Greenbelt Fraud

Greenbelt Fraud - "Mr. X" revealed John Mutton - Peter Tanenbaum
Beaten black and fukkin blue, Doug Ford announced his government will “re-evaluate” the Greenbelt land steal. It will be one of the first tasks for new Housing Minister Paul Calandra, who replaces the disgraced Steve Clark. "There's going to be a complete review from top to bottom and they're gonna have to stand on their own merit. And it's not just the 14 lands, it's gonna be the seven or 800 lands right across the board,” Ford babbled at reporters today.
When asked for details about what it means to “stand on their own merit,” Ford refused to provide further details. Despite the re-evaluation, Ford said that progress will continue on developing the 14 remaining sites. “We're going to show how these builders these landowners are going to spend billions of dollars and supporting the community that they're building.”
MPP Steve Clark has resigned from his position as Ontario’s Housing Minister. Ford has staunchly defended Clark.

Ford vows that neither he nor his Housing Minister Steve Clark will resign, nor will there be any rollbacks on their Greenbelt Fraud. Ontario citizens may kiss his sweaty, dirty, fat asshole (_*_).
Burgers, hot dogs, carnival rides and protesters roasting Doug Ford are coming to the Ford Fest in Kitchener. Ford will be at Bingemans on Sept. 8 from 5 to 9 p.m. during a free event hosted by his Progressive Conservatives. Kitchener-Conestoga MPP Mike Harris invited peons to the “free, non-partisan community event.” Its a great way to cap off the summer says he. “With its vibrant atmosphere and relaxed setting, Ford Fest offers a unique opportunity for attendees to connect with their elected representatives.” Robbed folks in Ontario are asked to register for the event and tell Ford about his corrupt governance. (One may even donate, pffffft)

John Mutton (left) with Environment, Conservation and Parks Minister David Piccini and Harley Guindon. John Mutton bought a $300k Maserati days after meeting with Ford in the fall of 2022.
Latest to crawl from woodwork is Phoenix Kiss, self proclaimed ‘The Fixer’and Nico Fidani-Diker

John Mutton, who was Clarington’s mayor from 1997 to 2006, says he is not Mr. X and that he has no idea who the mystery man might be. Riiiight. Nico Fidani-Diker was also hired by Peter Tanenbaum.

John Mutton, Doug Ford.
The unregistered lobbyist formerly known as Mr. X is a key player in the report by Ontario's integrity commissioner. He is former Clarington Mayor John Mutton. He offered Raptors tickets and golf games to senior figures in the housing ministry while negotiating a $1m "Greenbelt fee" contingent on getting a parcel of land developed in Clarington. Mutton was contracted to work on getting 86 acres of land north of Nash Road out of the Greenbelt by its owner, Peter Tanenbaum. Tanenbaum purchased the property for $2.7m 20 years ago. In September 2022, Mutton wrote Tanenbaum saying that he had a lunch meeting with Amato and deputy chief of staff Kirstin Jensen. "Ours is the only file that I am discussing. I also have them coming to golf at Goodwood in 2 weeks with me and to a Raptors game," he said in an email.
Peter Tanenbaum
Mutton and Tanenbaum negotiated a contract on August 9, 2022, where he would be paid a $6,000 per month and a 'Greenbelt Fee' of $225k when final approval was obtained to remove the lands from the Greenbelt and a 'Rezoning fee' of $775,000 when authorization to develop the land was granted. Staffer Kirsten Jensen attended the free lunch, and said it took place on September 27, 2022 at Joey Eaton Centre. She denied discussing anything Greenbelt-related but said that Mr. X gave her a handout.

Nash Road Developments Inc. is the owner of the land slated for removal from the Greenbelt in Clarington. Its president is Peter Tanenbaum.
Mutton is the President of MuniSol Inc. and Municipal Solutions Energy and Infrastructure LLC., consulting firms. He was accused multiple times of domestic abuse.
Silvio De Gasperis - "I have a package"
3 builders got 92% of the sites taken out of Ontario's Greenbelt. Silvio De Gasperis, the CEO of TACC Group of Companies, had wanted for decades to develop one of his properties, known as Cherrywood, but it was in the Greenbelt. De Gasperis owned the land in the Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve in Pickering prior to the creation of the Greenbelt in 2005. He felt robbed and that it had improperly been made part of the protected area. He took the province to court, but ultimately lost. When Ford won the 2022 election, Silvio De Gasperis looked to Ryan Amato, Clark’s chief of staff. His opening came on Sept. 14, 2022, at a dinner at the Building Industry and Land Development conference. De Gasperis was seated at the same table with Ryan Amato and came with a package that his daughter, director of planning for TACC, prepared.
Alana De Gasperis
“I have a package I want you to take a look at — there was an injustice done at Cherrywood and I want you to take a look,” De Gasparis said to Amato. He handed over the envelope and told Amato to reach out to his daughter. Amato said he would take a look. In early October, Amato called Alana De Gasperis seeking more information. She asked if Cherrywood would be removed from the Greenbelt. “The government is looking at everything at this moment and have not made any decisions,” Amato told her. She took that opportunity to tell Amato about three other TACC sites: one in Richmond Hill, another in Vaughan, and one in Hamilton. She heard from Amato on Nov. 3, 2022, when he called her to deliver very profitable news: all four parcels of land were coming out of the Greenbelt.

