Sydney Police raid homes in relation to Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi's execution
Police in Sydney are carrying out multiple raids on homes across the city's south-west in relation to the execution-style murder of former bikie boss Mahmoud 'Mick' Hawi earlier this year.

The former Comancheros boss was gunned down outside a gym in the city's south-east on February 14 in a gangland hit. National president of the Comanchero MC, Hawi was imprisoned over the bashing death of Hell's Angels associate Anthony Zervas in a wild brawl at Sydney Airport in 2009.
Hawi was released from prison in 2017.
Hawi kept a low profile before his murder. Police believe his killing could be linked to in-fighting between the New South Wales and Victorian factions.
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2 men dump 600kg cocaine off Australian coast
The pair were in a boat headed for the Australian mainland when they were spotted by surveillance aircraft off the coast of New South Wales. As a navy patrol boat approached, the men attempted to escape and threw items into the sea. Officials retrieved more than 600kg (1,300 pounds) of cocaine and intercepted the pair off Byron Bay, a tourist destination.
Dru Anthony Baggaley, 36, and Anthony Trevor Draper, 53, appeared in a Gold Coast court charged with possessing a commercial quantity of drugs and importation.
Oz Cocaine Kingpin Rohan Arnold denied bail over 1.2 tonne cocaine bust
Rohan Arnold, 43, has been denied bail after being charged with five counts of importing a commercial quantity of drugs. At more than 1.2 tonnes of cocaine, it was the second largest cocaine seizure in Australian history.

The stockyard director and steel importer was one of three men arrested following the discovery of cocaine hidden inside hollow prefabricated steel on a Chinese container boat in Sydney.
Unknown to the traffickers, the shipping container had been covertly seized by Australian authorities.
The 2576 blocks of cocaine had a retail street value in Australia of half a billion dollars. Arnold - along with Tristan Waters, 34, and David Campbell, 48 were detained at gunpoint in a Serbian hotel in January, where a bag containing $1 million cash was being exchanged.
'She showed me what love is meant to feel like': Bikie tough guy
A former Bandidos bikie president has revealed his softer side in a lengthy Instagram post after breaking up with his fiancée. Brett 'Kaos' Pechey announced his split with Gold Coast model Rikki Sutton to his 5,000 followers. They had been engaged since March. Pouring his poor heart out, he wrote: 'She showed me what love is meant to feel like.'

The break-up comes as Pechey prepares to face court for assaulting police during a suspected mental health break-down in March. Pechey armed himself with swords, threw a steel pipe at cops and launched an ironing board down the stairs at them.
Court heard he threatened to stab the 26 police officers at the scene if they didn't shoot him. He then tried to take his own life by consuming prescription drugs.
Wild Comanchero bikie brawl at Canberra strip club
About 100 members of the Comanchero MC from across Australia gathered for the gang’s 2017 memorial run. The fight started after an argument between a small group of men in the smokers area at 3 am.

Punches were thrown and the fight spilt into a public section of the club, where dozens of Comanchero bikies had been drinking. The fight then escalated to a wild brawl. Paea Talakai, 27, pleaded guilty to affray for his part in the melee. Another five gang members are expected to appear before the court on similar charges.

Insta-Famous bikie Ben 'Notorious' Geppert blows a kiss after release
Benjamin 'Notorious' Geppert, 26, blew a kiss to the cameras as he walked free from court despite pleading guilty to charges in the Southport Magistrates Court. Charges included public nuisance, obstructing police, three counts of possessing dangerous drugs, possessing drug utensils and one Commonwealth offence of using a carriage service to harass.

Geppert, a former Hells Angels, was given a six-month prison sentence, suspended for three years.
The judge said Geppert has a four page criminal history, consumes steroids, deals drugs, and gets into fights in public. He also said there was another side to Geppert, and people in his life could 'see under the tattoos'.

Geppert and his girlfriend, Allaina Vader (also known as Jones), 27, were arrested in May after police raided their home. Vader was charged with assaulting a woman during a road rage incident on May 17. Police alleged she bit the face of a 40-year-old woman and stomped on her head. She was granted bail in May.
Recently found and what do we have here? This would be Mr. Anton Billis with a baseball bat, along with career criminal Michael James Giovinazzo. These two bums were photographed red-handed doing their 'standover tactics' with ex-cop Mr. Terence McLernon present in a vehicle. Billis lost his arsesome toughness (balls?) when the cops showed up.
Shortly afterwards McLernon's car was firebombed. No one was ever charged. Indeed Mr. Anthony Byron Billis, what you can't achieve through criminality you will through abuse of the civil court. Billis claiming McLernon is in contempt of court is an insult to EVERY Australian. Billis has a criminal record, along with an extensive history with Australian securities regulators. We'll be looking further into this 'man'.
Anthony Byron Billis - World's Largest Bullion Scam - 'No Balls'
Anthony Byron Billis, 'Anton' serves as the CEO and Managing Director of RAND Mining Ltd. Billis has been an Executive Director of Tribune Resources Limited since February 22, 2003 and RAND since January 22, 2003. Both are ASX listed gold producers. Are they typical? Not exactly.

