Teresa Decotiss

Where did the unsecured DeCotiis funding (Amacon) for Damiano Dipopolo and the Kelowna Hells Angels go to precisely? This was 3+ years before the Brandon Vito Huges hit.

A goodly chunk of the Amacon dough went towards the purchase of the Liquid Zoo bar in Kelowna. The bar became a MAJOR cocaine trafficking hub for the Hells Angels and Kevin Van Kalkeren. He sold mountains of cocaine and pulled 16 years as a career wholesale drug dealer. Other funds assisted Damiano Dipopolo with property purchases in Kelowna.

See ----->Kevin Van Kalkeren pulls 16 years

Kevin Van Kalkeren
"In 2005 the sale price was said to be $550,000, with $350,000 paid up front and $200,000 to be paid when, and if, the Licence transfer was approved. " HERE.
Teressa Decotiis has begun yet another offensive against your humble blogger.

"Please block this person from blogging and posting lies and dangerous misinformation about people. He is out of control. This blogger needs to be stopped. His name on the blogs is "DrStoxxman" he keeps posting wrong information about people and destroying their reputation. DrStoxxman has no right to post information about people he doesn't even know. My name is [REDACTED] (Teresa, duh) De Cotiis and I demand google to stop this terrible person from posting wrong information about me, I have never met this terrible man. I am in fear everyday as I think this man is going to attack me physically, I am seeking legal action and contacting the police, as this man is absolutely telling lies and destroying me, he doesn't know what he is writting about in his blogging, he keeps referring to people as gangersters, I think he is the gangerster. Please stop this guy, he is out of control with blogs."

Teresa Decotiis has reverted to google take-downs, a tactic abused by her bag of chit female lawyer.
What say we? This woman is openly crooked and thats just the recent. Observe how this group ALWAYS say they are being threatened. We believe this offense was directly involved in the hit on Brandon Vito Hughes. Thats opinion based on circumstantial fact. This woman exercising censorship demonstrates precisely HOW guilty she likely is. If she was innocent she surely would not care.
Teresa Decotiis is infamous as the senior sibling and guiding hand of Amacon when it financed the Hells Angels expansion into Kelowna to the tune of $700k. She hired Damiano Dipopolo and his twin brother Rocco to 'intimidate and threaten' her family, including a direct threat to Brandon Vito Huges. She was central in the family feud that saw her nephew Brandon Huges executed. What does she say today about that hit?

"Brandon Hughes had an ex girlfriend that did that to him. It's very sad as he was a nice boy who got caught with many girl friends and the wrong crowd, I was not close to him."
Marcello DeCotiis, Lilliana DeCotiisThis space has every reason to believe it was Teresa Decotiis who financed the patently ridiculous Damiano Dipopolo defamation suit in Supreme Court against Surrey blogger Dennis Watson. Today Teresa Decotiis is famous for being partners with disgraced realtor Shahin Behroyan. Behroyan is fighting a 5 year ban for a $75k kickback scheme in which Teresa Decotiis was a partner.

Shahin Behroyan
Final words from Teresa Decotiis? "I am a religious person that goes by the law! I will be filing a police report if you do not remove the blogs with my name and pictures."
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Damiano Dipopolo's defamation lawsuit against Dennis Watson
This rubbish was sworn in May 2015 to support a high court injunction to protect gang boss Damiano Dipopolo from, gasp, "contempt, ridicule and hatred." Dipopolo denies everything that is fact. He rails against Watson's claim that he reported 2 cars stolen. That was reported by the CBC. HERE " police allege the president of the Kelowna Hells Angels chapter reported two vehicles as stolen, and the vehicles were later processed at the garage."

John Edward Newcome
In 2015 Mr. Damiano Dipopolo swore repeatedly that he knew nothing and had nothing to do with a massive chop shop run by an HA associate in Kelowna. He swore that suggesting otherwise was defamatory to his delicate character.

