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Hells Angels poker run in Kelowna hits speed bump
It is being reported that the leader of the procession refused to obey police and proceed through a green light. This caused a traffic jam. The biker was issued a ticket for the offense.
Traditionally, the leader of the pack would be the president of the local chapter and that is Damiano Dipopolo. One hopes he pays his ticket promptly.
Dozens of Hells Angels and associates were pulled over by police on Kelowna's Glenmore Road Saturday, not long after the riders left the Kelowna Hells Angel's clubhouse on their annual Poker Run. Cops were apparently confused over the route.

"An RCMP traffic unit initiated a traffic stop with the lead bikers to address the situation."
The gang's Kelowna clubhouse, while still in use, is the subject of an ongoing BC Civil Forfeiture trial. It has dragged on for a decade and is scheduled to resume in December. There have been several police raids on the property over the past few years.

HA rat Noel Harder facing weapons charges in Saskatoon
Wicked Hells Angels rat Noel Harder was arrested late Tuesday after police received reports of a man in an SUV armed with a gun. Police said Harder had a loaded handgun, along with other weapons. Harder was placed in the federal witness protection program, but was kicked out for violating the terms of his agreement with the RCMP. Prosecutors oppose his release. Harder ratted out a multitude of gangsters in Saskatoon.
Harder, 39, has been charged with 26 weapons-related offences, including possession of fentanyl and breach of probation.

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Police out in full force for Hells Angels 'Canada Run'
The Hells Angels descended on the small community of Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu in Quebec over the weekend for the Canada Run – their annual gathering. Police were out in full force observing the proceedings.

The Sûreté du Québec (SQ), Montreal police, Ontario Provincial Police, Quebec City police and RCMP are just some of the forces watching closely.
Outlaws boss Ryan Daigneault walks on Hells Angels murder plot
The Crown withdrew the charge against Ryan Mark Daigneault, 42 for counselling to commit murder. Related firearm charges against co-accused Daniel Tranquair, 31, also were withdrawn.

The release of Daigneault won't help quell increased tensions between the Outlaws and Hells Angels. Cops warn the Hells Angels will need to push for retribution. The Hells Angels arranged an assault on Daigneault while he was in custody at Elgin-Middlesex Detention Centre.
Outlaws MC London chapter's clubhouse at 1103 Brydges St.
London Outlaws opened a new clubhouse and started a puppet club called the Filthy 15 last year. Just two weeks ago, Outlaws turned up at the Friday the 13th ride in Port Dover for the first time in years.

The OPP’s biker enforcement unit announced it was investigating two incidents involving threats and intimidation between Hells Angels and Outlaws members.
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5 day bail hearing set for senior HA Emery 'Pit' Martin
Five days have been scheduled for the bail hearing of Emery 'Pit' Martin, a senior member of the Hells Angels in New Brunswick. 57-year-old Martin was arrested June 25 and charged with 10 sweeping drug-related offences. 15 other people have been arrested in Operation J-Thunder, targeting the sale of cocaine in northern New Brunswick.

Drugs came from the all powerful Quebec Hells Angels.
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Hells Angels and Outlaws MC in conflict in New Brunswick
There have been at least six violent clashes over the last year and a half between the Hells Angels and the Outlaws MC, according to police biker experts. The HA have a chapter of Nomads in New Brunswick made up of several high-ranking members transplanted to the province. On Canada Day, they also opened up new Moncton and Halifax chapters of the Red Devils.

RCMP characterized the Red Devils as the top "friend club" for the Hells Angels. While members of support clubs attend HA events and wear official clothing, friend clubs do the bidding of the parent club.
The Outlaws operate in New Brunswick through the Black Pistons, a support club with a chapter in Fredericton. Hells Angels and Outlaws in the same geographic territory is a recipe for conflict because they are in the same business.

There were four violent incidents in the Fredericton area, along with one clash in the eastern region of the province and one in Nova Scotia.
HA Puppet clubs show their colors in Nanaimo
An invitation only 20th anniversary party in Nanaimo has brought together puppets with their masters. Latest farm team of the Hells Angels in the Lower Mainland are the Los Diablos MC, who are currently using a Starbucks in the tri-cities as its clubhouse.

They join the Jesters MC, the Shadow Club MC out of Surrey, the Throttle Lockers from 100 Mile House and the Horsemen Brotherhood.
Puppets pulled their masks up higher to avoid lenses as they entered the weekend party.
Police biker experts have seen select puppet club members 'patch over' to become Hells Angels in recent years. The average age of HA members in B.C. is almost 50, meaning new blood is essential.
Every puppet club member aspires to be a Hells Angels and will do whatever it takes to get noticed. For the Devil’s Army and Langford Savages it means helping with party preparations and driving shuttle buses. The Army MC based in Campbell River was manning the barbecue.

Noel Harder - HA Rat
Noel Harder decided to become a secret police agent after he got himself busted. He then spent three years testifying as a star witness against fellow drug dealers, gun runners, mobsters and the Hells Angels. Today it's said he’s a marked man with a six figure bounty on his head.

And he’s now on his own. The RCMP kicked Harder out of the federal Witness Protection Program last month.
Harder was one of the highest level criminals in Saskatoon, and is described as a narcissist and sociopath.
Harder's work as a police agent began after he was pulled over while transporting dozens of firearms. At the time, Harder was a senior member of the Fallen Saints Motorcycle Club, a puppet club of the HA.

On Jan. 14, 2014 a joint RCMP-Saskatoon police operation raided 19 locations in seven cities. $8 million worth of methamphetamine, cocaine and fentanyl were seized. More than a dozen members of the Fallen Saints, and Hells Angels were charged with a variety of offences.

Hindsight suggests Harder was a poor choice as a police agent and witness. "The biggest drug dealer involved was Noel Harder, and they let him go … he should have been the guy charged". Instead Harder was paid $ 500,000. Harder is blaming the RCMP for his current troubles.

Harder agreed to meet CBC News in a secret location for an exclusive interview about Project Forseti. "If somebody was coming to kill me," Harder said, "I’m going to be taking them with me, if not first."

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Edmonton biker shot steroid dealer in face to impress Hells Angels
Jason Neilson, 45, was found guilty of attempted murder and several firearms charges after a judge rejected his argument that it was self-defence when he shot Adam Abumeita on Aug. 19, 2016. Abumeita said Neilson came over to his car, and opened the passenger-side door. Neilson was wearing blue rubber gloves as he put a handgun to Abumeita’s temple and fired. The bullet went into Abumeita’s jaw, shattering his teeth. Neilson tried to fire again, but the gun jammed.

Abumeita managed to get out of the car and ran to a nearby business where staff called for help. He nearly went into cardiac arrest and underwent surgery for his wounds, but survived. Both men were one-time Hells Angels “prospects” and were patched members of Tribal, a Hells Angels support club.
Crown prosecutor Richard Tchir argued Neilson should be sentenced to life in prison. “Nothing could be closer to an execution-style shooting,” he said.
Jason Richard Neilson was sentenced to 12 years in prison. He was given credit for 33 months served in pre-trial custody.
Senior Hells Angels Emery 'Pit' Martin Busted
Emery Joseph Martin, 57, a veteran Hells Angel, was arrested Monday in New Brunswick. Martin faces numerous charges, including possession and trafficking of cocaine, and possession of criminal proceeds.
Martin established the Hells in New Brunswick.
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Bathurst middle school teacher Julie Michaud accused of HA cocaine trafficking
A middle school teacher at Place-des-Jeunes school in Bathurst is facing cocaine trafficking charges as a result of RCMP efforts to dismantle major Hells Angels controlled drug trafficking rings. Julie Michaud, 35, of Allardville was arrested earlier this week, along with eight men.  The francophone northeast school district has confirmed Michaud is a teacher at the school for students in Grades 6 to 8.

She teaches French and sciences, according to the school website.
Michaud was absent from the school yesterday. She was released under conditions pending her next court appearance on May 28.
Michaud is charged with six offences:

Conspiracy to traffic in cocaine.
Trafficking in cocaine.
Conspiracy to possess cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.
Possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.
Laundering proceeds of crime.
Possession of the proceeds of crime.​

9 arrested in Hells Angels-linked drug investigation in NB
Eight men and one woman have been arrested in northern New Brunswick as part of an investigation into the cocaine trade linked to the Hells Angels. Operation J-Thunder, which started in November 2016, targeted the sale of cocaine on the Acadian Peninsula and in Restigouche, Madawaska and Victoria counties. The New Brunswick arrests are connected to a series of raids carried out in Quebec this week, resulting in the dismantling of three major Hells Angels-controlled drug trafficking rings. Drug territory in NB is ultimately controlled by the Hells Angels from chapters South, Montreal and Trois-Rivières in Quebec.
The accused will appear in Bathurst provincial court. None are Hells Angels but all are associates of puppet clubs. In 2016, the Hells Angels strengthened its presence in the province by planting six members there, establishing a Nomads chapter.