Ontario’s integrity commissioner blasts Housing Minister Steve Clark
Steve.Clark@pc.ola.orgOntario’s integrity commissioner has blasted Housing Minister Steve Clark after finding he broke ethics rules for his role in Ford’s Greenbelt fraud. In a blistering 166-page report, J. David Wake said the way the province went about removing 7,400 acres from the Greenbelt was “marked by misinterpretation, unnecessary hastiness and deception.”. The report is equally as damning as the auditor general report which suggested Ryan Amato, Clark’s disgraced chief of staff, spearheaded the fraud. Staff received evidence from 61 witnesses and Clark. They reviewed maps, documents, text messages, emails, briefing decks and other documents which amounted to thousands of pages. Responsibility for the Greenbelt steal belongs to the A-hole Steve Clark and his revolting boss Doug Ford. Both need to resign for the good of citizens in Ontario. “Members cannot hide from accountability..."
DeGasperis brothers = Greenbelt bandits
"No one had preferential treatment," Doug Ford lied during a press dog and pony show. The Auditor General says exactly the opposite and that is a much better source than a clearly lying piece of sweating dog shit. The DeGasperis brothers, principals of Tacc, have been generous donors to Ford and the Tories and those bribes were rewarded.
The day after the dinner with barking K9 Ryan Amato September 15, Green Lane Bathurst LP (Rice Group) finalized purchasing land it wanted out of the greenbelt for $80m.
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The biggest and most valuable land which Ford gifted to his developer friends includes around 1,900 hectares of mostly farmland in and around the Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve (DRAP) in north Pickering. In 2022 the CBC identified 28 properties in the sensitive DRAP, covering a total of 718 hectares, that are owned by seven different holding companies controlled by the DeGasperis brothers. Brothers Silvio, Carlo and Michael DeGasperis have had big plans for the DRAP for many years. Four properties bought after the Greenbelt's creation include two purchased together for $1.7m in 2016 and two others bought separately in 2020 for $7.9m and $3.5m. The DeGasperis founded the Tacc Group of companies, which includes Tacc Developments, Tacc Construction, Arista Homes, Opus Homes and Decast Ltd., among others. The brothers and their companies are prolific political contributors to the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario and Doug Ford. Tacc companies had direct access to barking dog Ryan Amato and instructed him which properties to remove from the Greenbelt. He eagerly complied after being given 'packages' at a dinner meeting.

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Michael DeGasperis

Carlo DeGasperis.

Silvio DeGasperis

Beneficiaries of the Greenbelt steal are the Rice Group, TACC Developments and Fieldgate Homes. All 3 had unfettered access to Ryan Amato.
TACC Developments is headed by Silvio De Gasperis. Micheal Rice is CEO of the Rice Group.

Ezra Jakubovic heads Fieldgate Homes.

14 of the 15 sites removed from the Greenbelt were by Ryan Amato.
Ontario’s integrity commissioner is reviewing a request to investigate the way the opening of Greenbelt land to select developers resulted in billions in profits. Barking dog in the spotlight is Ryan Amato, the man responsible for choosing which sites would be released for development. He is said to have given 'special consideration' to certain developers. A scathing Auditor General report blasted the process in which decisions regarding the Greenbelt were made. Of the 7,400 acres of land removed from the Greenbelt, 92% were tied to three developers with direct access to the housing ministry. The finger has been pointed at Doug Ford for the steal. In July 2022 Ford installed Ryan Amato as the chief of staff.
A top staffer in Premier Doug Ford’s office crafted Greenbelt changes. There are calls for the idiot Ford to resign in disgrace. His governance is corrupt. Ryan Amato is Housing Minister Steve Clark’s Chief of Staff. Clark said today he has Ford’s full support and neither he, nor his chief of staff Amato, will be leaving their positions. The 3 developers have strong ties to the government and they acculmulated land in the Greenbelt for years. In September 2022 Green Lane Bathurst GP Inc., a company connected to developer Rice Group, bought Greenbelt land for about $80m. That was an astute purchase as less than a year later it is worth at least 20 times as much.
Premier Doug Ford gave a bizarre news conference 'explaining' his Greenbelt fraud. He blamed Jiffy Lube. “The previous government changed the Greenbelt 17 times … because they were building mega mansions for their buddies. They were building a golf course … and they were building a Jiffy Lube,” Ford said.
Ford said his government will not be stop the land removal from the Greenbelt. Politicos in Ontario are filthy dirty and stealing from citizens. "Ontarians deserve better than a government that enriches a select number of party donors at the expense of hard-working Ontarians," NDP Leader Marit Stiles said. Auditor General Report --->