Oz cops land 700 kilos
Australian cops seized 700 kg of cocaine from a Maersk containership at Sydney's Port Botany. AFP seized 28 denim bags, each holding about 25kg of cocaine bricks. Purchasers on Australia's east coast can pay up to $275k (USD) for a kilogram of cocaine. This bust is tagged at $280m.
Bikie boss Buddle busted
Comanchero bikie boss Mark Buddle was frogmarched backwards into a cop shop in handcuffs after being secretly deported to Australia from Turkey. The nation's most wanted man was apprehended by cops after he touched down in Darwin. AFP allege Buddle imported over 160kg of cocaine. Buddle, the subject of an Interpol red notice, arrived in Darwin after Turkey made an 'independent decision' to deport him. Buddle became leader of the Comancheros in 2009 after Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi was jailed for his role in a fatal brawl at Sydney Airport. He left Australia for Dubai in 2016 with his girlfriend Mel Ter Wisscha and their two children.
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Bikie Dayne Brajkovich - Out and Fu*k the Police
Latest for former HA bikie Dayne Brajkovich is a swastika on his chiny chin chin. Dude is turning old and his look, well, pfffft. Brajkovich was booted from the Hells Angels this spring.
Dayne Brajkovich bashed Rebels boss Nick Martin weeks before his public assassination. Shots were fired at Brajkovich’s home in Ascot in early March 2021. Nobody was injured.

The words 'revenge' and 'enforcer' are still marked on Brajkovich's inky head.
Dayne Brajkovich was expelled from the HAMC. His troubles continued as he was charged under WA's tough new anti-gang laws. Brajkovich needed to 'do' something about his dopey tatoos before stepping out in public, and that he did. The words 'sergeant at arms' has been covered. A '1%' tattoo on his chest is now a black diamond.
Among Brajkovich's many tattoos are the word 'Hells Angels' on his forehead and '1%er' on his neck. Cops suggest he needs to buy cases of band-aids to walk the streets of Perth. Brajkovich couldn't be missed at a recent court appearance. He was wearing a red and black HAMC jersey, along with a Gucci cap, sunglasses and a massive gold chain, bracelet and watch. His pretty shoes were likewise designer club colours. Brajkovich, 41, faced Perth Court, not the fashion police, and was fined $300, plus $248 in court costs. He pleaded guilty to entering a premises where he was barred. It is not known if they had a dress code for circus clowns.
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Canadian tasked with stripping 645kg of MDMA out of BBQs

Luke Humphries, 33, was tasked with unpacking 346 packages of MDMA hidden in 199 barbecues in a warehouse in south-west Sydney in October 2019. But only hours into the work, he called a friend, saying he was exhausted. He had completed 13.
The phone call was recorded by the Australian Federal Police. The AFP was already aware of the shipment, intercepting the barbecues when they arrived in Australia and replacing the MDMA packages with a substance that looked like the illicit drug. The police then released the shipment. Humphries pleaded guilty to attempting to traffic a commercial quantity of MDMA and he will be sentenced on August 11th. He faces life.
Cocaine in model's vagina
Grace Evelyn Athanatos insists she is a 'nice girl' as she breaks her silence about the humiliating moment she was caught and strip searched. The 24-year-old was waiting outside the exhibition hall when sniffer dogs began to bark around her. When cops asked to search her outside, she began to cry. Tears didn't work and she had to explain to cops why they wouldn't find her prohibited cocaine stash with a pat down.
Records stated she had 5.6 grams of cocaine, though it's unclear how much of the condom's weight was counted in official recordings.
Grace Evelyn had some splaining to do after authorities busted her with a cocaine-filled condom inside her vagina while attending Marlo Music Festival in Australia. She had a large amount of cocaine in the condom. She avoided grief by pleading guilty.
She was hit with a 12-month conditional release order and no fine.
Oz cops put brakes on $24m cocaine 'tyre' import
Brendon Khalil, 53, and his son Simon, 25, have been charged with importing 66 kg of cocaine discovered in car tires in Perth. The duo have links to the notorious Hamzy and Alameddine crime families in Sydney.

In 2021 they were busted for renting out stolen and modified luxury cars to gangsters. Nine stolen luxury cars were seized. Police alleged many were used in violent crimes.
Four West Australians are busted after 66 kg of cocaine – worth about $23.7m AUD at street level, was seized in Perth. Cops found the cocaine hidden in four Mercedes-Benz performance wheels imported from Switzerland. ABF officers at the Perth cargo facility detected anomalies when they x-rayed the air cargo consignment. The drugs were replaced with a harmless substance before the tyres were released for collection. The maximum penalty for the offence is life imprisonment.
Oz cocaine kingpin Owen Hanson - O-Dog Mark Wahlberg is in the early development of a documentary about USC player turned drug lord Owen Hanson.
Owen Hanson grew up in Redondo Beach, and his physical prowess scored him a place on the USC football team. A San Diego court heard how greed led Hanson to grow from a low-level drug dealer selling cocaine and steroids to teammates to the head of a criminal enterprise that shipped huge quantities of cocaine to Australia for massive profits. Hanson, 35, showed no emotion when a judge sentenced him to 21 years in jail in 2017.