In February 2014, John Edward Newcome pleaded guilty to 19 counts, 14 of them relating to stolen property. He had connections to Hells Angels chapters in Nanaimo and Calgary. Under Hells Angels supervision, his was the largest chop shop ever seen in the interior. HERE
Large-scale, organized theft rings fall squarely under the purview of the HA chapter president. Mr. Damiano Dipopolo lied in his sworn statement to the court.
Dennis WatsonMr. Dennis Watson has no criminal record. He holds a restricted firearms permit and is subject to continuous criminal record checks.

Mr. Dipopolo takes pride in saying he has never been convicted of an offense. That may be so but he has been charged 8 times. One might call that extreme luck, or perhaps something else as ALL fall around him over and over, yet he is never touched. Damiano Dipopolo is a gangster crime boss by definition. His oath to tell the truth is a bloody joke and should always have been considered as such.
Click to open Your author read Mr. Damiano Dipopolo's affidavit to support a high court injunction years ago and it lingered. The reasons have come shining through with another reading. History has been extremely unkind to Mr. Dipopolo's "I understand my obligation to give full truthful disclosure to the court to obtain the order ..." A machiavellian would be highly amused and there is plenty ... "I contribute to charity." "In particular I am extremely concerned about the threats because of my family." "I am worried because of the threats." "Mr. Watson's allegations are incredibly defamatory to me and hurt my character."
We lead off with the Hells Angels iron-clad 1% reputation for not crying to the fukkin cops.

IF Hells Angels Boss Damiano Dipopolo was following club rules he WOULD NOT be advertising his laughable troubles in the high court at all.
My character!!!!This manner of truly revolting crying is reserved for women, which figures because the bag of chit B.C. lawyer behind these lies is female.

The street name reserved for this manner of conduct is 'PUSSY.'
Information suggests the president of the Kelowna Hells Angels is no longer Damiano Dipopolo. The top chair is said to be Richard Goldammer's.
In 2018 it was Dipopolo's Nick Elmes, a Burnaby firefighter behind the Florian’s Knights MC that gave the club bad press.
Rumour says the club lost patience with the continuous attention Damiano Dipopolo brings. Removal as president would be a major step down for Dipopolo's status in the club.
Today marks the 11th anniversary of the murder of Brandon Vito Hughes. His killers were waiting for him on July 23, 2009.
Brandon Vito Hughes was 28 when he was shot and killed After coming home from Vancouver's Celebration of Light fireworks, Brandon Vito Hughes was gunned down outside his North Vancouver home. His father, Kevin Hughes, ran out to the front gate and tried in vain to save his son. In the early morning of July 23, 2009 Brandon Vito Hughes was pronounced dead in hospital. IHIT issued a public plea for information about the shooting. "The investigation remains open and active, time and distance can be a factor in our favor in historical investigations."

Call IHIT at 1-877-551-4448, IHIT File#2009-6580, or submit a tip anonymously through Crime Stoppers.
Donato Decotiis said threats had been made against him and other family members, including Hughes, because of a long-running family feud.

Rocco Dipopolo
Donato Decotiis said he was warned that people linked to the Hells Angels had been hired "to assault, threaten and/or intimidate" him.

Don Decotiis, Hayley Winter, Ivano Decotiis.

Damiano Dipopolo
Dec. 11, 2005. Vancouver Province. A long-running feud in a family whose name is tied to some of Vancouver's biggest real-estate developments has once again spilled into B.C. Supreme Court.

It comes complete with allegations of threats, assaults, intimidation - and a contract to kill a family member. In an unusual civil suit, Donato Decotiis, then 44, sought a court injunction and damages to protect himself from eight family members named in a statement of claim.

