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Richard Ernest Alexander guilty of first-degree murder

Richard Ernest Alexander
Richard Ernest Alexander has been found guilty of the first-degree murder of Dillon Brown. His conviction carries a life sentence with no chance of parole for 25 years.

Alexander left the Devil’s Army to become a Hells Angel but was rejected from the program after a DNA test revealed he was more black than white.
Alexander killed Dillon Brown to end a lawsuit that would have made the HAMC look bad, the Crown charged. The Haney HAMC bikers were a group of cowardly pussy women, 3 of whom were beaten stupid by a man they jumped.

A member of the Devil’s Army told a close friend that he had made an agreement to co-operate with cops and wasn’t coming home. The intercepted conversation took place July 30, 2017, between former Devil’s Army member Mick Hargreaves and his friend, identified as X. It was the last time the two men talked, Hargreaves testified. Hargreaves asked X when he was coming home.
“I’m not going to be …,” he replied.
“Are you serious?” asked Hargreaves. “Holy [expletive] … I don’t know what happened.”
“Rick killed somebody and I cleaned it up,” said X.
A former member of the Devil’s Army MC says he heard a yell and the words “Don’t fucking touch him” when he reached toward someone lying behind a couch on the floor of the clubhouse seven years ago. "I could smell gunpowder and I could see Rick standing at the door of the bathroom with a towel in his hand.”

Identified as X, the man testified at Alexander’s trial for the murder of Dillon Brown. He says he helped Alexander load the body into Brown's car.
The jury received admissions of fact from the Crown and Alexander. A surveillance camera in Campbell River captured Alexander driving Brown’s Honda at 2:12 p.m. on March 11, 2016. “Brown’s body was in the trunk,”

At 3:11 p.m. on March 11, Alexander abandoned Brown’s Honda near the Cable Bridge in Sayward. At 3:16 p.m. cameras at the Sayward Valley resort captured Alexander walking away from the Cable Bridge toward Sayward Junction. Alexander was also captured by North Island Safety Traffic police dashboard cameras in the area on March 11.
According to admissions, Brown’s car keys were found in Sayward River. Brown’s DNA was found in seven locations in the Devil’s Army Clubhouse.

Richard Ernest Alexander
Richard Ernest Alexander, 67, former president of the Devils Army MC, has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder. He is accused of shooting John Dillon Brown, 30, in the back of the head on March 11, 2016 in the Devils Army’s Campbell River clubhouse. Brown was found dead inside his car, about 75 km from Campbell River. Events leading to Brown’s death were set in motion in Nov 2015, when a visiting group of HA and Alexander got their asses kicked in a fight with Brown at the Vodoo Lounge nightclub in Campbell River. Brown was a competitive MMA fighter. Alexander was charged in October 2019. He was released on $600k bail. John Dillon Brown

The Devil’s Army has a second clubhouse in Langford.
The Devil’s Army is an OMG, active since 2009. It's a puppet club of the Haney HA. It had five full-patch and two prospects.
HAMC busted in 'Project Coyote'
The busted include 3 HA and 3 Red Devils. Weapons seized included: One Glock P80 3D printed handgun, one Ruger 357 (stolen) handgun, one Taurus 9mm handgun, one Sig Sauer 380-calibre prohibited handgun, one SCCY CPX-2 9mm restricted handgun, three prohibited sawed-off shotguns, two stun guns, and live ammunition.