Prosecutors said a kilo of cocaine in southern California costs about $US25k. while in Australia it costs about $US250k.
His days as a crime boss running the violent international drug ring came to an end in 2015 when a US-Australian law enforcement operation led to his arrest in San Diego. Hanson trafficked "hundreds of kilograms of cocaine" from California to Australia.

Hanson had red paint splattered on the gravestone of the mother of a debtor and then sent DVDs showing beheadings of people - one with a chainsaw. Hanson agreed to forfeit $5m in cash and assets, including properties in Costa Rica, Mexico and Peru, and luxury cars.
Oz punks take on MMA fighter Viktor Lyall
Things didn't end well for a pair of drunk spaghetti armed punks and their mouthy shemale who decided to teach MMA fighter Viktor Lyall a lesson. Lyall is the third-ranked amateur welterweight MMA in Australia. The action was filmed by fighter Bec Rodriguez. These dopes are lucky to escape with their lives.
Moment Oz drug courier realizes huge stash is gone
Christian Tachev claimed that he worked as a personal trainer and sold vapes. He was actually the courier in a huge drug operation in Western Australia.
Tachev moved large amounts of money and drugs for biker-affiliated gangsters. He was sentenced to 11 years in prison.
Cops captured the exact moment Tachev realized the drugs were gone.
Mostafa Baluch - ready to wheel and deal

Mostafa Baluch was arrested by cops in a sting on the NSW/Queensland border after his underworld colleagues turned. The fugitive spent 16 days on the run.
Former fugitive drug lord Mostafa Baluch was caught trying to flee Oz cops in a Mercedes parked inside a shipping container last year. He has begun discussing a plea deal. Baluch remains remanded in custody.
Cops had stopped the truck as it crossed the border and searched the container on the back of the vehicle, where they located the 'shocked and surprised' drug dealer.
Oz cops have more than 1,000 pages of messages that were sent by Mostafa Baluch. The self-declared gangster bragged extensively about moving hundreds of kilograms of drugs and building a property empire while using encrypted messaging app ANOM. Cops say they are closing in on Baluch.
Mostafa Baluch cut off his tracking device and fled from his $4m home in Sydney days after he got bail on a 900kg cocaine bust. Baluch was swept up in June as part of the AN0M raids. His home is now being seized by authorities. The fugitive faces life in an Australian jail.
Gang warfare in Western Sydney
An angry imam berated mourners at the funeral of Rami Iskander. He was laid to rest in the grave next to his kingpin uncle Mahmoud 'Brownie' Ahmad, 17 days after his murder. The 23-year-old was gunned down outside his home in front of his pregnant wife and two-year-old child. Gangland violence is running rampant in Western Sydney.
Mahmoud ‘Brownie’ Ahmad
13 people have been killed in gang violence in Sydney's west and southwest over the past 18 months. Comanchero boss Tarek Zahed, 41, is in critical condition and his brother Omar dead after they were sprayed with bullets two weeks ago. Tarek survived despite 10 gunshot wounds to his body and head.
He is said to be blind.
Dead scuba diver, 55kg cocaine surface in NSW
The diver found dead in Newcastle harbour has been identified as Brazilian Bruno Borges, 31. Cops have issued a warrant for the arrest of the man they believe was a second diver, Jhoni Fernandes Da Silva.

James Blee, 62, was arrested in Far North Queensland while trying to board a flight to Singapore.
Cops say the original shipment of drugs weighed up to 300kg. Only 100kg made its way into Australian waters and the remaining 200kg ended up in Indonesia. Indonesian authorities say the drugs they found floating in four black packages near Java's Merak Port weighed 179kg — making it a record haul for the country.
Cops in New South Wales found 110 pounds of cocaine, estimated to be worth about $14m, along with the body of a diver washed up on a riverbank. The diver was wearing expensive scuba equipment including a “rebreather” that lets a person breathe underwater without producing a trail of bubbles. The cocaine came from the nearby cargo ship Areti, a Marshall Islands vessel that had arrived from Argentina on Sunday. 46kg of cocaine from the bulk carrier made its way onto Australia and cops are looking for a second diver.