Nomads often don't have their own clubhouse, nor do they have territorial boundaries, unlike traditional chapters.
Emery 'Pit' Martin
Robin Moulton is accused of violating 2 lifetime weapons bans.Last year, police arrested full-patch Robin Moulton and charged him with three cocaine trafficking-related charges. He also faces nine charges relating to firearms, including a high-powered rifle with a silencer and a loaded 9-mm handgun.

His 'close associate' Marie Antonette Bugay faces 10 drug and weapons-related charges.
Bugay is secretary of the Atlantic Confederation of Clubs and Independents, a group fighting 'biker discrimination'.
Earlier last year, Bathurst Mayor Paolo Fongemie called on the provincial government to ban biker gangs, as the community grew concerned with the increasing violence and greater presence of OMG bikers. A member of the biker group fired back, accusing the mayor of "slander" and "fearmongering."
Paris Christoforou is nowhere to be seen
He was once a much feared enforcer for the Hells Angels, called upon to collect debts — and even kill — as part of the world’s largest OMG.

But today Christoforou is nowhere to be seen after narrowly escaping hitmen in both Toronto and Montreal. His enemies have grown to include the all powerful Hells Angels from Sherbrooke and Trois-Rivières, which kicked him out of the club on bad terms in the fall, police and underworld sources say. Christoforou, 41, last escaped execution in Montreal in late January. Police sources say it was at least the second attempt on Christoforou’s life in less than six months.

Mark Peretz
A hooded gunman opened fire on Christoforou as he sat in a parked vehicle outside the Starbucks at Sherway Gardens in Etobicoke last August. Christoforou escaped with minor injuries but Mark Peretz was seriously hurt. The pair were in the news in 2006, when they were sentenced to nine years in prison for a botched shooting at a Toronto sandwich shop that left innocent bystander Louise Russo paralyzed. That was a major PR disaster for the Hells Angels.

Sources say Christoforou’s troubles began in 2017, when he accused a senior Hells Angel from London, Ont., of skimming proceeds from an online gambling enterprise. Christoforou took his complaint to other senior Hells Angels in Quebec. But rather than back him, they stripped him of his patches.

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Hells Angels hit still before the courts — 17 years later
It has been more than 17 years since Sean Eamonn Simmons, 31, was gunned down in a Dartmouth, N.S. Hells Angels hit, but the case against two of the men accused in his killing has still been winding through the courts. This week, charges of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder against Steven Gerald Gareau were stayed in Nova Scotia Supreme Court, which means he no longer faces prosecution. Gareau has already been twice tried and convicted of the murder, first in 2004 and then 2014, but each conviction was overturned on appeal. On Wednesday, the charge against Gareau was stayed. Gareau did not pull the trigger. He argued at previous trials that he did not even know there was a plan to kill Simmons that day.
Hells Angels Neil Smith and Sean Simmons
The man accused of shooting Simmons, Dean Daniel Kelsie, is trying to secure a lawyer for his retrial on a murder charge. At Kelsie's first trial, the jury heard evidence that Simmons was killed because he had an affair with the girlfriend of a Hells Angel. Kelsie was convicted of both murder and conspiracy to commit murder in March 2003.

While he filed notice immediately of his intention to appeal his conviction, it took 13 years for that appeal to be heard. Two other men, Neil William Smith and Wayne Alexander James, are both serving life sentences for their roles in Simmons's killing.
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Former Hells Angels associate will serve 35 years without parole
41-year-old Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau was convicted of two killings, and once escaped from a Quebec prison in a helicopter. Today he has received the longest sentence in the province's history. He was convicted in November of first-degree murder, second-degree murder and two attempted murders. He was sentenced to serve life in prison without chance of parole for 35 years.

During the trial, Crown prosecutors argued that Hudon-Barbeau used a hitman named Ryan Wolfson to carry out the attacks.
On March 17, 2013, inmates Benjamin Hudon-Barbeau and Dany Provençal escaped from a detention centre in St-Jérôme, Que.

Hitman Ryan Wolfson
HA David James Bishop pleads guilty to drug, gun charges

David James Bishop in 2013, pleaded guilty
David James Bishop, 35, was one of three people arrested August 3, when police executed a search warrant at his house on Pernix Court and seized a large quantity of drugs, drug and outlaw motorcycle gang paraphernalia, two guns and ammunition. A .38-calibre handgun was loaded.

Along with other things Bishop also pleaded guilty to breaching firearms prohibitions imposed on him in 2009, 2012 and 2013. Bishop was denied bail last September. He will be sentenced shortly.
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HA Robin Moulton and girlfriend Marie Bugay stay jailed
Full-patch Robin Moulton and Marie Antonette Bugay will spend Christmas behind bars. Both face numerous drug and weapons charges. Their matter was set to February 8th. Both have been in custody since August when they were arrested as part of an investigation into the Hells Angels in New Brunswick. Moulton is facing 12 charges, most relating to illegal firearms. Despite a lifetime weapons ban he is accused of possessing a high-powered rifle with a silencer and a loaded 9-mm handgun.

Marie Antonette Bugay covers her face as she leaves the Fredericton courthouse
Bugay is charged jointly with Moulton on seven of the offences, plus three of her own, including possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. Bugay is known as the secretary of the Atlantic Confederation of Clubs and Independents. The ACC describes itself as a non-profit group that fights "biker discrimination and profiling."
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Former Manitoba HA president Dale Sweeney denied parole - “risk to society”
Former president of the Hells Angels in Manitoba, Dale Sweeney, 47 has been denied parole. The Parole Board of Canada says he is a "risk to society." Sweeney was given a 11-year prison sentence for running a lucrative cocaine operation in Winnipeg in 2013. Sweeney admitted he ran the sophisticated drug dealing operation, which saw between one and two kilograms of cocaine being sold each month on Winnipeg streets.

Sweeney bought cocaine from suppliers in British Columbia and then handed it off to the Redlined Support Crew, a puppet gang of the Hells Angels, who turned the cocaine into crack cocaine and sold it in smaller amounts through street dealers. The operation generated sales of more than $100,000 per month.
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David Hair pleads guilty to leading role in Platinum SB
David Hair, 50, has admitted he helped lead a lucrative, illegal sports gambling scheme that grossed more than $100 million in five years. Hair will be sentenced to two years. He also agreed to pay $3 million in fines, $2 million before he's actually sentenced on Feb. 21 and the remaining million within the next three years.
Hair remains out on $400,000 bail and still lives at the McCracken Court house in London’s exclusive Sunningdale neighbourhood, where police found $680,000 in bundled cash when a search warrant was executed in February 2013. Among those charged with bookmaking, participating in a criminal organization and keeping a common gaming house were Bill Miller, former president of the London chapter of the Hells Angels, and Andrew Bielli of London, also linked to the Hells Angels.

A month later, Rob Barletta and Christopher Rutledge were charged with committing a crime for a criminal organization and bookmaking in a second set of arrests.

Bill Miller

Charges against Barletta were withdrawn Sept. 12, 2016, the same day Gordon Baird admitted in a Toronto court that he was the administrator of Platinum. Baird received an 18-month conditional sentence, to be served in his home, and a $400,000 fine. Bielli pleaded guilty in January 2017 to possessing property obtained by crime over $5,000 and was sentenced to 15 months in custody.

It's thought Platinum SB grossed more than $103 million between 2009 and 2013. The 2013 Super Bowl party — which cost Platinum more than $100,000 — attracted 2,300 invitation-only guests, plus hundreds of raiding cops.
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HST = Hells Sales tax

Ontario Nomads Phil Boudreault (left) and Martin Bernatchez refused to pay the HST. Boudreault was shot in April, Bernatchez in August
Having regained virtual total control over the drug market in Quebec, the Hells Angels are ruthless towards those who do business without paying the "sales tax", even their brothers. Reportedly it's a 10% tax imposed weekly by the bikers.

Buoyed by the end of SharQc and the release of most of its members, the Quebec Hells Angels are again the most powerful gang in the drug trade. Phil Boudreault, a former Olympic boxer who was vice president of the Ontario Nomads, is still confined to a wheelchair. Martin Bernatchez, president of the chapter, survived three bullets. The Nomads chapter, founded 15 years ago, was unwound in September.
When trafficking networks are not directed by the Hells Angels, they systematically receive 10% of the revenue of other groups operating in what they consider 'their' territory. "You are allowed to sell only if you pay tax" say investigators. "Even the Italian mafia, destabilized by police operations and internal conflicts, pay them their cut"

Police say the wholesale price of a kilo of cocaine in Montreal is $ 50,000, the same price that was set by the Mafia and the Hells Angels a decade ago. Price in the UK is said to be $ 77,000. It is said a kilo of cocaine sells for less than $ 1500 in Colombia.

