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HA Ramin Yektaparast = Iranian terrorist
Iran has recruited fugitive Hells Angels boss Ramin Yektaparast to launch terror attacks on German synagogues. Yektaparast is a key criminal in attacks on two synagogues.

Yektaparast is wanted by German police for carrying out a brutal gangland murder. He fled to Tehran in 2021 where he was put to work by the Revolutionary Guard to organize terror attacks. “We are talking about state-organized terrorism,” an investigator said. Cops in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia have increased security measures around Jewish buildings. Cops are now equipped with semi-automatic assault rifles and wear bulletproof vests.
HA Kai M. was murdered and dismembered by Yektaparast. His arm was found in the Rhine. Yektaparast shot him in the back of the head. Six HA are charged with murder.
Yektaparast's photo appears prominently on the MGCity Facebook page. Here. Traitorous German HAMC are in the business of state terrorism for Iran.

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Notorious German HA Peter Grabe dead
Its 1986, and 13 Hells Angels have been on trial for 18 months in Germany. The allegations included assault, rape, pimping and extortion. It is a mammoth trial of national interest. During closing arguments, the prosecutor picked one out of the crowd of the accused. He calls the giant man a "real horror". He was known by nicknames like 'Zick Zack', 'Jesus' or 'Executor'. Peter Grabe was then vice president of the Hamburg chapter.

Grabe, whose full name was Karl-Peter Alfons Wilhelm Grabe, died in hospital at the age of 72 after a lengthy illness. He received the highest sentence of those convicted in the Hamburg Hells Angels trial: seven years in prison.
HA Frank Hanebuth faces Spanish justice
35 of the 49 defendants took plea deals. The highest sentence request among those who did not take the deal is for the Youssafi brothers. Prosecutors asked for extended time for Abdelghani Youssafi and his brother Khalil Youssafi. Frank Hanebuth was the only defendant who used his right to a final statement before the trial was adjourned Friday. The gang's operations were at Playa de Palma, where brothels were used to finance its network.

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After a week break, the trial against Frank Hanebuth and others resumed on Monday (February 6th) in Mallorca. Of the initial 49 accused, only 15 are now left after the remaining 34 made deals with the public prosecutor before the trial began on the first day of the trial. Many converted their sometimes long-term imprisonment into fines. Lawyers accuse the prosecutor's office of having almost no evidence against the accused. It is based on assumptions and arbitrary interpretations of the many phone calls between those involved. Whether this wiretapping was permissible at all was a frequent issue on the first days of the trial. The public prosecutor's office justified them by saying that the Hells Angels on Mallorca represented a criminal organization.
Frank Hanebuth along with 46 others will be in court until Feb 10, including Germans, but also Spaniards, Turks and Luxembourgers. In November 2009 the Youssafis brothers opened a branch of the Hells Angels in Majorca, led by German Frank Hanebuth. Their lair was a luxury property in Lloret de Vistalegre, valued at 2.5m euros. Hanebuth is looking at 13 years.
On July 23, 2013, Hanebuth and 24 others were arrested in a cop operation dubbed Casablanca. Hanebuth's Hells Angels chapter was in the business of drug trafficking, money laundering, extortion and prostitution. He spent two years in prison and was released on conditions in 2015. Able to travel to Germany, he was welcomed back as though he were a head of state. On January 23 he is due to go on trial at the Audiencia Nacional high court in Madrid.
Necati Arabacı busted in Turkey
During his detention in Germany, Arabacı plotted to kill the prosecutor, and hired an Albanian killer for the task.High-status Hells Angels Necati Arabacı, who was being sought by Interpol, was nabbed by Turkish security on Friday in western Izmir province’s Çeşme district. Arabacı was active in Cologne. In 2002 he was arrested in Germany for pimping, human trafficking, assault, extortion, weapons and racketeering. He was sentenced to nine years in prison and deported to Turkey in 2007.
Finland Hells Angels nailed with 100kg of meth, guns, explosives = 11 years
Cops say two Finnish men attempted to import 96kg of amphetamines into Finland. Sami Aulis Niskanen was convicted of two narcotics offences, an explosive offence, a firearms offence and possession of a weapon. He is a full patch HA. Cops also seized 9kg of hash, 38kg of explosives and a "significant number of firearms, firearm parts and ammunition."
Niskanen is off to jail for 11 years.Police in Finland called their investigation an "extensive effort" into meth smuggling by Hells Angels to the UK, Finland and other countries.

