Cocaine in

Here are just a few of the ways drugs has been smuggled.
Cocaine in Johnnie Walker Black Label
A 25-year-old Kenyan woman was taken into custody at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi for trying to enter the nation with cocaine dissolved in two whisky bottles. Dissolved powder cocaine is an easily smuggled drug since it can be easily disguised in many items. In this case Johnnie Walker Black Label. Suspicious officials X-rayed the bottles and found that the liquid carried an “unusually greenish” tint. On testing, it was revealed that the liquid had 22 to 28 per cent cocaine dissolved in it. On further testing, it was estimated that the bottles contained 850 to 900 grams of cocaine
Cocaine disguised as almond syrup
Cocaine worth tens of millions of shekels was seized after it was smuggled into Israel inside bottles of almond syrup. Drugs came from South America concealed inside some 180 bottles of syrup with a total volume of 140 liters. Dissolving cocaine in liquids makes it harder to detect the drug by sniffer dogs or scanners.
Cocaine in Kinder eggs - Irish anus
An Irish man is facing drug charges in Australia after importing about 120 grams of cocaine inside six Kinder Surprise eggs jammed up his anus. The man was taken to a hospital for a CT scan after Australian Border Force (ABF) at Melbourne International Airport smelled a rat after his baggage returned a positive result for cocaine. The man eventually excreted the eggs containing the dope. The Garda Síochána is leading an investigation involving a large scale trafficking group. Cops warn people that risking one's life on a drug run isn't intelligent.
This is far from the first 'Kinder Egg in Ass' smuggling attempt.
Cocaine in banana pulp
Sydney man Mark De Hesselle will spend eight years behind bars after he was caught importing 552kg of cocaine hidden in banana pulp in 2020. The drug smuggler from North Sydney was involved in a large-scale operation to bring the cocaine, worth $248m, into Sydney from Brazil. Acting on a tip-off from the DEA, the Australian Border Force intercepted the shipment of 2,000 boxes of fruit pulp from Brazil. Cops watched for two weeks as De Hesselle collected and searched through the banana pulp to remove cocaine. He was sentenced to 13 years and seven months' jail, with a non-parole period of eight years and two months.
Cocaine in candies
Nigeria's National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, intercepted a Brazil returnee, Agbasi Prosper Chux with cocaine concealed in candies at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos on Christmas Day. An initial search of Chux's two checked in bags almost gave him a free pass as there was nothing incriminating found. NDLEA cops then took an interest in the duty-free shopping nylon bags containing packs of 'candies’ he was holding in his hands. The packs of candies concealed 105 parcels of cocaine weighing 2.8 kilograms. A plastic bottle of body lotion also tested positive for cocaine with a total weight of 472 grams.
Cocaine in hair extensions

Body scans revealed the objects in their hair. About 2 kilos of cocaine was recovered.
Two women were arrested in Colombia for trying to smuggle cocaine in their hair extensions. The women, who sported elaborate hairstyles, were busted at two separate airports.
$140M in cocaine and meth shipped from Canada to Oz in Bentley
Cops in Australia found a large load of cocaine and meth worth an estimated $140m hidden inside a vintage Bentley shipped from Canada earlier this month. 161 kg of meth and 30 kg of cocaine were packed inside a 1960 Bentley S2.
Heavily armed cops raided a residence in a suburb of Sydney after replacing the drugs. Two men were busted red-handed as they were trying to retrieve the drugs. A subsequent traffic stop on a highway near Brisbane resulted in the seizure of an additional 2.2 kg of meth and over $1m in cash.
Cocaine in aluminum ingots
A 188kg cocaine shipment into Australia was found by customs agents. A 50-year-old Sydney man was sentenced to nine years in prison for his efforts moving hundreds of aluminium ingots - attempting to access the cocaine he believed was hidden inside.
Cocaine in RV

Cops found 534 kg of cocaine.
A plot to smuggle more than $60m of cocaine stashed in an RV has been foiled by police in Spain. Cops in the city of Barcelona found the huge shipment coming into the country in a mobile home on a boat from South America. Traffickers had disguised the vehicle with two kayaks on the roof and a bike rack.
Cocaine in Tastee Cheese.
Jamaican Andre Caine, 35, was slapped with an 11-year prison sentence in the Cayman Islands for his attempt to smuggle 22 oz of cocaine. A customs officer became suspicious of the weight of a can of cheese. The can of cheese was found to contain “a white substance wrapped in clear plastic resembling cocaine covered with a thin layer of cheese".
Cocaine in model's vagina
Grace Evelyn Athanatos insists she is a 'nice girl' as she breaks her silence about the humiliating moment she was caught and strip searched. The 24-year-old was waiting outside the exhibition hall when sniffer dogs began to bark around her. When cops asked to search her outside, she began to cry. Tears didn't work and she had to explain to cops why they wouldn't find her prohibited cocaine stash with a pat down.
Records stated she had 5.6 grams of cocaine, though it's unclear how much of the condom's weight was counted in official recordings.
Grace Evelyn had some splaining to do after authorities busted her with a cocaine-filled condom inside her vagina while attending Marlo Music Festival in Australia. She had a large amount of cocaine in the condom. She avoided grief by pleading guilty.
She was hit with a 12-month conditional release order and no fine.
Cocaine in wheelchair redux
Gabriel Ruiz, 34, was busted at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, where he was returning from a trip to the Dominican Republic. Agents using an X-ray found 13 plastic-wrapped bricks inside the seat and back cushions of Ruiz’s wheelchair. Tests determined the packages contained 30 pounds and 3 ounces of cocaine.
The bust came weeks after US Customs caught a man with 23 pounds of cocaine hidden in his electric wheelchair, also from the Dominican Republic.