SQ investigates double homicide linked to Hells Angels
SAINT-LAZARE - Richard Hunt and Mélanie Binette were arrested Monday night in relation to the murders of two members of the Rock Machine committed in Vaudreuil-Dorion. The tactical intervention group of the Sûreté du Québec arrested them in Vaudreuil and Saint-Lazare respectively.
The Sûreté du Québec is asking for the public's help locating a 38-year-old man in connection with a double homicide linked to organized crime.

Richard Hunt, 38, is sought in the deaths of Joseph Fluet, a member of the Rock Machine, and Steven Lamarsh. The Journal de Montréal reported that Joseph Fluet was born as Éric Lefebvre. In May 2001, an expert on biker gangs with the RCMP described Lefebvre as a courier who transported drugs for the Hells Angels in Quebec.
Police say Hunt may be travelling in a grey 2011 Dodge Ram.
One of the two victims who died after having been shot in Vaudreuil-Dorion has been identified as a member of the Rock Machine. The Sûreté du Québec identified the victim as Joseph Fluet, 45, of Laval. Fluet recently finished serving a two-year sentence after pleading guilty to uttering death threats and a long list of crimes in July 2014.
The other victim, described as a man in his 40s, was not identified.
Several years ago colours of the Rock Machine that had folded sometime around 2000 reappeared. Some of its members had joined the Bandidos, a larger international biker gang. Other former Rock Machine members joined the Hells Angels, most notably the influential Salvatore Cazzetta, Gilles Lambert and Andrew "Curly" Sauvageau.

No one has been arrested in connection with the double slaying so far. “This could be tied to organized crime” a police spokesman said without elaborating.
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HA associate Adis Golic dead
41-year-old Adis (Ady) Golic died November 22 from injuries sustained in a targeted shooting in August. The convicted securities fraudster and frontman for the gothic rock band Skard was gunned down in the 7700-block of 12th Avenue in Burnaby.

Featured in Golic's video are full-patch Hells Angels, including East End president John Bryce.
In 2014, the B.C. Securities Commission imposed a seven-year securities ban on Golic. The BCSC found Golic had been convicted of obstruction of justice and uttering threats after he threatened a witness.

It has been suggested some of Golic's securities loot was used to produce the video 'On the Highway'.

David 'Hammer' Macdonald Bringing Hells Angels to Nova Scotia

David 'Hammer' Macdonald
He’s well known in London as a longtime outlaw biker who helped change the criminal landscape of the city. Now, David ‘Hammer’ Macdonald is bringing the Hells Angels back to Nova Scotia.

Police say the London biker helped about 15 members of the Gatekeepers, a puppet club, move a key step closer to becoming full patch Hells Angels by awarding them hang-around status in June. The next step is becoming a prospect. With the Hells Angels moving into Ontario, Macdonald left his position as president of the London Outlaws and patched over to the rival club in 2001.

He took with him at least a half dozen other Outlaws, instantly consolidating the Hells Angels control over London’s drug trafficking trade. The Hells Angels had given an ultimatum to all Outlaws in Canada to join them or retire.
The Hells Angels lost their foothold in Nova Scotia in the early 2000s after police arrested most members. In 2013, Gatekeepers chapters began to surface.

In early June, one of those chapters held a welcome back party for the Hells Angels. Macdonald is originally from Pictou County, N.S., and is a frequent visitor to his grandfather’s residence in New Glasgow. Andrew Douglas wrote that about 12 of the new hang-around Hells Angels traveled to London in early May to receive the black vests carrying a red and white patch that reads London and signifies their status.

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Hells Angels officially established in New Brunswick
The newest Canadian chapter of the Hells Angels is based half an hour from the Quebec border in Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska.

The clubhouse of the new chapter, located in the small community of just over 1,000, appears to be an old farm building.

Emery "Pit" Martin
Emery "Pit" Martin succeeded recruiting enough members (6 full patch required) with the help of former members of the Quebec City chapter, which is currently still inactive.

The mayor of Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaskathere, Roger Levesque is resigned. "There is not much we can do. I have already spoken with the RCMP on it and we can not prevent them from establishing themselves here"

Police expect a bang on the 39th anniversary of the Montreal Chapter, which could be highlighted with a big party at the beginning of December. They believe the club could take the opportunity to announce the reopening of two inactive chapters, Quebec City and Sherbrooke. In response to the resurgence of the Hells Angels in Quebec, police will see their ranks increased 30% with eight mixed regional squads (ERM) dedicated to anti-biker investigations.
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Internal investigation launched into Operation SharQc trial
Virtually every member of the Hells Angels in Quebec was arrested in Operation SharQc in April 2009. More than 100 of the 156 people initially charged were active or retired members of the world’s largest outlaw motorcycle gang. Most of the evidence in Operation SharQc involved a period between 1994 and 2002 — when the Hells Angels were at war over drug trafficking turf across Quebec. The prosecution set out to prove all of the gang’s chapters in the province voted in favour of the war.

On October 9th a stay of proceedings on all of the charges against Claude Berger, Yvon Tanguay, François Vachon, Sylvain Vachon, and Michel Vallières was entered. The court ruled there was no other remedy available to repair how the prosecution held back in turning over key evidence. Evidence was only handed over with the trial a month old.
The decision had a ripple effect that caused dozens of Hells Angels who had already pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge to challenge the legitimacy of the plea bargain deals they agreed to and the long sentences they received.

Now there will be an 'administrative investigation' into "the conduct of the prosecution ... as well as the values of justice, integrity and competence". Findings are expected no later than December 18th. A dozen Hells Angels will get their Harley Davidson motorcycles back, as long as they agree to remove gang insignia. The province will keep Rolex watches, firearms and stacks of cash worth over half a million dollars.

Hells Angels cop informant Benoît Roberge gets day parole
Benoît Roberge, 53, was granted his release following a hearing before the Parole Board of Canada in August.

Roberge pleaded guilty on March 13, 2014, to participating in or contributing to the activities of a criminal organization and to committing a breach of trust as a police officer. He was sentenced to an overall prison term of eight years. On the date he was sentenced, April 4, 2014, he had seven years and three months left to serve on the sentence.
Roberge sold information to René Charlebois, a Hells Angel incarcerated in a federal penitentiary, a fact that emerged after the biker escaped, on Sept. 14, 2013. He committed suicide 12 days later.
At the time of his escape, Charlebois was serving a life sentence for having murdered a police informant in 2000. 10 recorded conversations proved Roberge had been selling police intelligence to Charlebois. Much of the information touched on three separate drug-trafficking investigations involving members of the Hells Angels that were ongoing at the time.

The recordings contained phone conversations between Charlebois and Roberge. Some reveal how Charlebois and Salvatore Cazzetta arranged to pay Roberge. In one instance, Charlebois explains to Roberge how he will pay him $100,000.

René 'Balloune' Charlebois

Maurice “Mom” Boucher
“We’ll do it like we did the last time: leave your car on the side, and leave the doors unlocked. We’ll put the money on your backseat. You’ll pick it up later,” Charlebois said on the tape. Charlebois was a member of the elite Nomad group of Hells Angels and very close to Hells Angel leader Maurice “Mom” Boucher.

Roberge played a key role in putting many leaders of the Hells Angels behind bars. Roberge’s wife was a prosecutor in Quebec’s Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau. His arrest prompted the Montreal police force to launch an internal investigation to determine if other officers might be compromised.

Roberge's lawyer said at the time the sentence sends a strong message to police informers that their security won't be compromised. Benoît Roberge spent 27 months in custody of his 8 year sentence.

Salvatore Cazzetta
Hells Angels Expanding in Ottawa
The Hells Angels are expanding its presence in the national capital region with the help of the Red Devils.

According to police, the Red Devils biker gang now has three branches here — one in Ottawa and two in Gatineau — and members are actively recruiting throughout the region, drafting newcomers from local biker gang Dark Souls.
The Ottawa North and Ottawa East sections of the Red Devils are based in Gatineau, and the third section is based in Ottawa. Police say that in its role as a sort of "farm team" for Hells Angels, the Red Devils do the dirty work in the region — dealing drugs, prostitution, and extortion — funneling money up to the Angels.

"It's the motive of every Red Devils member to become a member of the Hells Angels," said Isnor.

Phillip Boudreault (left) and Martin Bernatchez
The abrupt shut-down of the elite Nomads chapter outside Ottawa is reputed to involve a reorganization of territory as Quebec Hells Angels leave prison and seek to re-establish their dominance of the Quebec drug trade.

The Hells Angels have about 175 Ontario members and 450 members across Canada. About 60 of them are in custody or are restricted from associating with outlaw bikers because of bail or parole conditions. The status of former Ontario Nomads is unclear as none of them has appeared as members of existing charters of the Hells Angels, yet.