Several others in the Netherlands are suspected, including HA or members of the club's number one puppet club, the Red Devils.
In 1967 a landlord found the Hell’s Angels tough to evict
The rent was paid on time, but police were regular visitors, called to the place when wild weekend parties were held.Landlord W.H. LaBand was in a bind when he decided to evict renters of his Alta Loma ranch in 1967. The tenants’ lease was up on April 1, but LaBand wanted them out. The problem was the place was the headquarters for the “Berdoo” chapter of the Hells Angels MC. The property was an 80-acre former citrus orchard with an old two-story house. LaBand rented the property through a realty office to what he thought was a family, but soon discovered the truth.
The odds of getting them off his property improved when the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department raided the hangout and arrested 21 people. The early morning raid, on Feb. 18, 1967, apprehended 13 men and eight women, and found marijuana, 21 firearms, switchblade knives and ammunition. Two days before, a deputy arrested HA Charles “Crazy Chuck” Forsyth and “found with what was thought to be marijuana” on his clothing. Cops determined they had “probable cause to suspect more."

LaBand never had to confront the Hell’s Angels about leaving. To his great relief the ranch house in Alta Loma was abandoned.
The club “left it a monument to vandalism,” according to the Sun-Telegram on April 27.
NY Hell’s Angels selling infamous East Village clubhouse
Alexander went to jail for selling cocaine, got kicked out of the club in the ‘90s, and died in 2007. The deed was transferred from one of Alexander’s heirs to the HA in 2018, paving the way for a sale.A contract has been drawn up between the HA and a corporation listed as 77 East 3rd Street LLC. That firm is linked to Nathan Blatter of Whitestone Realty Group, a commercial real estate investor. No sale price was included. The Angels bought the building for a song back in the 1970s.

In 1983, then-president Sandy Alexander changed the building’s deed to name himself and his family as rent-free tenants, and stipulated that his heirs “shall receive half of the proceeds” from any sale.
There has been much drama.

A verbal war broke out over a bench installed outside of the East 3rd Street building. There was a 2016 shooting and a 2018 beating of a deliveryman, both over the parking spaces outside.
End of the line for 'Mikey Smash'
Michael Adam Morales 32 was killed Saturday night after being stabbed inside — or in the vicinity of — one of downtown Bakersfield’s most famous dive bars, Guthrie’s Alley Cat. News of Morales' death spread fast through the local biker community. Morales affiliation with the Hell's Angels MC was prominent on his Facebook page. He had 3 young children.

The bar strictly enforces a 'no colors' policy, but some local bikers have begun to employ "subterfuge," the owner said, by wearing "soft colors" or covering gang colors or emblems only to reveal them later.
"No matter how nice the bikers appear to be, or how much they say they love your joint, stuff like what happened will happen," he said. "It will follow them every time. It's an iron law."
HA Frank Hanebuth facing 13 years in Spain
High profile HA boss Frank Hanebuth has been charged by Spanish authorities. He is accused of forming a criminal organization, money laundering, threats and weapons possession. With him are 45 others of the now defunct Hells Angels group in Mallorca.

Hanebuth had gone to Mallorca after he dissolved the Hanover charter of the Hells Angels in 2013 after intense police pressure. He thought the Spanish island would be a prime place make a fresh start.
German Hamburg HA Boss paralyzed after shooting
Hells Angels boss Dariusch F. was shot in a drive-by shooting Oct 28 in Hamburg. The 38-year-old boss of the Hamburg branch was rushed to hospital after the shooter lowered the passenger window of a car and fired five times at point blank range. He is now at least partially paralyzed from the waist down.
Cops have charged Arash R. a senior ex-member of the now defunct Mongols and his girlfriend Lisa S. It's thought the attack was retaliation for an assassination attempt on the couple in late 2015.

