, whilst Bo Bo was the newly installed CEO of ATT.c. Bo Bo has much splaining to do and it surely doesn't look good for ATT.c shareholders. In the end it's always 'buyer beware' and Lord knows stakeholders had warnings up the poophole.
Poor Bo Bo Bert Abenante's deal of a lifetime has been halted for failure to file financials. Tsk Tsk.

More often than not this is the singular way utter Venture krap meets it's Waterloo. Whilst management often stroke their self-prepared numbers, it all comes crashing down when it's time to find an auditor to affix their signature to the rubbish.
It is this reality that will eventually sink most, if not all, the BridgeMarkians.
With special thanks to an alert poster on Stockhouse we present the address for Barbara Barltrop. 904 Si-Em Heights, Lantzville, BC.

It appears to be Nanoose First Nation land. With 23,529,411 free trading ATT.c shares one assumes renovations are on Ms. Barltrop's agenda.
Today we congratulate Emma Hebert. This young lady stands to score a major share of 58,823,529 ATT.c shares, along with Violet McDoughall and Barbara Barltrop. It's amazing how an 'office assistant' can move into a major shareholder position with such ease. ONLY with Bo Bo Bert dishing off the shares you say?

One tends to agree. Surely she doesn't have "25 years experience with vast knowledge" because at best she was a child 25 years ago. Can one now suppose Bo Bo Bert is trying to find ANY prospectus exemption to rip idiots off? The punchline is that anybody with a grain of intelligence would realize the fraud game is already over. Not Bo Bo Bert. Bo Bo is the poster boy for everything that is wrong with securities enforcement in B.C.
If Bo Bo Bert Abenante isn't enough to cause total public outrage nothing is.
There's more trouble in paradise for Bo Bo Bert Abenante. On Jan 10th this offense announced it would be flipping off 58,823,529 shares (TO exemption) for NutriVida (1157016 B.C. Ltd.) A '3rd party' has surfaced and accused NutriVida of stealing 'proprietary formulations'. Second, Bo Bo said NutriVida "has been prominent in the fertilizer and cultivation industry for the past 25 years with vast wealth of knowledge ..." Fact is 1157016 B.C. Ltd. was incorporated in March 2018. That makes it about 9 months according to my non-Bo BoTardian math.
We suspect a problem exists with his disclosure. Specifically this 'news' has nothing to do with the prospects of the company.Our dopey anti-hero was very pleased with being removed from the BCSC temporary order. His stakeholder paid for lawyer was successful, and this pleased Bo Bo Bert immensely, so much so he issued a NR ... "Abattis is very happy with the BCSC's decision to remove the company from the order such that Abattis can continue to focus its efforts on revenue generation and building shareholder value," stated Rob Abenante"

Bo Bo Bert is slightly less happy this morning as ATT.v has been halted.
His sputum, aka stupidity, simply isn't 'news'. Our boy is without question fully impressed with the sound of his own dopey verbal turdisms, even in the face of being exposed and humiliated globally as a securities reprobate. That brand of grotesque obtuseness is fully amazing. Our boy has no business being ANYWHERE NEAR a public company.
Robert Abenante of Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. is pulling out all the stops, with stakeholder money, and is being featured on BNN Bloomberg and Stockhouse.
"We firmly believe this temporary order will be a small blip in the Company’s drive to build shareholder wealth."
See ----->Abattis Bioceuticals Corp. - Scott Jason Jarman
Good Life Networks - GOOD.v - (Praveen) Vareen Varshney

Praveen Varshney (Varshney Capital)
There is so much reeking with promo for dopos Good Life Networks - GOOD.v it is far from funny. A completely insulting 'Black Box' from a career radio jockey and the CFO remains, months after exposure, BridgeMark posterboy Konstantin Litchenwald. For most with any intelligence that would be more than enough to run for the hills ... and that's ignoring accounting that ain't anywhere near the accepted variety. Latest revelation is the connect to GOOD.v director (Praveen) Vareen Varshney of Varshney Capital.

As far his name switch goes, WTF is up with that? Is this not the same dummy?