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Hells Angels rebuilding an Empire in Quebec
Of the 156 Hells Angels members arrested and charged during the SharQc sweep, the overwhelming majority have either been released or had their sentences reduced because of unreasonable delays and crucial evidence being withheld by prosecutors.

Quebec Superior Court Judge James Brunton found that allowing the trial of 31 Hells Angels to continue would infringe on thier basic Charter rights. Brunton placed the blame squarely on prosecutors for "simply assuming" that the justice system could process such a huge trial. It could not. The Crown appealed the decision, but the Supreme Court of Canada sided with Brunton, upholding his initial stay of proceedings.
Once-shuttered Hells Angels charters are re-opening and police are observing more criminal activity from biker gangs who now seem eager to flaunt their patches in public.

Montreal's mafia—once at the top of the province's criminal pyramid is in disarray, with fire bombings, murders, and reports of infighting becoming an almost daily occurrence. Underlying the violent is the decline of the Rizzuto family and speculation about who could be next to challenge their central role in the province's drug trade. For decades, the Hells Angels were the driving force in Quebec's drug trade, taking care of distribution across the province, while the mafia took care of importation.
Experts say there's a new alliance between the Hells Angels and the Calabrian Ndrangheta based out of Ontario ... a shift after four decades of Sicilian dominance. "The Rizzuto family are out of the game," he says. "They're not in control at the moment, The Calabrians are in control now."

Hells Angels learned many lessons from SharQc. Their old role using violence and intimidation, something that defined them, will need to give way to more sophisticated enterprises, because their old way of doing business is "too risky" to gangsterism charges. They will also be relying on puppet clubs like the Red Devils, Dark Souls, and Devils Ghosts.

Experts say this means more "renting" out drug turf to younger biker gangs to take over day-to-day operations. Under this arrangement, the Hells Angels will be paid a regular "tribute," much like the Mafia.
See ----->http://neerdowellblog.blogspot.ca/

Hells Angels Quebec want Moncton, New Brunswick, chapter

Émery "Pit" Martin
Members of the Hells Angels in Quebec and their puppet club the Red Devils have been seen in recent weeks in the Province, and police believe the ultimate goal of these repeated visits to Acadia is creating a new chapter. The police even suggested that it would be sponsored by Emery Martin, current member of the Montreal chapter, but from New Brunswick.

There is already a Nova Scotia Hells Angels presence but it's reactivation would be orchestrated by the Hells Angels Ontario.

Émery "Pit" Martin
The Hells Angels in Quebec have still not reactivated the Sherbrooke or Quebec chapters, despite the recent release of many members but police say that the reopening would be imminent.

There are currently 74 members of the Hells Angels released in Quebec, according to figures from the Sûreté du Québec.

Martin Garand
Hells Angels have settled accounts with those who have not paid their dues during incarceration following the SharQc operation according to police. Sylvain Ethier was murdered two weeks ago in Santa Teresa.

The murder of Ethier is in the same vein as those of Martin Garand and Yannick Larose, aged both 43 years old and killed last June and March, respectively. There are many similarities in the three cases: the victims were all associates of the Hells Angels, they were operating in the territories controlled by the bikers, they made a lot of money and they had to pay a tax to the Hells Angels, they were arrested and their activities were disclosed in court.

Yannick Larose
Other Hells Angels have just obtained their statutory release – two-thirds of their sentence. Stephane Maheu, 45 pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to murder. His sentence was reduced to six years. Former Los Barracos of the Dominican Republic, he contributed to the creation of the Hells Angels in Cabarete. He became a Hells Angels in 2008.

Stéphane Ménard, 40 pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to murder. His sentence was reduced to six years. He became a member of the Hells Angels Sherbrooke in March 2002. Guy Auclair, 61 pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to murder. He was a founding member of the Hells Angels Sherbrooke in December 1984.

Stéphane Ménard
Journal de Montréal indicates at least one person was spotted wearing a Hells Angels Trois-Rivières 'patch' this month.

If accurate, that could mean three of the five Quebec chapters, Montreal, South, Trois-Rivières, could once again be active. The other two, Sherbrooke and Quebec are believed to still be frozen, a term used to indicate a chapter that cannot field at least six members to maintain operations. The Trois-Rivières chapter has not been active since the 2009 police operation SharQc that crippled the club's Quebec presence.
The Quebec government demolished the former Hells Angels "clubhouse" in Trois-Rivières in July 2015.

In June 2015 five members of the chapter were sentenced to 'time served' and released, Jean-François Bergeron, 54, Marc-André Hotte, 43, Steve Rainville, 42, Gilles Robidoux, 62 and Bernard Plourde, 52.

Accused drug trafficker and Hells Angel David Giles told undercover police officers that his “brothers” would take over his massive cocaine deal if anything were to happen to him.

Giles tried to reassure officers posing as a South American drug organization that he had big-time backers for a 500-kilogram cocaine deal worth almost $15 million, federal prosecutor Chris Greenwood said in his opening statement Monday in B.C. Supreme Court. Giles referenced his “family” and “brothers” several times during recorded conversations when the police were pushing for guarantees about payment and distribution of the cocaine.

David Giles

Bryan Oldham
When the cops wanted to meet more of Giles’ backers in August 2012, the longtime Hells Angel said he would try to get them to the table.

The next day, “Mr. Oldham, Mr. Giles and a third individual who the Crown alleges is Damiano Dipopolo are observed doing a walk and talk,” Greenwood said.

Damiano Dipopolo
Giles then told police “that he had three long meetings with his family. They are not comfortable coming to the table as they are concerned with respect to conspiracy law and organized crime,” After the purported drug smugglers continued to push Giles, he brought Oldham to a meeting with some of the cops in Vancouver.

“He confirmed he was one of Mr. Giles’ brothers and that if something happened, he would take over his spot.”
Riiiight says we. One wonders how much will be coming outta this trial. Specifically the amazing cat-like abilities of Mr. Damiano Dipopolo. As an aside, we wonder mightily what is going through the head of Mr. Giles. He miraculously avoids an extended term in prison once whilst rubbing shoulders with Mr. Dipopolo, and what happens the second time?

Perhaps sitting in prison for the next 10 odd years will help him figure out what most have been suspecting for a looooong while already.


David Giles
Kevin Van Kalkaren, Murray Elmer Trekofski and Orhan Saydam, charged after police targeted the Hells Angels in an elaborate international sting operation, have entered guilty pleas.

Five remaining accused re-elected to be tried by judge alone instead of by a jury. They are David Giles, the vice-president of the now defunct Kelowna chapter, Bryan Oldham, the sergeant at arms of the Kelowna chapter, and Hells Angels associates James Howard, Michael Read and Shawn Womacks.

Bryan Oldham
The investigation, known as E-Predicate, led police to search five locations around B.C. in August 2012. The Hells Angels' clubhouse in Kelowna was among the police targets.

Officers seized an assault rifle, handguns and nearly $4 million in cash.
Police said the investigation started in January 2011, when they received information indicating that members of the Hells Angels were prepared to import and traffic 500 kilograms of cocaine.

Eight years ago, a B.C. Supreme Court judge acquitted Giles of possessing cocaine and of having committed the offence for a criminal organization. Those charges were laid after police seized drugs in a 2005 raid dubbed E-Pandora. His two co-accused were convicted and given prison time.

Damiano Dipopolo
What name is 'missing' from this major league operation, where the cops were tipped off about shipments of coke in the hundreds of kilos? How about the name that for damn certain would know all about it, the President of the Kelowna chapter of the Hells Angels, Damiano Dipopolo?

He has no criminal record, don't be ridiculous. He just keeps on getting richer whilst EVERYBODY around him falls like dominoes, time and time again.

Suzan El-Khatib
Lets take this concept further. What HA has the unmitigated stones to sue a blogger for defamation?

Citizens here it is ... Damiano Dipopolo is a police informant, has been for years, and is being protected by the fukkin pigs to this very day.

Nanaimo Hells Angels clubhouse still off limits
It’s been more than eight years since the Nanaimo Hells Angels have had access to their Victoria Road clubhouse. They were kicked out in November 2007 when the B.C. government filed a civil forfeiture suit against the biker gang, alleging that the clubhouse had been used to commit criminal offences in the past.

Last year, the director of civil forfeiture changed its strategy in the case, dropping allegations of past criminal conduct and claiming only that the clubhouse should be seized because it would be used in the future to commit crimes.

The Nanaimo clubhouse, at 805 Victoria Rd., was seized on Nov. 9, 2007
The bikers went back to the B.C. Supreme Court judge overseeing the protracted proceedings and asked to regain access to the building pending the trial in May 2017. Justice Barry Davies ruled this week that the preservation order disallowing biker access to the clubhouse would stay in place until the trial.