Arash R. expressed his fierce hatred with the words "Fuck the Hells Angels" tattooed on his skull.
Arash R. vowed revenge after the attack on him and his girlfriend. "I want to destroy you. I'm waiting for you alone and I'm ready to give up everything to find you." The Hells Angels have emerged as strong as ever from the conflict instigated by the Mongols.
Portuguese police bust 54 Hells Angels
Over 400 Portuguese police, including the antiterrorism unit, detained 54 Hells Angels in raids on 80 homes and localities across the country. Charges range from attempted murder to pimping. Investigations are a result of a gang war in March by a group of Hells Angels against a rival motorcycle gang and their allies from a neo-Nazi group.
Police believe it's a turf war for control of illicit guns and the drug trade. The raids took place about a week before an annual international motorcycle gathering in Faro in southern Portugal, which brings together thousands of bikers from all over Europe.
Thai Hells Angels under siege
34-year-old Luke Joshua Cook and his Thai wife Kanyarat Wedphitak were arrested at Bangkok's main airport on Saturday for attempting to smuggle half a tonne of crystal meth into Thailand in 2015. Cook's arrest comes amid a widening crackdown against the Hells Angels, who have chapters in Bangkok and Pattaya.
Cook is believed to have helped Australian Antonio Bagnato, 28, escape to Cambodia after the murder of Wayne Schneider.
Authorities describe the HA as a "big transnational crime organisation which is escalating its operations in Thailand" The Australian Hells Angels are notorious for prostitution, racketeering, drugs and arms trafficking, and they have expanded operations into Thailand as authorities tighten the noose on their home soil.
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Massive Police Operation in Germany target HA
Over 700 police including special forces in 16 cities have raided about 50 properties. Due to the "dangerousness of some bikers" police used special task forces and dogs in some locations. HA are strongly entrenched in North Rhine-Westphalia. The biker gang and its purpose and activities are in violation of criminal law, according to the NRW interior ministry’s statement.
The ban was reportedly justified because of ample evidence, the gang had been monitored for some time.
“The law does not accept that parallel societies can proliferate in which their authority and monopoly on violence are ignored" said NRW interior minister Herbert Reul.
Police are confiscating assets, including motorcycles belonging to members. “The members of the organization have demonstrated they are criminals. Their everyday lives consist of violence, weapons, drugs and forced prostitution" said Reul. The ban is part of a zero-tolerance strategy of the state government against criminal biker gangs, he added.

The first German chapter of the Hells Angels was founded in 1970 in Hamburg. Hells Angels are notorious in Germany for their permanent links to corruption, violence, drug dealing, human trafficking, arms trading and murder. It is estimated upwards of 6,000 OMG members are effected by new German laws.
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Hells Angels, Banditos tangle outside Chicago
A brawl involving upwards of 75 bikers resulted in injuries and charges, the most serious of which is assaulting an officer with a knife. Tensions were brewing throughout the evening as officers were already outside the bar, standing across the street from the combatants before the fight actually started.

Two handguns, multiple knives and other weapons were seized.
Biker Brawl - HA dropped
The event was at the Topside Bar & Grill, a bar in Bristol, Rhode Island. John Remington, a member of the Hells Angels was having a drink when 56-year-old Carl Justice Nordstrom, a biker without gang affiliation, entered the bar with three of his companions.

Unbeknownst to the Hells Angel, Nordstrom was a former professional heavyweight boxer who finished his career with a record of 10-2-2, including 8 wins by knockout. He didn’t get far before being arrested and was charged with disorderly conduct and possession of a knife. Despite being taken to hospital suffering a broken nose, fractured leg, and cuts to the face, Remington refused to press charges. He too was charged with disorderly conduct.
Senior Hells Angels member arrested for sex assault
Raymond Michael Foakes, 53, a member of the Hells Angels MC in Santa Rosa was arrested Monday night on suspicion of sexual assault, victim intimidation, stalking and gang participation.