The East Kundana Joint Venture (Northern Star Resources 51%, Rand and Tribune 49%) is an underground gold mining project in the Eastern Goldfields of Western Australia. The project comprises three producing underground deposits, Raleigh, Rubicon and Hornet.

Grade is high and costs are something between $ 400 to $ 600 per, meaning operations are highly profitable and have been for many, many years. And there's the rub. What happens to the gold? Something north of $250 million (nobody knows for sure) 'worth' of bullion from the two enterprises is stacked at the Perth Mint, but that gold is booked at cost not market value.

In April 2013 the twins were then trading on a PE multiple of two. At $85 million, their combined market cap was described by Anton Billis as "about right".
The 'enigmatic' Billis owns minimal stock in his own name but has controled both companies with an iron grip for over 20 years. He says unnamed and mysterious Europeans are behind Yarri Mining Ltd, Transglobal Capital, Sierra Gold, Lake Grace Exploration, and Resource Capital. There are interlocking shareholdings. Tribune owns 44% of Rand, and Rand owns 23% of Tribune, and together with the European holdings, Billis controls 57% of Tribune and some 70% of Rand.

Billis was one of three who won a record-breaking defamation suit against Terence McLernon in 2016 over claims accusing the trio of theft and corruption. Billis led one-time payday lender Oliver Douglas and former company director Paul Matich, who has just recently rejoined the BoD.
A Supreme Court writ was lodged by Billis claiming McLernon is in contempt of court and should be jailed. Shortly after that came revelations of fraud from Croatian mechanical engineer Franjo Bozic.

Bozic sought details of share dealings in Tribune and Rand by very private Seychelles company Trans Global Capital. Trans Global owns 16.9% of Tribune and 13.1% of Rand. Bozic says he is owed 1 million Tribune shares by Billis and his 'wife' Phanatchankorn Wichaikul.
Billis has had scores of legal scrapes over the years and has been raided by ASIC investigators over his dodgy dealings. Oz Hells Angels bikie arrested for smuggling 'ice' in Pattaya
A member of the Pattaya Hells Angels and his Thai wife have been charged with smuggling a large amount of crystal methamphetamine into the country. Luke Cook, 34, and Kanyarat Wechapitak, 40, were arrested after arriving at Suvarnabhumi airport on Saturday evening on a flight from Australia.

According to police the couple bought 500 kilos of crystal meth from a Chinese supplier in international waters. They encountered a patrol boat, dropped the drugs into the sea and escaped. Officials later found 50.45kg of "ice" washed ashore on Mae Ramphueng beach in Muang district of Rayong.
Authorities searched nine locations in Pattaya and Bangkok. The seized assets worth about 20 million baht ($ 650k), including luxury cars, motorcycles, condominiums and houses.

The arrests come on the heels of 8 foreign Hells Angels being deported from Thailand.
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Hours after detective Mark Ellims left his police-issued firearm in a backpack under a table at McDonald’s, police were faced with a difficult choice. They could heed to the demands of the Hells Angels and pay thousands of dollars to get the gun back, or risk letting it circulate in Sydney’s underworld, hoping one day it turned up. The police chose the latter. The bet paid off. A few months later the stolen gun was discovered during a raid in Sydney’s southwest.
In April, 2013, an officer who was with colleagues at McDonald’s in Mascot accidentally left his back pack — with his Glock and ammunition inside — in the fast food restaurant. He raced back to find it less than an hour later, but local thief Benjamin John Aurisch had made already the most of the opportunity and pinched it.