“I am satisfied that the director continues to meet the very low `serious issue to be tried’ threshold,” Davies said in a written ruling released Thursday. Davies noted, “Surveillance cameras are set up to allow occupants to observe the area surrounding the clubhouse, and the main doors are heavily constructed. There were two baseball bats hanging on the wall inside the entrance, but no other evidence of baseball equipment.”
A body has to wonder about the bigger issue here. So the state can basically steal real property for 9+ years with virtually zero justification? That's an asshole tightener. Whats to stop highly motivated oinkers from doing the same to ANY citizen? Nothing, apparently.

What would make things interesting is if the Crown's case eventually gets blown outta the fukkin water, which isn't unreasonable. (bats hanging on a wall? Geezus) The HA would be entitled to civil damages, and they could potentially be very large.
Hells Angels denied re-entry into Hamilton clubhouse
The Hells Angels motorcycle club failed to get back into its headquarters four days after being evicted from the building they rented at the corner of Gage Avenue North and Beach Road. The club brought a motion to court asking to re-enter the building. A judge denied the motion, which was contested by the owner of the property, Greg Tilly.
Greg Tilley in 2009
Jaime Stephenson, a lawyer acting for the club, said in an email that "the matter was not disposed of completely and litigation and discussion is ongoing‎." She has said that the club intends to fight the eviction.

A club member also asked the judge if members could retrieve personal items from the building, according to a bailiff with Halton Bailiff Services who was involved with the eviction — but that request was also denied.

See ----->http://neer-do-well-hall-of-infamey.blogspot.ca/2016/01/hells-angels-turfed-from-hamilton.html
See ----->http://neer-do-well-hall-of-infamey.blogspot.ca/2016/02/namaimo-hells-angels-clubhouse-still.html
A day after being kicked out of their fortified Hamilton clubhouse, the Hells Angels deny they have been negligent in paying rent.

A local lawyer representing the local Hamilton chapter says the issue is one between the building owner — the clubhouse's landlord — and the person who holds the mortgage on the property and not at all about the club.
"It's really a situation where they're caught in the middle but again it's not a police issue, it's certainly not a criminal issue," said Jaime Stephenson, a Hamilton lawyer speaking on behalf of the group.

"They dispute the eviction as well as the basis for the eviction and they specifically deny that they failed to pay their rent."
There is a stench here. This, any possible way sliced, is CLEARLY a civil matter. When does a rent issue become the business of a dozen taxpayer paid for donut swilling piggy poohs?

We get a dozen swiners, each making $ 100k+ per anum, with absolutely NOTHING better to do with their 'Biker Enforcement Unit' time than standing around with their thumbs up their dopey porker assholes as a locksmith drills out a lock. Holy fukking snap my doodle.


A bailiff, aided by 10 officers from the Hamilton Police Service and OPP Biker Enforcement Unit (BEU) drilled through the front door of Hells Angels' rented and fortified bunker at the corner of Gage Avenue North and Beach Road Thursday morning. The clubhouse is used by the Hells Angels motorcycle club as well as their puppet club, the Red Devils, according to Det. Staff Sgt. Len Isnor
The Hamilton motorcycle club will fight the eviction, said lawyer Stephenson.

"The organization disputes the eviction and the basis for the eviction," she said, calling the matter an owner-tenant disagreement and denying that the club failed to pay its rent. "There will be (civil) legal proceedings to come … hopefully, that will lead to an appropriate resolution."
Greg Tilley purchased the former Gage Tavern in 2009. Property documents show a $45,000 mortgage charge in 2011 from a numbered company.

City tax director Larry Friday said the building owner owes the city more than three years worth of back taxes — $69,452 and counting — for the building, whose address is listed as 105 Beach Rd., which is a commercial building with some residential apartments. If those payments remain outstanding, the city has the option of putting the building up for tax sale later this spring, Friday said.

Joel Rollin (L) and James "Bubbs" Sherwood
Like many outlaw biker organizations, the Hells Angels rent, rather than own their clubhouses to avoid having their property seized under the Civil Remedies Act. The Hamilton Hells Angels chapter has a dozen or so members, making it a "medium sized" Canadian chapter, according to Isnor.

There are more than 500 chapters worldwide, in 56 countries for a total of 6,000 Hells Angels around the world.
TORONTO — Police have charged eight suspects and seized more than $30,000 in drugs and $10,000 in cash after raids on a Hells Angels motorcycle club in Toronto and a residence in Oshawa. Durham Regional Police began an investigation in early January, after they allegedly observed a drug deal at a townhouse complex in Oshawa. Two people were arrested nearby and fentanyl and cocaine were seized.

Search warrants were then executed at the townhouse and at the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club East Toronto Chapter on St. Clair Avenue East.
In total, police said they seized $30,950 in drugs and $10,590 in cash and eight suspects face charges.
•Steven Gignac, 39, of Oshawa - eight drug-related offences including trafficking cocaine, possession for the purpose of trafficking and two counts of possession of the proceeds of crime over $5,000.
•Kimberly Gignac, 42, Liam Gignac, 19, and Kevin Mason, 30, of Oshawa - five drug-related offences including possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of proceeds of crime over $5,000.
•Robert Prested, 63, of Toronto, and Steven Swanson, 35, of Pickering - possession of a Schedule 1 substance.
•Andrew Robinson, 39, of Clarington, Ont. - possession for the purpose of trafficking (cocaine) and possession for the purpose of trafficking (fentanyl).
•Jenny Barns, 28, of Clarington, possession of cocaine and possession for the purpose of trafficking (cocaine).
HA "Death Head" back in Thunder Bay - "Galloway Boyz" Busted
The Hells Angel logo has once again resurfaced in Thunder Bay.'Hells Angels Ontario' recently appeared on a building at 636 and a half Simpson Street. The building is the same location that Thunder Bay Police conducted a raid at in October, 2014. Linda Bruins, the executive director of Evergreen A United Neighbourhood said she's not impressed that the logo has reappeared in the area.
Bruins said although it's obvious there's a Hells Angels presence once again in the area, she said the impact of the group seems to be weakening. "Neighbourhood kids don't know what Hells Angels mean. It's kind of a changing of the old guard.

Ironically, the Evergreen A United Neighbourhood office is located in a former Hells Angels clubhouse at Heron and McKenzie Streets.

The former Hells Angels clubhouse, at the corner of McKenzie and Heron Street.
A spokesperson for Thunder Bay Police said it's significant that the logo currently visible on Simpson Street says 'Hells Angels Ontario' instead of 'Hells Angels Thunder Bay.'

The main difference is the local clubhouse is part of the Ontario chapter, meaning there are not enough members (minimum of 6) to create a full-fledged Thunder Bay chapter.

Tyshan Riley former kingpin of the Galloway Boys street gang
Thunder Bay Police have charged four men after executing a drug warrant on the city's south side on Wednesday night. Police alleged that the four men are all members, or associates, of the Galloway Boyz, a street gang based in Toronto. Police said the gang is well known for its propensity for violence. Four men, aged 23, 24, 28 and 35, all from the Greater Toronto Area, face a number of charges. They include:

Possession for the purpose of trafficking (cocaine)
Possession of proceeds of crime over $5000
Breach of Probation
Breach of Recognizance
Breach of Conditional Discharge
So there are coincidences and there are HA coincidences. Slim to zero doubt about this particular one this observer believes.

Galloway Boys eight
HA Terry Eide pulls 8 years
In a news release today, RCMP described their case against Eide as "strong" and suggested it helped lead to a guilty plea in a Red Deer court earlier this month. Eide is heading to prison for eight years and faces a lifetime weapons ban for pleading guilty to drug and weapons charges.

Project Forseti haul as of March 2015

■5.4 kilograms of methamphetamine.
■2.6 kilograms of cocaine.
■3,358 fentanyl pills (counterfeit oxycontin).
■107 grams of heroin.
■65 kilograms of marihuana.
■456 dilaudid pills.
■454 grams of cannabis resin (hash).
■approximately $100,000 currency as proceeds of crime.
■seven vehicles as offence related property.
■approximately 200 firearms including prohibited and restricted firearms.
■tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition.
■four ballistic vests.
■one conducted energy weapon.
One of the men charged in relation to Project Forseti — a massive drugs and weapons bust earlier this year — has pleaded guilty and started serving an eight-year prison term. Terry Eide, a full-patch member of the Hells Angels, was sentenced earlier this month in Alberta, where he had been held in custody since the massive police raids in January.

The raids were the culmination of a 15-month police investigation dubbed Project Forseti. The bulk of the arrests took place in and around Saskatoon, but Eide, a Calgary resident, was arrested in Alberta and sentenced in Red Deer. The 32-year-old pleaded guilty on Dec. 2 to two sets of charges. The first set related to the Project Forseti investigation and the second set related to items found when police executed the Forseti search warrant.

Terry Eide
He pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine in Calgary and Saskatoon, and possessing the proceeds of crime on the same date. The transaction involved a kilogram of cocaine destined for Saskatoon.