Adamo Brunino, 25, of Woodbridge, is charged with possession of property obtained by crime under $5,000 and firearms trafficking.
Project Coyote has led to the arrest of 26 people and the seizure of drugs, guns, ammunition, jewellery and cash. 13 are from the Trenton, Belleville and Cobourg areas and include members of the Hells Angels and Red Devils. More than a kilogram of fentanyl, 6 kg of meth, and 16 kilos of cocaine were seized, as well as more than $370k in Canadian currency. Ten vehicles, jewellery worth $150k and Hells Angels gear was also seized. HA Jesse Thibert, 43, is with the Windsor chapter.
Busted in Belleville are Jean Francois Labonte, 43, Nicole Whitman, 38, Mark Stewart, 43, Steven Dickson, 35, Mark Dunn, 52, Michael Renzi, 41, Justin Whitford, 24, Ryan Higgins-Michaud, 27.
Busted in Trenton are Nicholas Runnalls, 43, Gary Bunton, 36, and Alexander Veronez, 19. Dylan Kearley, 28, was busted in Cobourg.
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41 charges in bust of Hells Angels bikers on Vancouver Island
Explosives HA William Karl Paulsen of Campbell River was reeled in Thursday night. He has since been released. Paulsen, 51, is facing sixteen drug charges and one count of unlawfully possessing explosives. Smith and Kendall are still on the loose.
Cops seized six tubes of Senatel Magnafrac, an explosive used in mining. Senatel Magnafrac is an emulsion packed, robust explosive sensitive to a detonator. The explosive is orange in color with a firm, putty-like consistency. Explosives in Canada fall under the Explosives Act R.S.C., 1985, c. E-17 Here.
Kristopher Stephen Smith, 44, is charged with three drug offences and three weapons offences. Sean Oliver Douglas Kendall, 44, is facing seven charges related to drug trafficking. Four bikers are facing dozens of charges after a 4 year long drug trafficking investigation of the Hells Angels on Vancouver Island. Cops targeted members of the Hells Angels in Nanaimo and their support clubs – the Savages and the Devils Army.
William Bradley Thompson, 58, faces 10 weapons charges and one drug related charge. He was arrested and released pending a court appearance. 2 others remain wanted.

Cops seized 7.75kg of cocaine, 4kg of pot, 1.9kg of meth, 248 oxycodone pills, and more.Also seized were 22 weapons, including an Uzi.
"Mom" Boucher old and angry - dies of cancer
Maurice (Mom) Boucher, 69, died July 10, 2022 in a federal penitentiary in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines, 40km north of Montreal. After refusing to be treated for months, he was recently transferred from the Special Handling Unit to a palliative care one.
Boucher became full patch on May 1, 1987 with the Montreal chapter. Boucher’s power in the underworld grew when he formed his own Nomads Hells Angels chapter. The Nomads chapter was dealt a fatal blow in March 2001 when almost all of its members were arrested as part of an investigation dubbed Operation Springtime 2001.
Michel Rose (sentenced to 22 years), Donald (Pup) Stockford (20 years), Gilles (Trooper) Mathieu (20 years), Richard (Dick) Mayrand (22 years), Denis Houle (20 years), David (Wolf) Carroll (never arrested). From left to right bottom: Walter (Nurget) Stadnick (20 years), René Charlébois (20 years), Normand Robitaille (21 years), Maurice (Mom) Boucher (life)
Boucher was expelled from the club in 2014. The decision was reached at a meeting of Hells Angels chapters. Sources say these meetings are forums for conflict resolution between chapters. Sources say the reason for booting Boucher was simple: he was no longer useful to the club and never would be.
Boucher never forgave his brothers for their betrayal.
Hells Angel Ronaldo Lising shot outside Burnaby home
Cops released footage of a grey 2020 Kia Forte captured on surveillance video in the area of Patterson Avenue and Hurst Street before the shooting. The car was stolen in Langley and was recovered by police later that day. Ronaldo Lising is said to be recovering from his injuries.
Ronaldo 'Ronnie' Lising, 59, is expected to survive after a targeted shooting in the 7000-block of Patterson Ave. Ronaldo Lising has been convicted of drugs, weapons and assault offences, and in 2005 he was nabbed during a massive bust that saw police raid HA clubhouses in Kelowna and Vancouver. Lising has owned his house on the block where he was shot since 2004. It’s currently assessed at $1.6m.