When a 49-year-old Santa Rosa woman learned her husband was about to be stripped of his membership in the club, she met with Foakes to get answers. A meeting was set up after the victim received a phone call about 11 p.m. to meet Foakes at the Hells Angels Clubhouse. Foakes drove to a secluded area and sexually assaulted her, threatening to hurt her husband if she didn’t submit.

Foakes drove back to the Hells Angels Clubhouse after the assault.
Foakes is a past president of the Sonoma County Hells Angels and has a long and violent history. He had formerly served prison sentences for a variety of offenses including from the infamous 'River Run Riot', a confrontation between the Hells Angels and the Mongols in Laughlin, Nevada on April 27, 2002.

Mongol Anthony Barrera, 43, was stabbed to death, and two Hells Angels, Jeramie Bell, 27, and Robert Tumelty, 50, were shot to death. Foakes also has fraud, money laundering and drug possession and distribution convictions.
Gießen's Hells Angels shuttered?
According to media reports, Gießen's Hells Angels have given up their clubhouse in Wettenberg. The President of the Gießen rockers, Aygün Mucuk, was shot dead on the site at the beginning of October. According to police, the Hells Angels sign has been removed from the property.

There is no evidence that the Gießen Hells Angels have a new clubhouse. Mucuk was killed on October 7 with at least 16 shots.
There are no new insights about Mucuk's death. The 45-year-old was the leader of the Turkish faction within the Hells Angels during a power struggle with the more established Frankfurt Hells Angels chapter.
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No Arrests in Murder of German Hells Angel Aygün Mucuk

In July 2015 he was finally able to open the charter in Mittelhessen.
Two months after German Hells Angels leader Aygün Mucuk was cut down by 19 bullets, police are no closer to finding his killer. Mucuk's plans to set up his own charter in Giessen led to a power struggle within the Hells Angels in Frankfurt. Mucuk, originally from the Westend charter, wanted to found the Giessen charter in the summer of 2014. A few days before the official launch, Mucuk and four others were injured in a targeted shooting.
There has been a bitter rivalry between the Giessen Hells Angels, whose membership is largely Turkish, and the long-established Hells Angels chapter in Frankfurt.

Outlaw motorcycle gangs have about 6,000 members across Germany, the most prominent being the Hells Angels. Perhaps their most serious competition are from another US based gang, the Bandidos. The Bandidos are the ruling gang in the Ruhr region – something the Hells Angels are contesting. Motorcycle gangs are also fighting one another in northern Germany, where the Hells Angels have a strong advantage.
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Phuket Thailand - Hells Angels' Paradise
Along with cheap prices and the ability to blend in with other "farangs" - foreigners, Phuket has much to offer.Night is painted with flashing neon in Phuket. This is a party place - an escape of the everyday. But it is also a haven for criminals. The list is long ... fraudsters, murderers, pedophiles, fugitives on the run, many call Phuket home. Widespread corruption and slow computerization of government records has long made Thailand a safe haven from the long arm of the law.
The Hells Angels clubhouse overlooks Patong beach. No photo, no name, says the president of the Hells Angels Nomads as he stretches out his thick tattooed fist. The bikers keep a relatively low profile and need to keep the peace as the largest and strongest gang is always the Thai police. That all changed with the murder of high ranking member and wholesale drug trafficker Wayne Schneider, who was found naked with a broken neck, two meters underground.

"We build playgrounds for orphans" says 'Dennis' when asked if the Hells Angels receive money through trafficking, drugs, weapons, prostitution or extortion. Dennis says the Hells Angels are not a criminal gang, but a charity of nice guys who happen to like motorcycles and have fun.
In Phuket the Hells Angels often wear flip flops and drive mopeds. Harleys are impractical for short trips through the narrow streets.