The second set of charges for Eide arose on the takedown date of Jan. 15, when police found him in possession of cocaine and a loaded, prohibited firearm. Eide is the first person charged in Project Forseti to plead guilty.
December, 2015 - New charges against Fallen Saints MC

Saskatoon Police Services and the RCMP held a press conference to announce drug busts of Hells Angels members and associates on January 15, 2015 in Saskatoon
New charges against members of the Fallen Saints Motorcycle Club could be the first step in a broader operation aimed at Canada’s most feared gang. “Criminal organization charges are really used to tack on extra years on the sentence. This will motivate some of the charged Fallen Saints to roll over,” said Yves Lavigne.

At the time of the initial raids last January, police seized drugs — including massive quantities of cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin — valued at more than $8 million. Police also seized hundreds of firearms and laid dozens of weapons-related charges. Now at least seven of the 21 people caught up in the raids face more serious charges related to being members of a criminal organization.

Fallen Saints group photo. Facebook.
The charges come on top of more than 100 that have already been laid against at least 21 men in relation to the 15-month investigation.

According to police, the Fallen Saints in Saskatoon were acting as a “puppet club” for the Hells Angels.
December, 2015 -'Outlaw motorcycle gang' expected in Rosser, Manitoba
A number of members and supporters of an outlaw motorcycle gang are expected in Rosser, Manitoba, starting Friday and lasting through the weekend, police say. The RCMP and the Winnipeg Police Service are joining forces to "closely monitor all events and movements" of expected "members and supporters of an outlaw motorcycle gang," said a news release issued by the RCMP on Friday.

Rosser is just outside Winnipeg.
Cops expect around 100 members of a 'biker gang' that are coming from across Canada and the United States. “We don’t expect any issues,” said Sgt. Paquet. “We will monitor them and follow them.”

Sources say the biker gang is the Hells Angels.
A Hells Angels clubhouse that was seized by the Manitoba government in Winnipeg in 2010 was both a Las Vegas-style party pad and a powerful, heavily fortified symbol of the gang’s dominance in the criminal underworld.

The 2,865-square foot home, assessed at being worth $357,000, was taken over by Manitoba Justice officials after filing a claim under the Criminal Property Forfeiture Act.
Former Manitoba Hells Angels boss Ernie Dew learned his fate in 2012. Twelve years in prison and the possibility of 18 months more if he can’t cough up $57,500 after being released. Dew, 55, was previously convicted of three counts of cocaine-trafficking and three counts of possession of property obtained by crime.

In 2014 Manitoba designated the Hells Angels a criminal organization.

The designation means prosecutors no longer have to prove the Hells Angels is a criminal organization in each case where gang-related charges are laid under provincial law.

Limelife dispensary connected to HA Brian Oldham
When the City of Vancouver sparked the idea of regulating pot shops, an April 21 staff report said there were 80 operating without a business licence. Four months later, it says it received 176 applications under the controversial Medical Marijuana-Related Use bylaw. Sixty-nine are so-called “compassion clubs” that would pay $1,000 each for a licence, while the rest are businesses that would be charged $30,000 each if approved.

“It’s not a surprise, it’s a cash cow,” said NPA Coun. George Affleck. “It’s an opportunity to sell illegal drugs in our city, through legitimate retail space. It’s attracting a lot of interest.”
Health Canada has licensed 26 producers across Canada, including six in B.C., under its Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations to ship small quantities of dried marijuana directly to patients who are prescribed marijuana for medical purposes by a physician or nurse practitioner. Last January, CBC’s Fifth Estate aired a documentary that showed how simple it is to buy pot in Vancouver. A naturopath prescribed marijuana to reporter Mark Kelley for stress relief during a consultation that lasted just over a minute. Kelley was in a dispensary, but the naturopath was somewhere else on Skype.
Vancouver dispensaries that have been raided by police for allegedly selling cannabis to teens or being linked to gangs such as the Hells Angels have a slim chance of securing approval under the city’s new licensing regime, says a councillor who was one of the main architects of the new pot-shop rules.

Brian Oldham, sergeant-at-arms for the Kelowna Hells Angels

Expensive vehicles and a speedboat were parked in the side yard of the Limelife Society pot dispensary.
Councillor Kerry Jang, who oversees the marijuana file for the governing Vision Vancouver party, said city staff will seek input from the Vancouver Police Department’s drug squad when reviewing applications under the new licensing system, which was approved in June.
Owners of six shops that have reopened after being raided in recent years will likely have a hard time getting a licence.

Brian Oldham
Several of the people involved in the operation of the Rupert Street Limelife dispensary are connected with Brian Oldham, 48, a full-patch member of the Kelowna chapter of the Hells Angels. They include his girlfriend, Shawna Bates, 24.


David Giles
Undercover officers also identified Shane Schuhart, 31, as a Hells Angels associate who identified himself as a property representative for another Limelife Society dispensary on Granville Street. In 2012 Oldham was charged in connection with a major cocaine trafficking operation that snared seven others, including Hells Angels Kelowna vice-president David Giles.

In the warrant, police say the Rupert Street Limelife dispensary appeared to be run by Ricky Jack Radu, 52, and his girlfriend, Thi Kieu Trinh Vu, 42, who live in the upstairs suite. Police say Radu, who has convictions or charges for a variety of trafficking or assault offences, is an associate of Oldham.
Raided medical marijuana dispensary linked to Hells Angels
An associate of the Hells Angels is listed as the operator of an East Vancouver medical dispensary, according to a search warrant executed in a raid on the business.

The court document claims the Pitt Meadows resident, who has not been charged in association with the investigation, shows up in City of Vancouver records associated with the Limelife Society at 4866 Rupert St.

Robert Clarke, 32 runs the operation.
"He is a known Hells Angel associate and is 'Of Interest' in five separate gang intel files since 2010," the warrant states.

According to the court document, police started investigating after observing "new and high end" vehicles in the parking lot. "I believe these vehicles to be associated to the Hells Angels based on common Hells Angels insignia," wrote Const. Brian Hobbs.
Clarke, 32, said he's the sole owner of four Limelife Society stores in Vancouver. He also owns a dispensary in Nanaimo, where he watched the raid unfold on a live security camera feed.



Hells Angel News

Damiano Di Popolo
Serge Quesnel free
Serge Quesnel is free after serving 20 years in prison for five contract killings including one in which he stabbed a man in the eyes with a pair of scissors. While inside prison Quesnel found religion. He converted to Buddhism.

He also obtained a Bachelor of Administration degree and turned police informer. The Journal de Montreal says Quesnel was paid $500,000 for information and for testifying against three members of the gang. He was moved to a half way house in 2012 and has now been given a new identity.
December 2015, Thai police investigate murder of Oz HA Wayne Schneider

Antonio Bagnato sits in police custody in Phnom Penh Thursday
A key Australian suspect in the murder of former Sydney Hells Angel bikie and underworld figure Wayne Schneider will be extradited from Cambodia to Thailand where he could face a death sentence if found guilty. Police arrested 26-year-old Antonio Bagnato in a raid on the cheap hotel in Phnom Penh and are holding him pending transfer to Thai authorities.
Former Victorian Comanchero president, Amad "Jay" Malkoun was interviewed by Thai authorities as a witness to the abduction.

Tyler Gerard, 21, is escorted by police in Pattaya to re-enact the kidnapping and murder of Australian Hells Angels biker Wayne Schneider

Wayne Schneider
Thai police have charged an American man with the murder of Hells Angels member Wayne Schneider. Tyler Gerald, 21, was one of the five men who abducted the Australian man from his home on Monday. Schneider has been described as a senior member of the Hells Angels.

Pattaya beach, Thailand.

Antonio Bagnato
Police in the seaside town of Pattaya, south of Bangkok, have also detained the 25-year-old female partner of Australian man, Antonio Bagnato, who is believed to have masterminded the attack. An arrest warrant has been issued for Bagnato, but reports say he has fled to Cambodia.

Bagnato is also a former Sydney bikie member who has been living in Pattaya, according to Sydney Morning Herald.
Blood and bullet casings, as well as paraphernalia used for making crystal meth, were found at the scene.The naked body of Schneider, 38, was found buried in a two-metre-deep grave in roadside bushes near Pattaya. His neck was reportedly broken.

Two security guards working at the housing estate told police they'd been threatened by a man with a gun and were warned to stay away. The guards then heard Mr Schneider calling for help and told police they saw five men with scarves tied across their faces bashing the 38-year-old.

American Tyler Gerard, 21, was arrested as he attempted to cross the Thai border

Truck used in Schneider's murder
November 25, 2015 - Maurice "Mom" Boucher caught on tape stabbing fellow inmate
The Sûreté du Québec has submitted a report on it's investigation into the stabbing of an inmate at the Special Handling Unit of the Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines penitentiary November 3. The former leader of the Montreal chapter of the Hells Angels Maurice Boucher and another inmate are accused of stabbing a third inmate 15 times with a homemade knife.