Francisco 'Chico' Pires, third from left. Ronaldo Lising is far right, with sword. Photo was seized by cops during 2005 clubhouse raid.
The two operated a cocaine business supplying Vancouver strip bars. A judge called them “criminals in the true sense.”
Ronaldo Lising punching a bouncer while Rob Alvarez kicks him. The 2005 attack came as the two declined to wait in line.

Ronaldo Lising busted in 2000.
HA Courtney Vasseur nailed with stock fraudster David Sidoo
B.C. HA Nomad Courtney Vasseur, 41, was busted along with Curtis Lehner and seven others. Three are wanted. HERE “Through their pump and dump schemes, Lehner, Vasseur ... and their co-conspirators generated at least approximately $35 million in proceeds from the sale of the shares they secretly controlled,” the indictment said. The 10 accused hail from Canada, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Spain, Monaco, Turkey and the Bahamas. As part of the investigation, the SEC is suing David Sidoo, and seven others, accusing them of pump and dump schemes to defraud investors of US$145m.
Vasseur faces US charges of fraud, conspiracy and money laundering. Vasseur used aliases such as "Cyrill Vetsch" and "Arctic Shark." Biker had a hand in 9 pump and dumps over 2 years. HERE

Sidoo has not been criminally charged, yet.
HA Sean Burger chock full of remorse
London, Ont HA Sean Burger, 51, was busted on Jan. 5, 2019 and charged with two counts of drug possession for the purpose of trafficking, possession of a prohibited device and possession of a firearm contrary to a probation order. Burger pleaded guilty to one count of cocaine possession for the purpose of trafficking and the other charges were withdrawn. The dopey judge said "I also accept that his plea is an expression of remorse.” No mention was made of Burger's career in bikerism. Cops nailed Burger cold for dealing cocaine.
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Two arrested for murder of HA Gregory Slewidge
Security was tight for the bail hearing for Michael Clairoux. Boys have been denied bail and could be caged for the duration. Michael Clairoux, 47, and Lee Marrazzo, 38, were arrested Jan. 18, 2022 and have been charged with first-degree murder.

Michael Clairoux in 2013.
The men are accused of killing Greg Slewidge in 2020. Clairoux is a former member of the Hells Angels from Nepean. Lee Marrazzo has a history of drug convictions with the Ottawa Nomads.

Both men were known to Slewidge.
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HA Ryan charged in largest drug seizure in Manitoba history
Frequent flyer Damion Ryan, 41, is nailed. Cops seized 110 kg of cocaine, 41.4 kg of meth, 3 kg of fentanyl, and half a kg of MDMA. Estimated street value is $70m. 14 handguns, five assault-style rifles and more than $445k cash was also seized.

Project Divergent was launched in 2018 after a Manitoba RCMP criminal analyst flagged trends regarding the importation of drugs into Canada.
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David 'Wolf' MacDonald Carroll
Those looking for him have been coming up empty for over 20 years. Cops are entering their 21st year in pursuit of HA David 'Wolf' MacDonald Carroll. Carroll, now 70, has been on the run since 2001 when he was indicted for drug trafficking, racketeering and murder, along with boss and close friend Maurice 'Mom' Boucher.

Involved in over a dozen murders, Carroll was one of Boucher’s primary street lieutenants and a key member of his Nomads.

David MacDonald Carroll was an efficient killer.
Carroll was born in Halifax, and joined a local OMG called the 13th Tribe, which eventually became the Hells Angels Halifax chapter. He would go on to become president. Personally recruited by Boucher, he came to Montreal in 1995 and was placed in charge of drug dealing in the Laurentians.
Carroll was charged in the Lennoxville massacre – but was acquitted.
He became Boucher’s most trusted hit man, taking part in at least 15 murders. The Wolf did a year in jail for running a prostitution ring in Montreal in the mid-1980s. He didn’t intend on going back. When he got word in early 2001 of a major bust, he disappeared. When cops spread out across Quebec in Operation Printemps, they nailed everyone but David Carroll. 21 years later, they’re still looking. One of his sightings was in Australia in 2012. He’s said to be supporting his travels by setting up drug deals in the countries he’s visited. He was nearly busted in the Dominican Republic. Cops missed him by weeks.
The Nomads August 5, 2000, months before 'Operation Springtime 2001'. From left to right top: Michel Rose (sentenced 22 years), Donald 'Pup' Stockford (20 years), Gilles 'Trooper' Mathieu (20 years), Richard (Dick) Mayrand (22 years), Denis Houle (20 years), David 'Wolf' Carroll (0).