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U.S. Customs at Charlotte Douglas International Airport landed 23 pounds of cocaine inside the motorized chair's seat.

Alexander A. Lopez-Morel, 22, a permanent US resident, arrived in Charlotte from the Dominican Republic.
Cocaine in diesel generator
Raids in southeast England busted an operation linked to 125kg of cocaine destined for Sydney. Cops found the drugs inside a specially constructed concealed compartment built into a diesel generator, which was being shipped to Australia via airfreight.
Cocaine in jukebox
A jukebox imported to Australia from Greece was found to contain 45kg (99 lbs) of cocaine, estimated to be worth around $22m AUD. Three men were arrested in Melbourne in connection to the jukebox. Cops waited for them to pick up the object and take it to a home in the Melbourne suburb of Sunshine North before swooping in and making the arrests. Cops seized two Mercedes-Benzes, a Harley Davidson, drugs, cash, and a cache of designer clothing and luxury jewelry.
Cocaine in pineapples
Spanish police have seized 67 kg (148 pounds) of cocaine found inside dozens of hollowed-out pineapples at Madrid's main wholesale fruit and vegetable market.

The drugs were found among a shipment of pineapples that arrived in the Portuguese port of Setubal by ship from Costa Rica. Spain is the main entry point to Europe for cocaine from the continent, mostly from Colombia.
Cocaine in coconuts

Cocaine in fruit is not new. A shipment of yellow dragonfruit was seized in Hong Kong in 2016. It was found to contain 13.3 kg of liquid cocaine.
A shipment of 20,000 coconuts filled with liquid cocaine has been discovered at a Colombian port en route to Italy. “Upon inspection, it was established that the water in the tropical fruit had been exchanged for liquid cocaine,” said prosecutors.
Cocaine in propane
Two U.K. men who attempted to smuggle 14kg of high purity cocaine inside a "sophisticated" propane tank have been jailed. The class A drug, worth an estimated £1.4m, was stashed inside the device which released real gas from a valve. Faruk Miah, 44, and Safraz Latif, 37, were jailed for 18 years and 11 years respectively.
Cocaine in mangosteen
Colombian police have seized 33 kilograms of cocaine that was hidden in a mangosteen shipment bound for Hong Kong. Police said that an inspection had been required at Bogotá’s El Dorado airport.
Cocaine disguised as potatoes
Smugglers disguised cocaine as potatoes and frozen chips in Colombia. Cops seized 1,300 kg of cocaine. The shipment of refrigerated and vacuum-sealed cocaine simulating yuccas and Creole potatoes was destined for Spain. The drug was formed in irregular moulds simulating croquettes of cassava and papa criolla.
Black liquid cocaine - Mascara Man
Okeke Adolphus Anayochukwu was found with 20.75 kilograms of black liquid cocaine at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport. He arrived at the airport onboard a Qatar Airways flight from Sao Paulo, Brazil. The liquid was discovered after cops searched his luggage stuffed with six smaller bags containing 32 packs of facial products. Anayochukwu claimed to have met the person who gave him the consignment to deliver in Nigeria for a fee of N2m ($4800 USD) at a drinking joint in Brazil.
Cocaine in South African
A South African man was arrested by customs at Phuket airport for smuggling 1.49 kg of cocaine. He was acting suspiciously after arriving from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on June 9. No illegal items were found in his luggage. After being detained, the man was sent to Thalang Hospital for an X-ray, which revealed 115 pellets of cocaine in his body. Suspects arriving from Brazil were arrested at Suvarnabhumi airport after cops found 15.7 kg of cocaine in their luggage.
Cocaine in frozen pizza
A truck driver has been jailed after smuggling cocaine worth £5m into the UK hidden in frozen pizzas. Vladan Petrovic was arrested at a warehouse in Heywood, Manchester. He drove from Italy via Dover with his 50kg (110lb) cocaine haul. The 40-year-old Serbian was jailed for 14 years after being convicted of importation and possession with intent to supply. His refrigerated HGV trailer was legitimately loaded with a shipment of frozen pizzas in Italy. The cocaine was then later loaded at an unknown location.