The Journal de Montreal says neither Boucher nor the victim, convicted murderer Ghislain Gaudet, are co-operating with investigators but the attack was videotaped by security cameras in the facility.

Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines penitentiary
Boucher, who is serving a life term for ordering the murders of two prison guards, was arrested in his cell last week as part of a massive police raid that targeted a drug trafficking syndicate comprised of leading figures from the Mafia, Hells Angels and street gangs.

November, 2105 - Ottawa puts Hells Angels clubhouse up for sale
Eight years after Ottawa seized the biggest Hells Angels clubhouse in Canada, it is soon to put it up for sale. Its listing should appear on MLS within a couple of weeks.

The two-storey cement-block bunker on Eastern Ave., between Logan and Carlaw Ave., is ideal for those looking to shut out the world: It has two sets of steel front doors and windows barricaded with wire. In March, 2007 Ottawa used its new proceeds from crime legislation to legally take over ownership of the property.
Three weeks later, police raided the building, charging five Hells Angels members with drugs and weapons offences. The clubhouse is worth about $700,000.

The big-screen TV where bikers used to watch sports over a beer from the well-stocked fridge is long gone. But there is a still a bar, a big meeting room and two bedrooms. There were just two rules at the clubhouse, apparently: No wives and no murders.
November 2015 - Kelowna member of the Kingpin Crew admits to drug trafficking

Quentin Michael James
KELOWNA – An alleged former gangster in Kelowna has pleaded guilty to a cocaine drug trafficking charge. In 2013, the Kelowna RCMP Federal Serious and Organized Crime unit began investigating drug trafficking activities of the Kingpin Crew, which police said had ties to the Hells Angels.

Police say Quentin Michael James,37, was arrested in December of that year after he attempted to mail three ounces of cocaine to an address in Alberta.
Investigators seized various amounts of drugs, including cocaine, marihuana, MDMA, methamphetamine, ecstasy and psilocybin. Also seized was a bulletproof vest, brass knuckles, defensive batons, assorted rounds of ammunition and approximately $100,000 in cash.

James was later charged with five drug trafficking offenses, two counts of possessing prohibited weapons and one count of possessing a weapon for a dangerous purpose. James returns to court in February for sentencing.

November 2105 - HA Drug courier Kurtis Donald Scott pleads guilty
Kurtis Donald Scott has admitted defeat and pleaded guilty to charges arising from a covert police sting. Scott, 43, pleaded guilty Monday to trafficking in cocaine and drug trafficking in benefit of a criminal organization, putting an end to a jury trial that wasn't scheduled to wrap up until late December.

Scott was one of more than a dozen suspects arrested in March 2012 following a 10-month police operation dubbed Operation Flatlined, targeting illegal drug dealing by the Hells Angels and "support group" Redlined.

Scott admitted to stashing and delivering bulk amounts of cocaine on behalf of then Manitoba Hells Angels president Dale Sweeney.
"Sweeney insulated himself by entrusting Scott to stash and deliver cocaine."

Drug operations focused on the Elmwood area, with sales of at least $100,000 a month, according to the agreed statement of facts. The drug "turf" was fiercely defended.
November, 2015 - Quebec Government seizes last HA clubhouse
The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions (DCCP) has filed the paperwork to seize the last remaining Hells Angels bunker in Quebec. A judge is expected to rule next week on whether the law related to profiting from the proceeds of crime can be applied in the case of the infamous Hells Angels bunker in Lennoxville.

The Journal de Montreal reports that the DCCP is making the claim based on evidence presented in court. The bunker was the scene for 1985 settling of accounts which left five members of the gang dead. The bunker had a multi-layered security system including guard dogs, infrared motion detectors, electric locks, and a central control room. The government has already seized bunkers in Sorel, Longueuil, Lévis and Trois-Rivières.

Four were convicted of the Lennoxville murders, Lessard, Pelletier, Michaud, and later Tremblay.
November, 2015 - Deschamps' Hells Angels funeral ends with 1 arrest, 2 vehicle seizures
REPENTIGNY, Que. – There was a heavy police presence at a funeral in Quebec for a long time member of the Hells Angels.

Lionel Deschamps died of cancer at the age of 63.

Deschamps was accused in the Lennoxville massacre but escaped conviction.
Deschamps was arrested in 2009 under a widespread police sweep against the biker gang. He pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit murder last April, but was released because of his health.

Many of the mourners entering the funeral home wore jackets displaying the Hells Angels insignia.
See ----->http://neer-do-well-hall-of-infamey.blogspot.ca/2015/09/after-cancer-diagnosis-longtime-hells.html
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Hells Angel Damiano Di Popolo and the De Cotiis family

Brandon Vito Hughes was 28 when he was shot and killed on July 23, 2009
After coming home from a night out at Vancouver's Celebration of Light fireworks show, 28-year-old Brandon Vito Hughes was gunned down outside his North Vancouver home. His father, Kevin Hughes, heard the commotion and ran out to the front gate. He tried in vain to save his son but in the early morning hours of July 23, 2009 Brandon Vito Hughes was pronounced dead in hospital. Five years later, the Lower Mainland's Integrated Homicide Investigation Team issued a public plea for information about the shooting.

"The investigation remains open and active," said Sgt. Adam MacIntosh. "Time and distance can be a factor in our favour in historical investigations. There are people out there who know what happened and we need them to come forward."

Police are urging anyone with information to call IHIT at 1-877-551-4448, email ihittipline@rcmp-grc.gc.ca, or submit a tip anonymously through Crime Stoppers.

Rocco Dipopolo
Donato De Cotiis claimed a number of threats had been made against him and other family members, including Hughes, because of a long-running family feud that had landed in court several times.

Donato De Cotiis also said he was warned that people linked to the Hells Angels had been hired "to assault, threaten and/or intimidate" him.

Don De Cotiis, Hayley Winter, Ivano De Cotiis.

Damiano Di Popolo
[18] At some point, on a date which was not clear in the evidence, Mr. Dipopolo won $80,000 in a lottery. He gave his twin brother $30,000 as a gift.

[48] At some point, Mr. Dipopolo acquired a one-third interest in a company called Liquid Zoo Holdings Ltd. On August 23, 2005, Mr. Dipopolo, together with the two other shareholders in Liquid Zoo Holdings Ltd., Messrs. Bruneau and Raffael, signed a promissory note for $350,000 payable to Amacon Management.

[62] Liquid Zoo Holdings executed a mortgage dated May 12, 2006, in favour of Amacon for the amount of $650,000. However, this mortgage was not registered until more than one year later, on August 10, 2007. Mr. Dipopolo appeared to consider the mortgage to be further security for Amacon's $350,000 loan to the three Liquid Zoo Holdings shareholders made about one year earlier, in August 2005.

"Amacon's $500,000 loan to Mr. Dipopolo;"



Marcello DeCotiis and his sister, Lilliana
Lilliana De Cotiis runs the hospitality division of real estate developer Amacon, which she co-owns with eldest sibling Teresa and older brothers Donato, Luca and Marcello. Siblings have input on all aspects of Amacon's corporate operations. De Cotiis and her siblings named their company Amacon, after late father Amalio and mother Concetta.

Amalio was part of the first generation of De Cotiises to arrive in Vancouver. He came with parents Donato and Teresa and three sisters as well as brothers Marcangelo, Inno, Vito and Michael in a staggered migration.

Damiano Di Popolo
Eldest brother Marcangelo eventually had a falling out with his brothers that was serious enough to devolve into legal action. Vito died in his 30s. Inno created his own real estate development company and named it by spelling his own name backwards: Onni.

Youngest brother Michael then founded and still runs Pinnacle International.
Dec. 11, 2005. Vancouver Province A long-running feud in a family whose name is tied to some of Vancouver's biggest real-estate developments has once again spilled into B.C. Supreme Court.

This time, it comes complete with allegations of threats, assaults, intimidation - and even of a contract to kill a family member. In an unusual civil suit, Donato De Cotiis, 44, is seeking a court injunction and damages to protect himself from eight family members named in a statement of claim.

The suit alleges that the eight De Cotiis family defendants "have engaged, hired or employed the defendants Rocco Dipopolo and Damiano Dipopolo to assault, threaten and/or intimidate the plaintiff as an integral part of efforts to intimidate the plaintiff, to interfere in the business, commercial and leisure activities of the plaintiff and to injure the plaintiff." Chow confirmed that in the past year, police investigated an incident between Donato De Cotiis and the Dipopolos. No charges were laid.

Chow also confirmed that Damiano is suspected by police to be a full member of the Hells Angels' East End Chapter.

In February 2003, Paolo De Cotiis approached Brandon Hughes, the nephew of Donato De Cotiis, at a nightclub on Granville, and threatened "to get" his family.
Sunday, July 26, 2009. The targeted murder of 28-year-old Brandon Vito Hughes in North Vancouver last week was preceded by a tense family feud that included an alleged death threat within the De Cotiis clan, who are connected to massive real-estate developments in the Lower Mainland.