From left to right bottom: Walter 'Nurget' Stadnick (20 years), René Charlébois (20 years), Normand Robitaille (21 years), Maurice (Mom) Boucher. (life) Detectives visited Carroll at his apartment in February 2001. The cops and Carroll spoke for several hours about different topics, including becoming an informant and his take on the Biker Wars. Over 130 members of the Hells Angels and associates were arrested across Quebec a month after Carroll's meeting with cops.
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Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger dead at 83

"Keep your head up high, stay loyal, remain free, and always value honor." was his final message.
The founder of the Hells Angels, Sonny Barger, has died at 83 of liver cancer.
Hells Angels of the animal kingdom - feral hogs
Wild hogs are described in many ways. Deleterious and invasive is the most generous. Latest is 'Trophy Boar' from a bow hunter in Texas. 30 years ago in the Texas Panhandle, there were no wild hogs. Today they are common. Creeks and rivers serve as a swine highway to expand their range. Like a plague of locusts, nocturnal feral hogs destroy crops, they root and destroy manicured golf courses, raid turkey nests, muddy ponds with their excrement, and destroy cattle pastures. Texas has an estimated 2.6 million feral hogs and you can hunt them year round with no bag limit. You are doing a good deed offing the basterds.
Nasty, vicious, super-adaptable, crafty and disease laden. The feral hog's hellish impact on food chains, irrigation, recreation, and land replenishment is well known. Born of escaped domestic hogs and wild boars imported by sport hunters, they are prolific. Beginning at six months of age a sow (sounder) can spit out 12 piglet litters twice a year. The hellions have few, if any, predators tough enough to take them on. In Canada in the 1980s, Russian boars and European hogs landed as seed stock for meat production and controlled hunting. Oikers escaped, went feral and reproduced. Their numbers in Canada aren't clear, but they have exploded in number over the past decade.Their range now spreads over nearly 800,000 sq km, mostly on the Prairies.
Its said the pigs make good eating. Montana has a 'Squeal on Pigs' program. Citizens are urged to report the swine so they can be dispatched.
HA Las Vegas against Vagos MC
Newly released cellphone footage shows part of the confrontation between Hells Angels and Vagos.

Bail for each man was $380k.
Richard John Devries, 66, Russell Smith, 46, and Stephen Alo, 26, were indicted on a whooping 35 felony charges. A witness provided video that showed three men wearing Hells Angels apparel riding up to the Vagos members before shots rang out on US-95. Cops describe the attack as an ambush.
A shooting involving rival Hells Angels and Vagos gangsters on a Las Vegas freeway may have been retaliation for the killing of a man several weeks ago. Full patch James Vincent Dickson, 32, was killed by a Vagos at a heavy metal concert at a bar in San Bernardino.