CCTV from inside McDonald’s captured Aurisch curiously peering at the unattended bag as he walked past it several times. He eventually rummaged through it and hit the jackpot. By the time police caught up with him hours later, Aurisch had already off-loaded the gun. The police gun passed through several hands until it reached the local Hells Angels bikie gang chapter. Aurisch was sentenced to a year for the theft.
Australia seizes 1.2 tonnes of Meth
Authorities in Western Australia have seized a record 1.2 metric tonne shipment of methamphetamine. The meth haul, worth 1.04 billion Australian dollars ($800 million), is the largest in Australian history.
The meth is believed to have originated in China.
After being transferred from a ship off the coast, the drugs were offloaded from a vessel, the Valkoista, in the early hours and were being packed into a white van in the Port of Geraldton, 400 km (around 250 miles) north of Perth. Agents swarmed the van and the ship simultaneously, arresting six Australians. Police seized 59 bags of meth, also referred to as ice in Australia, each weighing 20 kg (44 lb) from the van, as well as one additional 20 kg bag from the Valkoista.

The total haul of 1.2 tonnes of the drug outweighed Australia's previous biggest methamphetamine seizure in Melbourne -- 903 kg -- at the beginning of the year
Australia's Cocaine Armada: 'blow boats'
Cocaine smugglers have unleashed a fleet of 'blow boats' towards Australia from tropical islands in the south Pacific. The Federal police have revealed that 3.3 tonnes of drugs were seized from private yachts since December 2016. The seizures involved four major stings involving French or Pacific Islands.

This yacht was found marooned on a deserted tropical island in the south Pacific in 2012. Stashed on board was more than 200kg of cocaine and a badly decomposed body
There is a massive payoff for smugglers looking to transport cocaine into Australia, which probably has one of the highest prices per gram in the world.
New Zealand biker/gangster deported from two countries in 24 hours
Kiwi-born bikie gang member Jesse Johnston has been forced to go home after being denied entry to two countries in one day. The 22-year-old Kiwi has been living in New South Wales, Australia where he is the sergeant-at-arms of the Newcastle chapter of the 'Finks' Bikie Gang. It was this gang affiliation which saw Indonesian border officials deny him entry to Bali. He then returned to Sydney only to be met by more police, who then refused him entry to Australia, forcing him to return to native New Zealand.
Oz authorities have kicked out over 160 suspected gang members in the past three years after tougher deportation laws were introduced in November 2014.

Johnston denied all links to the gang when questioned by authorities. They didn't believe him for some strange reason.
700kg Cocaine seized from yacht in New South Wales
More than 1,500 pounds of cocaine was seized from a yacht in New South Wales. Investigators tracked the yacht as it traveled from the South Pacific bound for Australia.

When it reached Lake Macquarie, in New South Wales, authorities boarded the vessel and arrested a 68-year-old man.

Police believe the yacht was loaded with cocaine in South America and then sailed to Tahiti. The cocaine has an estimated street value of $245 million.

Three Australians, Craig Lembke, 47, Kent Jackson, 63, and Dennis Bath, 68, met the yacht in Tahiti and sailed it to Lake Macquarie. The AFP said the street price of cocaine had not fallen, despite record seizures in the past 12 months.
Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read (17 November 1954 – 9 October 2013) was an Australian criminal and author. Read wrote a series of semi-autobiographical fictional crime novels and children's books. The 2000 film Chopper is based on his life.

Read was already an accomplished street fighter and the leader of the Surrey Road gang in his teens. He began his criminal career by robbing drug dealers, based in massage parlours in the Prahran area. He later graduated to kidnapping and torturing members of the criminal underworld, often using a blowtorch or bolt cutters to remove the toes of his victims as an incentive for them to produce enough money so that Read would leave them alive.

He was convicted of crimes including armed robbery, firearm offences, assault, arson, impersonating a police officer and kidnapping.
Read spent only 13 months outside prison between the ages of 20 and 38.
Mark "Chopper" Read
While in Pentridge Prison's H division in the late 1970s, Read launched a prison war. Read was ambushed and stabbed by members of his own gang in a sneak attack when they felt that his plan to cripple every other inmate in the entire division and win the gang war in one fell swoop was going too far. Read lost several feet of intestine in the attack. At the time Read was serving a 16 and a half-year sentence after attacking a judge.
Read claimed to be involved in the killing of 19 people and the attempted murder of 11 others. In an April 2013 interview with the New York Times, Read said "Look, honestly, I haven't killed that many people, probably about four or seven, depending on how you look at it."