Hughes was found gravely wounded outside 1956 Jones Ave. in North Vancouver early Thursday. Hughes is grandson of the late construction mogul Marcangelo De Cotiis, whose widow, Addolorata De Cotiis, owns the home at 1956 Jones Ave. Siblings of the De Cotiis family own Onni Group, Pinnacle International and Amacon.

Brandon Vito Hughes
August 6th, 2010. B.C. Court of Appeal issues ruling in De Cotiis family feud. Donato De Cotiis's lawsuit against companies controlled by his uncles Amalio, Inno, and Mike was dismissed. Donato De Cotiis's deceased father Marcangelo, a construction magnate, was also listed as a plaintiff.

"This dispute is only part of a larger family feud that unfolded against a backdrop of profitable corporations and partnerships," Newbury wrote in the court's reasons for judgment. This lawsuit was a spinoff of another major dispute, which was addressed in a 1995 B.C. Supreme Court decision.
Micheal Plante - undercover police agent put a dozen Hells Angels in jail

Micheal Plante (face blocked) infiltrated the ranks of the Vancouver Hells Angels, including top-member Louie Robinson (center left) and drug dealer Randy Potts (right)
During the multi-year sting, Micheal Plante went from a bar bouncer and weight lifter who wanted to make a difference to the man responsible for putting 12 of the gang’s members in jail.
It took years for Plante to fully integrate with the East End crew, who were led by John Bryce (sixth from left)
He eventually became a bouncer at a local strip club, the Marble Arch, which doubled as one of the gang’s watering holes. On one night, Plante made the decision to kick out an associate of the Angels who was on a drunken rampage.

The move was seen as smart rather than disrespectful and it earned him a personal thank-you from Louie Robinson, one of the senior Angels and the half-brother of the local chapter’s president John Bryce.
It wasn't until he began to rise up the ranks that Plante began to ride a motorcycle, one the police helped him pay for. Throughout the summer of 2003, he met with police a number of times as an informant, getting paid after providing specifics about times the gang dealt meth or intimidated witnesses. It wasn’t until 2004 that Plante actually became an undercover agent, earning him both immunity from illegal actions and an official salary. In turn, he also had to wear a wire so that police could build up a legitimate case against the Angels.

After months of grunt duties for the gang, Plante was made an ‘official friend', showing that he was making strides and earning their trust.
One milestone came when he was told to get a bag and pick up some guns that Potts had stored at his elderly mother’s home, for fear that they were going to be raided by police. He ended up picking up a collection of machine guns, rifles- and even grenades. He turned them over to the police and made up a series of excuses about why they couldn’t access them.

Anxiety, exhaustion, and frustration finally reached a tipping point for Plante in January 2005, when he was overlooked by the group and not given the title of an official Angel, when they chose the son of John Bryce instead.

Lloyd (Louie) Robinson is pictured outside the clubhouse on East Georgia after it was raided on July 15, 2005.

Angels President John Bryce stands outside the clubhouse after police raid in July 2005
Plante was paid two installments of $500,000- the first after leaving. The second payment came on October 30, 2012, when the final charge of the multi-pronged was upheld and a dozen gang members were found guilty of various charges.

Six pled guilty to drug-related charges, including Jonathan Bryce Jr. Others, including meth cooks and traffickers, were all sentenced as well. Potts faced multiple charges.
A surveillance video obtained by CBC News shows a 2005 incident in the Vancouver downtown area where two members of the Hells Angels jumped the line at a nightclub and punched a bouncer to the ground.

The video shows Ronaldo Lising punching a bouncer outside the Au Bar nightclub on Seymour Street, while Rob Alvarez was kicking him. The May 2005 attack came after the bouncer told the pair to wait their turn.

Lloyd Peter Robinson, son of Louie Robinson, severely beat a cab driver over a $ 5.40 fare in 2013.

Jonathan Bryce Jr

Lloyd Peter Robinson


Yves “Apache” Trudeau
Yves "Apache" Trudeau (1946–2008) was a Canadian former member of the Hells Angels North Chapter outlaw motorcycle gang in Laval, Quebec.

During the early 1960’s, Trudeau worked with explosives at C-I-L, which later proved valuable. He was often hailed as the “mad bomber.” Trudeau began Quebec’s first biker gang, the Popeyes, which became the first Canadian chapter of the Hells Angels in 1977. Trudeau was also the first Canadian to receive the Hells Angels’ “Filthy Few” title which was dedicated to those who killed for the group.

In 1979 Trudeau began the Laval chapter, and started what was to be infamously known as the “Hells Angels’ graveyard”, a part of the St. Lawrence River that became a dumping site.
On March 24, 1985, the eight highest-ranking members of the Laval chapter were ordered to meet with Hells Angels officials in Sherbrooke, Lennoxville. Trudeau was unable to attend the meeting, as he was in a Montreal detox center at the time for his cocaine abuse. Of the eight Laval members who attended the Lennoxville meeting, five were immediately shot to death and dumped into the St. Lawrence River.

Hearing that there was a $50,000 contract on his life, Trudeau turned to the police. “I was as good as dead already. I was supposed to be dumped in the river” so Trudeau became the first full patch Hells Angel member to become a police informer. In exchange for his testimony, which could not be used against him, he received an informant contract and lenient sentence. He confessed to being associated with 43 murders.
Throughout his 15-year career as a hitman, Trudeau admitted to doing half of the murders himself (29 with guns, 10 with bombs, three with baseball bats, and one using strangulation), and the other half he claimed only to be an accomplice. Trudeau was sentenced to life, for which he offered a guilty plea of 43 counts of manslaughter, but because of his contract, he was allowed parole after only seven years. Trudeau provided information on over 100 murders and helped implicate at least 80 individuals, which led to 20 arrests.
In 1994, Trudeau was released under the new identity of Denis Cote. He led a secret life doing odd jobs like driving a bus for the handicapped until being arrested in March 16th of 2004 for sexual assault. In April of that year, Trudeau pleaded guilty to six counts of sexual exploitation, sexual interference, and invitation to sexual touching of a male victim under the age of 14.

In 2006 Trudeau was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. On July 15, 2008 he was released by the National Parole Board who deemed him a low risk to reoffend, having months to live. He died in 2008, age 62.
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Sunday, September 27, 2015 - Canadian Eric Lawrence sentenced large in Oz
A Metro Vancouver man has been handed a hefty sentence down under for smuggling 29 kilograms of cocaine and pre-cursor chemicals into Australia. Eric Lawrence, 32, was sentenced last week to 14 years and must serve a minimum eight years and five months in jail before being eligible for parole.

Lawrence was arrested last year with four kilograms of cocaine and 25 of pseudoephedrine, a chemical used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Information leading to his arrest came from a lengthy joint investigation between the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. and Australian Federal Police. The case also overlapped with the Surete du Quebec’s Project Loquace, which led to drug importation charges against B.C. gangsters Larry Amero, Shane Maloney and Rabih Alkhalil.
Amero has applied for bail with a hearing resuming Oct. 1. All three are scheduled to go to trial in 2017.

Larry Amero

Shane Kenneth Maloney

Rabih Alkhalil
Project Loquace was a major operation that mobilized more than 1,000 officers in Quebec, Ontario and B.C. Police executed pre-dawn raids in late 2012 looking for 128 suspects. The arrests of 103 of them were also connected to a weapons case involving a massive cache of firearms and stolen dynamite.

Larry Amero is alleged to be one of six kingpins in a “consortium” that united different crime groups in their move into the Quebec illicit drug market. The consortium was able to sell 75 kilograms of cocaine a week, netting $50-million in revenues in a span of six months"

Police recovered 1,486 sticks of dynamite.
Police also recovered 161 firearms. Officers have seized $255,000 in cash, 46,100 methamphetamine pills, 153 kilograms of cocaine, nine kilograms of cannabis and 13 barrels of gamma-butyrolactone (GBL), a chemical precursor used to manufacture GHB. They also seized 35 vehicles and had court orders blocking five residences worth a total of $1.4-million.

"Police are still looking for four of the six men they considered leaders of the operation: Mihale Leventis, Frédéric Lavoie, Rabih Alkhalil and Timoleon Psiharis."

Frederic Lavoie
El Tiempo newspaper reported that the body of Quebec City native Frederic Lavoie, 31, was found on May 12, 2014 in the town of Sabaneta, 300 km northwest of the capital, Bogota. His remains were found on a street inside four garbage bags that were leaking blood. He was among more than 100 people sought by provincial police in a massive anti-drug operation launched in 2012 against bikers, the Mafia and their associates.

Lavoie's accomplice, Timoleon Psiharis, 29, was tortured, doused with acid and beaten to death in Greece in 2012.

Timoleon Psiharis