The Hells Angels Nomads have recently celebrated their 15th anniversary in Phuket. They like it here.
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Bagnato pleads not guilty in Thai murder of HA Wayne Schneider

Wayne Schneider
Wayne Schneider began his career as a meth cook and later joined the Hells Angels in Sydney. In 2006 he was accused of shooting a bouncer outside a nightclub. In 2012 he relocated to Pattaya, Thailand and established a massive drug network.

Police believe that a $1.5 billion drug bust, netting two tonnes of MDMA (ecstasy) and nearly one tonne of Meth, was linked to the Hells Angels, Comancheros, and Schneider. Schneider’s naked body was found on November 30 last year in a shallow grave in eastern Thailand. Schneider's bodyguard Tony Bagnato was arrested in Cambodia days after the murder.

Antonio Bagnato sits in police custody in Phnom Penh
Police arrested 26-year-old Antonio Bagnato in a raid on the cheap hotel in Phnom Penh. He could face a death sentence if found guilty.
Former Victorian Comanchero president, Amad "Jay" Malkoun was interviewed by Thai authorities as a witness to the abduction. He said he was sleeping. He left the country 2 days later.

Tyler Gerard, 21, is escorted by police in Pattaya to re-enact the murder of Australian Hells Angels biker Wayne Schneider

Wayne Schneider
Tyler Gerald, 21, was one of the five men who abducted the Australian man from his home. Schneider has been described as a senior member of the Hells Angels.

Pattaya beach, Thailand.

Antonio Bagnato
The Hell's Angels chapter openly runs a bar with adjoining private members rooms called Angel's Place in Pattaya, where a commemorative stone has been erected in Schneider's honour. Virtually all the chapter's members are Australians.

Antonio Bagnato is a former Sydney bikie member of the Comancheros, and is believed to have masterminded the attack.

Blood and bullet casings, as well as paraphernalia used for making crystal meth, were found at the scene.
The naked body of Schneider, 38, was found buried in a two-metre-deep grave in roadside bushes near Pattaya. His neck was reportedly broken.

Two security guards working at the housing estate told police they'd been threatened by a man with a gun and were warned to stay away. The guards then heard Mr Schneider calling for help and told police they saw five men with scarves tied across their faces bashing the 38-year-old.
Three other suspects involved in the murder are still on the run. Two of them are believed to have fled to Australia.
American Tyler Gerard, 21, was arrested as he attempted to cross the Thai border

Truck used in Schneider's murder

Oz Hells Angels Peter 'Skitzo' Hewat

Peter 'Skitzo' Hewat
An associate of notorious Hells Angels bikie Peter "Skitzo" Hewat is being investigated over the shooting of a police facility in Melbourne. About seven shots were fired at the Victoria Police impound lot.

A tow truck belonging to a company owned by Hewat – who is currently in jail – was impounded beforehand. It was seized after the driver was pulled over by police and tested positive for methamphetamine. The anti-bikie taskforce raided Hewat's company, 888 Towing. Two associates were arrested and three stolen cars were seized.
Hewat was sentenced to 12 months' prison in March after he pleaded guilty to dealing in $250,000 worth of stolen truck parts. The court noted the sergeant-at-arms had been committing crimes for more than 40 years.

One of his more infamous convictions was for assaulting a kind-hearted grandmother who had taken in Hewat's lost shih-tzu terrier. The woman had put out posters of the dog after she found it near Hewat's Craigieburn home in 2013. When Hewat claimed ownership, she demanded proof before she handed the dog over. Hewat forced his way through her front door and punched her when she blocked his way.
In September 2015 a former employee of Hewat falsely confessed to stealing a vehicle because he was afraid of the Hells Angels boss. He claimed to owe $10,000 to Hewat and was terrified he would be shot if he didn’t make the false confession.
HA James T. Costin guilty
SALEM — A man reputed to be the “sergeant at arms,” or enforcer, for the North Shore chapter of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang was sentenced to state prison after admitting to violent assaults on two men last December.