He made the headlines again, on 15 December 2008 after he was attacked by a tomahawk-wielding man he said he had never met before. He said: "I ran to the panelbeaters and grabbed a pipe. I said, 'Come here now' and he jumped into a car and pissed off." In April 2012, Read was diagnosed with liver cancer. Read died of the illness on 9 October 2013, aged 58
Lobster with a Mobster still Boiling 'tough on crime' Guy
Whispers are rife of a palace coup against Matthew 'tough on crime' Guy. Several meetings of Coalition MPs have taken place since Matthew Guy’s “lobster with a mobster” scandal broke, canvassing the potential of replacing Guy.
The leadership challenge rumours come as Mr Guy is embroiled in a donations scandal, with Fairfax Media reports alleging a $10,000 donation bought a property developer a private penthouse meeting with then-Planning Minister Mr Guy in 2013.

Earlier this month it was also revealed Guy was taken out to dinner in Greece by a major Geelong developer, while on a partially taxpayer-funded trip in July.
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Violent Irish gang eyes Oz cocaine market

Daniel Kinahan
The Kinahan gang, run by former Dubliners Christy Kinahan and his son Daniel, has been in a violent feud with a rival gang in Ireland that has led to over a dozen people being killed. The father and son are believed to be in Dubai, with authorities across Europe cracking down on their operations.

Reports out of Dublin say the gang used a front business involving building materials in Brisbane ­because there is a large Irish contingent working in construction. 20kg of cocaine was recently found inside the bucket for an excavator in the city.

Christy Kinahan
The attraction of Australia for the Kinahans is obvious. It is said they are paying $US1800 ($2250 Aus) a kilogram of cocaine in Colombia and then selling it for upwards of $120,000 ($Aus) in Australia. They are making massive profits and for a time were flying under the radar. Australian law enforcement has been struggling to deal with the great influence that overseas criminals have on the very lucrative local market. When an oversupply occurs, the result is a reduction in the price, which is what is happening now. The Kinahans had previously been linked to the sinaloa cartel.
Mongrel Mob boss big on Democracy
New Zealand's Mongrel Mob has guaranteed that Electoral Commission staff will be safe when they visit the gang's headquarters. "I can guarantee them that wherever they're going to go, they're going to be safe, which I know they were concerned of" said Hastings Mongrel Mob president Rex Timu.

The gang had asked electoral staff to visit to enrol its members, but the Electoral Commission initially turned down the request.
The refusal prompted Timu to speak up and guarantee their safety. Officials said it was important to make sure as many as possible vote in the current election, "regardless of criminal affiliations".
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Oz Mobster Boss Rocco Arico accused of disappating assets
While jailed crime boss Rocco Arico's wife pleads poverty to access his multi-million fortune, his parents have been accused of breaching a deal with the tax office to not dispose of their assets.

The Supreme Court heard that Antonio and Antonia Arico, both unemployed and who claimed they could not afford a barrister, had sent large amounts of money overseas in a series of transfers. The claim came as the mobster’s parents lost a bid to have a freeze order on their Brunswick West home lifted.

Antonia Arico, mother of Rocco Arico

Franki Arico
The Australian Taxation Office is pursuing the couple for more than $2 million in unpaid taxes and had applied to the court for an extension of orders freezing their assets. The ATO claimed the pair had already breached an undertaking last December to not dispose of their Brunswick West home or any interest in other assets. The Aricos were represented by their son’s wife, Franki Arico, who denied they owe anything. More than $61,800 was withdrawn from an account in April alone. The tax office claims Mr Arico owes it $1,033,062.22 and Mrs Arico $1,047,554.87. The couple have also been accused of failing to pay back a $470,000 bank loan. A judge rejected the request to boost the Aricos’ allowed living expenses and lift the freeze on their home.
In March mob boss Rocco Arico was sentenced to 14 years in jail and deportation back to Italy thereafter. It was a series of blunders by the violent criminal that brought him down. Arico broke the golden mob rule of crook survival when he lost his cool, threatening a rat on a hot telephone. Arico is a top wheel in the Calabrian mafia.
'Lobster with a Mobster' = Oz Lobstergate
Lobsters boil at 200°C, screaming as they are boiled alive. Consider this the lobsters’ revenge on the Victorian Opposition Leader Mr. Matthew "tough on crime” Guy, who was boiled and cooked red after having a sit-down lobster and donations dinner with mobster Antonio Madafferi. Recorded conversations referenced taking limousines to the dinner, secret back doors and bags of money. The recordings underlie the deep, seedy underbelly of Australian politics.

Madafferi is a wealthy businessman with an interest in the La Porchetta pizza chain. He has been banned by Victoria Police from attending Crown Casino and been accused in court by police of being a high-ranking member of Melbourne's mafia.
With pressure mounting, Guy referred himself to the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in a bid to reduce the pressure on his leadership. The ICAC has refused to act. Labor MPs are becoming increasingly keen for him to remain in place as opposition leader because they believe the lobster affair has fatally wounded his career.