John Richard 'Rizzo' Devries
The leader of the Las Vegas Hells Angels and two prospects face charges of attempted murder after firing at members of the Vagos. John Richard 'Rizzo' Devries, 66, president of the Hells Angels in Las Vegas, was arrested with two prospects, Stephen Alo, 46, and Russell Smith, 26. Six members of the Vagos gang were shot by Hells Angels who chased them down after an incident at Hoover Dam. Devries, Alo and Smith each face six counts of attempted murder, one count of conspiracy to commit murder, six counts of battery with a deadly weapon and six counts of discharging a firearm into a vehicle.
David James Oliynyk loses extradition fight
Former Hells Angel David James Oliynyk fought to avoid extradition to American on cocaine charges. Oliynyk was once the sergeant at arms of the HA White Rock chapter. He is no longer with the club according to a 2019 bail hearing. He has been busted many times for drug smuggling and spent most of the last 30 years in prison. David Oliynyk, 71, puts the 'R' into recidivist.
The group was made up of Oliynyk, Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Wayne Stephen Hollaus, Nikolai Terletsky and Charles Pak. Offences were alleged to have taken place between May and October 2014.
HA David James Bishop misunderstood
It was 2017 when Hells Angel David James Bishop was busted on drug and weapons charges in a police raid at his home in Cole Harbour. Bishop was one of three arrested after police searched his residence and seized drugs, OMG paraphernalia, two guns and ammunition. One of the weapons, a .38 handgun, was loaded. On March 22, cops attended the Central Nova Scotia Correctional Facility and arrested David James Bishop, 39.
Bishop has been charged with a bible of offences this time around.
Aggravated Assault; Assault with a Weapon; Uttering Threats; Overcoming Resistance to the Commission of an Offence; Unlawful Confinement (2 counts); Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm (2 counts); Possession of a Firearm while Knowing Possession is Unauthorized; Tampering with a Serial Number; Unsafe Storage of a Firearm; Pointing a Firearm; Possession of a Weapon for a Dangerous Purpose; Possession of a Prohibited Weapon with Ammunition; Possession of Body Armour Without Authorization; Breach of Firearms Prohibition Order (2 counts); Mischief. Bishop has breached multiple firearms prohibition orders.
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HA Jean-Richard Larivière
Jean-Richard 'Race' Larivière, received his Hells jacket in March 2017 after being promoted to a member in good standing of the Montreal chapter. In 2018 the National Organized Crime Squad (ENRCO) seized his patches. Unlike his colleagues who prefer leather, Larivière chose a camouflage fabric jacket to embroider the club's logo, the Montreal chapter crest, and the slogan AFFA. In the Hells Angels, having your colors in the hands of the police is seen as an insult. The club's quasi-military bylaws stipulate that all members "are obliged to have their jackets". The problem is that they do not have the right to have more than one jacket in their possession.
'Race' had to order another set of patches.
Cops seized more than $2m in the safe at the Nomads Chapter of the Hells in January 2001.Larivière was imprisoned in 2001 as the biker war was coming to an end. Larivière controlled drug and cash 'banks' on behalf of the Nomads. On Dec 5, 2000, he graduated as a Nomad prospect and expected to join the Hells. But the cops closed down the 'Bank of Nomads' by seizing $2m and $ 17m in drugs.
Larivière (right) with Hells Angels Nomads. Top row is Michel Rose, Normand Robitaille, René Charlebois and Gilles Mathieu.

Larivière became HAMC in 2017
Larivière was arrested on July 6, 2020 after a dispute at the Pizzeria Sofia restaurant. The owner had announced last call before closing. Unhappy that the supply of booze ended, Larivière attacked him. The altercation was captured by surveillance cameras. Larivière, 54, pleaded guilty to a charge of common assault. Charges of assault causing bodily harm and uttering threats were dropped. Larivière has already been fined $1k for obstructing cops at the 2018 Martin Robert wedding in Montreal. He was drunk then as well and cops had to subdue him with a taser.
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HA Jason Arkinstall faces the music
Jason Arkinstall is scheduled to be sentenced May 20 in Surrey. The high profile Mission HA was busted with Lawrence Edward Dwyer near Creston in October 2020 and charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and drug smuggling. The two ran back into Canada after being spotted in Idaho with five duffel bags of cocaine and meth worth more than US $2m. The two rabbits fled to Canada, leaving the dope in the U.S. 38kg of cocaine and 90kg of meth was seized.
Arkinstall was acquitted in Calgary in 2011 of uttering threats against cops. The judge said Arkinstall was 'physically abused.' In 2013 Arkinstall was charged in Spain with HA Chad Wilson for trying to smuggle half a tonne of Colombian cocaine into the country. They were convicted and returned to Canada. Wilson was shot to death under the Golden Ears Bridge in 2018.