Vareen Varshney (Good.v)
(Praveen) Vareen Varshney knows well who jailed securities scuzbag Aly Babu Mawji is. That is so because Mawji was working at Varshney Capital when he ran his criminal pump and dump of De Beira Goldfields. In the world of securities the connect to a criminal under your own roof is precisely the same as having a hand in that criminal's fraud. So GOOD.v director (Praveen) Vareen Varshney is tarred by association. Good Life Networks has 2 executives that ought not be running a dog chit collection business. Buyer beware indeed, these k9s will be needing to produce audited financials in 10 weeks and that's about how much longer this wicked PoS has to lasso public idiots.
Good Life Networks Inc. - Trailing 12-month consolidated pro forma revenue
Have the wicked horrid BridgeMark scammers pulled in their fraudulent horns? As far as K9 beanfrauder Konstantin Lichtenwald goes, fuk no.

OMG $40.2m in gross revenue says Litchenfukhead in a Good.v NR today. But, hold that massive buy order for just a second there poochie 'get rich quick' dopus. For non-beaner types we slow down. 'Pro-forma' in this case means projected gross revenue. That translates as a guess pulled from wicked horrid dirty Litchywald anushole. Next is '12-month trailing' which would mean a BIGGER guess from said stinking Litchy anushole over 12 months. And 'gross revenues' would be that fiction BEFORE all the expenses, meaning the 'net' is really just another massive BridgeMark loss in the making.

So what does this breathless, amazingly timed load of fully fraudulent horsechit really mean? It means a now globally recognized conman is playing stupid with 2 BridgeMarkian acquisitions that nobody has ever heard of, which 'cost' a mountain of worthless (but free trading) shares.
One other slight thing before cutting a cheque on this sure thing. These MFers don't 'do' the industry standard 30,60,90 days for 'revenue recognition' They do 120 days. This means nothing from this scamshow is GAAP to begin with. (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) It also explains how they pretend to report a profit on their bogus prepared financials when they haven't collected a fukkin cent. This chit needs to be halted, yesterday.

Konstantin Lichtenwald

Latest in BridgeMark scammery is Good Life Networks Inc. (GOOD.v) "We own and operate disruptive patent-pending advertising technology." and "are committed to positioning ourselves ahead of the imminent convergence between Digital Advertising and Blockchain Technology."
Just for fun I checked the financials. $ 8.4m in receivables, $ 2.4m in current liabilities and all of $ 360k in cash. Yup, that's the definition of insolvent all righty.And WTF does that mean exactly? Who bloody knows and these dopes aren't saying. And who might the CFO be? Why it's the barking dog, massive fraud bean stroker Konstantin Lichtenwald. And the state of incoming beans you ask? Well, according to Lichenwald and this management fukkin aresome.

This joke isn't worth my time, however, it is a good example of a 'black box' scam. A 'black box' is a securities ploy where something is sooooo profitable, and soooooo secret it can't possibly be disclosed to public dum dums at all.
Perhaps the most famous recently used 'Black box' is that of Timminco that Eric Sprott used to steal a billion bucks. I would not touch this total chit with Eric Sprott's money.

BridgeMark's Albert Kenneth Tollstam
Lets say howdy do to recently retired city manager of North Vancouver and formerly one of B.C.’s highest-paid local government employees Mr. Albert Tollstam. He and his Tollstam & Company Chartered Accountants have been an integral component of the BridgeMark scam, intimately involved in scores of fraudulent deals. His name is plastered everywhere and without question he was a key operative, if not the ringleader, in the BridgeMark scam. Property records tell us how connected he is. Lisa Michelle Jackson is the co-owner of the no mortgage $15.8m mansion purchased in November, along with her FATHER Albert Tollstam.
The massive size of the BridgeMark scam is illustrated by the December hearing at BCSC offices, where so many lawyers showed up for so many different respondents that the commission executive commissioner began by stating that “for fire code reasons” some would be viewing the proceedings via a video feed. Lisa Jackson hung up on a reporter and did not answer a subsequent phone call. Alberta lawyer Craig Leggatt said he represented Jackson, but has not replied to subsequent emails or phone calls.

It's likely Leggatt was present for the latest Prize Mining (PRZ.v) hearing with the ASC on February 1 which named Lisa Jackson and others. We can report the ASC has concluded the hearing and is still stewing about (Feb 9) what spankings all will get.