The suit alleges that the eight Decotiis family defendants "have engaged, hired or employed the defendants Rocco Dipopolo and Damiano Dipopolo to assault, threaten and/or intimidate the plaintiff as an integral part of efforts to intimidate the plaintiff, to interfere in the business, commercial and leisure activities of the plaintiff and to injure the plaintiff." VPD investigated an incident between Donato Decotiis and the Dipopolos. No charges were laid.
[18] At some point, on a date which was not clear in the evidence, Mr. Dipopolo won $80,000 in a lottery. He gave his twin brother $30,000 as a gift.

[48] At some point, Mr. Dipopolo acquired a one-third interest in a company called Liquid Zoo Holdings Ltd. On August 23, 2005, Mr. Dipopolo, together with the two other shareholders in Liquid Zoo Holdings Ltd., Messrs. Bruneau and Raffael, signed a promissory note for $350,000 payable to Amacon Management.

[62] Liquid Zoo Holdings executed a mortgage dated May 12, 2006, in favour of Amacon for the amount of $650,000. However, this mortgage was not registered until more than one year later, on August 10, 2007. Mr. Dipopolo appeared to consider the mortgage to be further security for Amacon's $350,000 loan to the three Liquid Zoo Holdings shareholders made about one year earlier, in August 2005.

Marcello DeCotiis and his sister, Lilliana
Lilliana De Cotiis runs the hospitality division of real estate developer Amacon, which she co-owns with eldest sibling Teresa and older brothers Donato, Luca and Marcello. Siblings have input on all aspects of Amacon's corporate operations. De Cotiis and her siblings named their company Amacon, after late father Amalio and mother Concetta.

Amalio was part of the first generation of De Cotiises to arrive in Vancouver. He came with parents Donato and Teresa and three sisters as well as brothers Marcangelo, Inno, Vito and Michael in a staggered migration.

Damiano DiPopolo
Eldest brother Marcangelo eventually had a falling out with his brothers that was serious enough to devolve into legal action. Vito died in his 30s. Inno created his own real estate development company and named it by spelling his own name backwards: Onni.

Youngest brother Michael then founded and still runs Pinnacle International.

In February 2003, Paolo De Cotiis approached Brandon Hughes at a nightclub and threatened "to get" his family.
Sunday, July 26, 2009. The targeted murder of 28-year-old Brandon Vito Hughes in North Vancouver last week was preceded by a tense family feud that included a death threat within the De Cotiis clan, who are connected to real-estate developments in the Lower Mainland.

Hughes was found gravely wounded outside 1956 Jones Ave. in North Vancouver. Hughes is grandson of the late construction mogul Marcangelo De Cotiis, whose widow, Addolorata De Cotiis, owns the home at 1956 Jones Ave. Siblings of the De Cotiis family own Onni Group, Pinnacle International and Amacon.

Brandon Vito Hughes
August 6th, 2010. B.C. Court of Appeal issues ruling in De Cotiis family feud. Donato De Cotiis's lawsuit against companies controlled by his uncles Amalio, Inno, and Mike was dismissed. Donato De Cotiis's deceased father Marcangelo, a construction magnate, was also listed as a plaintiff.

"This dispute is only part of a larger family feud that unfolded against a backdrop of profitable corporations and partnerships," Newbury wrote in the court's reasons for judgment. This lawsuit was a spinoff of another major dispute, which was addressed in a 1995 B.C. Supreme Court decision.

Intimately connected with disgraced realtor Shahin Behroyan is none other than another agent, Teressa Decotiis of the Hells Angels connected Decotiis family. And WHO was directly involved in Behroyan's $75k scam for half? Yup.
Lets be wickedly clear here. The Decotiis hired senior Hells Angels Damiano Dipopolo and his brother Rocco in a long running family feud. Brandon Vito Hughes is thereafter whacked after multiple threats. Then the Decotiis family finances the Hells Angels expansion into Kelowna to the tune of at least $700k, which was unsecured for over a year. Further, Teressa Decotiis was intimately involved every step of the way along with her siblings, as management of Amacon, the corporate entity that cut the check to Dipopolo.