Melbourne Mafia boss Antonio Madafferi.
See ----->http://gangstersoutt.blogspot.ca/2017/08/oz-politico-regrets-pricey-lobster.html
On Monday Matthew Guy was plastered across billboards by the cash-strapped opposition Liberal Party pledging “safer communities”. On Tuesday, he was splashed across national news headlines after it was revealed he dined on lobster with mafia figure Tony Madafferi.

Court documents claim the alleged crime figure has “close involvement with serious criminal conduct, including drug importation, murder and extortion.”
“They can have what they want. I have broken no laws. It’s been inferred that I went there seeking money, that is completely and utterly false." Mr Guy and Mr Madafferi, owner of the La Porchetta pizza chain, wined and dined over several bottles of Penfolds Grange at Lobster Cave. The cheapest bottle of Penfolds Grange on the Lobster Cave wine list is $899, going up to $1500. The meeting, on April 12, was organized by fruit and vegetable grower Frank Lamattina, Madafferi's cousin
Things aren't improving for the siege of Opposition Leader Matthew Guy as dinner revelations keep leaking. The more the “lobster with a mobster” saga gets eaten up, the more his credibility gets dented. An eyewitness mentioned “eight mates” at the $ 450 per plate dinner, quite different from the “20 or so” people Guy first said were at the dinner. After starting off saying he doesn’t really drink wine, a day later he admitted he might have had a sip of very expensive Grange.

To make matters worse for Guy, bumbling Liberal and fellow diner Barrie Macmillan later bragged about trying to get donations from people who had been at the lavish meal. He has resigned.
'Mob Links' Foiled Donald Trump's Plan For Sydney Casino
President Donald Trump's bid to open the first casino in Sydney in the 1980s was thwarted by the New South Wales government due to "mafia connections".

In 1987 Trump’s joint venture with the Queensland-based Kern Corporation was one of the four bidders for the casino's tender.

Salvatore "Salvie" Testa
What swung the decision against Trump were his dealings with mob-related personalities while buying property to further his casino establishments in Atlantic City. To enlarge Trump Plaza in the early 80s, Trump bought a nightclub that was owned by Salvatore 'Salvie' Testa and Frank Narducci Jr, mob hitmen known as the Young Executioners.

The two worked for Atlantic City’s mob boss Nicodemo “Little Nicky” Scarfo. Trump eventually bought the 5,000-square-foot lot that had been bought five years earlier for $195,000 for $1.1 million, more than twice it's market value.

Nicodemo 'Little Nicky' Scarfo

Anthony "Fat Tony" Salerno
Trump hired mobbed-up firms to erect Trump Tower and his Trump Plaza apartment building in Manhattan, including buying overpriced concrete from a company controlled by mafia chieftains Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno and Paul Castellano. That story eventually came out in a federal investigation, which also concluded that the Trump Plaza apartment building most likely benefited from connections to racketeering. Salerno, Castellano and other organized crime figures controlled the ready-mix business in New York.

The indictment on which Salerno was convicted in 1988 and sent to prison, where he died, listed the nearly $8 million contract for concrete at Trump Plaza.

Paul Castellano

Donald Trump with editor Edward Kosner, center, and Roy Cohn, a Trump mentor and lawyer whose clients included bosses Salerno and Castellano.
In the summer of 1982 there was citywide strike—but the concrete work continued at the Trump Tower. It was a multitude of deals such as these that fueled rumors of Trump’s association with the mafia. Trump's Taj Mahal casino was fined $10 million for the money laundering that occurred over it's lifetime.

Thanks in large part to the laxity of New Jersey gaming investigators, Trump has never had to address his extensive dealings with mobsters head-on. On the campaign trail, Trump was coy about his past dealings with unsavory characters. But he couldn’t resist Trumpisms: "I've known some tough cookies over the years"
Melbourne woman shot for testifying against gangster son
Melbourne woman Leonie Stuart was almost killed when shot through the door of her suburban home. It was thought to be revenge for testifying against her own son in court.

Rodney Phillips, 25, pleaded guilty in March to shooting at two police officers, and failed arson attacks on the homes of Roberta and George Williams - the parents of gangland killer Carl Williams. Phillips is believed to be part of a Barwon Prison gang linked to Carl Williams’ killer, Matthew Johnson.
In 2010 Matthew Johnson smashed in gangster Carl Williams’ head while he read a newspaper in prison.
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