James T. “Jamie” Costin, 51, of Lynn, will serve 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 years in prison for the assaults outside the Fat Cacus, a restaurant and bar on Route 1 in Lynnfield.
One of the men was left with disfiguring facial injuries. The damage, which included severing the man’s lower lip and breaking two of the man’s teeth, appears to have been caused with a large metal ring Costin was wearing.

While police found three rings in a cigar box at Costin’s home that tested positive for human blood, the blood on those rings did not match that of either victim in the Fat Cactus incident.
Christopher Wayne Hudson - the "Ballroom Blitz"
March 18, 2006. Members of the Finks and Hells Angels clash at a kickboxing tournament. Dubbed the "Ballroom Blitz", the bloody incident was sparked by the defection of one-time Fink and soon-to-be convicted murderer Christopher Wayne Hudson to the Hells Angels in a move that angered his former gangmates.

Hudson, a former Gold Coast nightclub bouncer, “patched over” to the Angels some time in late 2004.

Christopher Hudson under attack during the infamous brawl between Hells Angels and Finks
Hudson was shot in the back and jaw and other bikies were wounded during the brawl that involved fists, feet, bottles, chairs and weapons.

Following the "Ballroom Blitz" Hudson became a heavy, daily user of amphetamines and crystal amphetamine. Hudson also started carrying a gun and admitted to paranoia thinking that someone was "coming to get him”.

Christopher Wayne Hudson
With a fearsome reputation, Hudson was afforded VIP status at strip clubs. He received free drinks and mingled with the girls privately.

It was Sunday June 17, 2007 and Hudson was riding an amphetamine-fuelled flying carpet. He exploded into a rage, fuelled by a caustic mix of booze and drugs. Hudson pulled up his sleeves and pointed to his tattoos and said: ‘Do you know who I am? I’m a Hells Angel!’ In front of shocked witnesses, Hudson grabbed his girlfriend by her hair, punched her in the face and threw her to the ground. As the stunned victim struggled to her knees, Hudson kicked her in the face.
In a nearby underground carpark, Hudson forced another woman against a wall at gunpoint. 43-year-old father of three Brendan Keilar stopped to intervene while on his way to work. A passing Danish backpacker named Paul De Waard, 26, also stepped in to help.

After emptying his gun into the men, Hudson fled. Keilar died while de Waard was very lucky to survive.
Police quickly established Hudson’s identity and launched a massive manhunt. Police chief commissioner Christine Nixon sent a public message to the Hells Angels: “I would hope they would hand him over. I think this person’s clearly out of control.”

On June 20, the Victorian president of the Hells Angels walked Hudson into Wallan police station in semi-rural Victoria. Hudson had an injured wrist wrapped in a sock. His bikie brothers had used a blow torch to remove a Hells Angels tattoo from his arm. In May 2008, Hudson pleaded guilty to the murder of Brendan Keilar and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 35 years before becoming eligible for parole.
Los Barracos - Dominican Republic
At one point more than half of Quebec's most wanted criminals were hiding in the Dominican Republic. Of the 10 people on the most wanted list, six were members of the Hells Angels who fled the province during a massive anti-biker police operation in 2009. The six of them are accused of a combined 22 murders.

The bikers have everything they need in the Dominican Republic. They've even organized a chapter there. A biker gang by the name of Los Barracos in the Dominican city of Cabarete became an official chapter of the Hells Angels in 2009.
The case of David "Wolf" Carroll illustrates the complexity of efforts to apprehend fugitives. In 2004, information led police to believe Carroll was living in Puerto Plata. When Dominican authorities arrived at the house he was renting, he had already fled. They had missed him by weeks.

Criminals seek out the Dominican Republic for simple reasons. The cost of living is low and there is ample opportunity to take advantage of corruption. There is no bilateral extradition treaty between Canada and the Dominican Republic.