Ekene Anigbo goes away on weapons charges
Charges were laid Friday against Red Scorpion gangster Ekene 'Lololanski' Anigbo and his associate Jalen Falk for the murder of Kathleen Richardson. Richardson was killed in her Naramata home on June 9, 2021. A third gangster Shahram Tokhy is also charged.

Anigbo was arrested in October 2021 after he carried two loaded semi-automatic firearms into a Richmond hotel lobby. He is notorious after being named as a top Vancouver gangster.
Ekene Dillichuwu Anigbo, 23, pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited or restricted and loaded firearm. The 'top 6' Vancouver gangster bought himself four years on Sept. 26 after he carried two semi-automatic firearms into a hotel lobby. He was on probation at the time for possession of a loaded P80 handgun. Anigbo "presented a risk to public safety". The judge noted that Anigbo had pledged he wanted to turn his life around and committed to doing so. That was pure bullshit.

With credit for time served, Anigbo has a remaining 33.5 months.VPD say Anigbo, also known as rapper Lolo Lanski, is a member of the Kang/Red Scorpion group.
Vancouver escort Jessica Kane charged with manslaughter
Jessica Nicole Renee Kane, 30, was released again, this time on house arrest with a $20k cash deposit. During her bail, Kane will have to stay inside her home 24/7/365 except on Fridays between noon and 2 p.m. for groceries. Kane is banned from sex work, possessing drugs or drug paraphernalia, and other conditions.
Kane is set for another appearance March 9 in Surrey. She was charged in another drugging while she was out on bail. She also faces new charges of obstruction and breaching a release order.

She was busted again Jan. 9 for another count of administering a drug to commit an indictable offence and one count of robbery. Kane initially faced 21 charges of drugging and robbing Johns across the Lower Mainland over 18 months. One said there are similar teams of women posing as escorts on Leolist, drugging and robbing clients.
Kane was charged in multiple incidents of Lower Mainland men being drugged and robbed during escort-service encounters. She was released on $50k bail with no deposit or sureties. Jessica Kane was charged with manslaughter in a man’s death in February 2021. He had ingested a substance during an encounter with her.
Haney HA Jonathan Lutar nailed as head of drug ring
Jonathan Lutar, 39, is a full patch with the Hells Angels Haney Chapter. He and 6 others are busted. Cops seized over 30 kg of various drugs, including fentanyl, multiple handguns, rifles, and shotguns with ammunition, body armour, two vehicles, a cocaine press, and Hells Angels gear. He was arrested and released.
Wanted are Roman Tassone, 28, and Lukas Tassone, 34.
Also nailed are Courtney Lafreniere, 41, Oakley Charest, 34, Matthew Shaw, 31, and Allan Arcangel, 51. 25 charges were laid against the seven men. Cops executed a dozen search warrants at locations in the Lower Mainland and the Okanagan between September 2020 and July 2021.
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Charges laid against Wolfpack drug dealers in Vancouver DTES

Diego Saed, Joseph Lowley and Roger Bardales Medina.
Criminal charges, including organized crime-related, have been laid against Wolfpack drug traffickers in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Cops seized 10 kg of fentanyl, 3 kg of cocaine, 6 kg of meth, 72 kg of cutting agents, 160k in cash and 3 vehicles. Also seized were 7 prohibited and restricted firearms. Six men facing charges are Joseph Ebert Charles Lowley, Vinod Kanna Aruldevarajan, Roger Alfredo Bardales Medina, Hemen Hewa Saed, Diego Maradona Saed, and Howjeen Saed. Diego Saed, Lowley and Medina are on the run.
Cops are asking anyone with information to give them a call.
179 people, or 5.8 every day, died from toxic drugs in B.C. in October.
HA Jason Arkinstall faces the music
The sentencing of notorious HA Jason Arkinstall is over and the “extremely remorseful” veteran gangster is going away for a decade.
Jason Arkinstall was scheduled to be sentenced May 20 in Surrey. The high profile Mission HA was busted with Lawrence Edward Dwyer near Creston in October 2020 and charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and drug smuggling. The two ran back into Canada after being spotted in Idaho with five duffel bags of cocaine and meth worth more than US $2m. The two rabbits fled to Canada, leaving the dope in the U.S. 38kg of cocaine and 90kg of meth was seized.
Arkinstall was acquitted in Calgary in 2011 of uttering threats against cops. The judge said Arkinstall was 'physically abused.' In 2013 Arkinstall was charged in Spain with HA Chad Wilson for trying to smuggle half a tonne of Colombian cocaine into the country. They were convicted and returned to Canada. Wilson was shot to death under the Golden Ears Bridge in 2018.
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Ekene Anigbo goes away on weapons charges - 4 years
Ekene Dillichuwu Anigbo, 23, pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited or restricted and loaded firearm. The 'top 6' Vancouver gangster bought himself four years on Sept. 26 after he carried two semi-automatic firearms into a hotel lobby. He was on probation at the time for possession of a loaded P80 handgun. Anigbo "presented a risk to public safety". The judge noted that Anigbo had pledged he wanted to turn his life around and committed to doing so. That was pure bullshit.

With credit for time served, Anigbo has a remaining 33.5 months.VPD say Anigbo, also known as rapper Lolo Lanski, is a member of the Kang/Red Scorpion group.
Vancouver cops warn of 11 gangsters
11 gangsters very much ought to be avoided by the public. They are Shakiel Basra: 28. Jagdeep Cheema: 30. Barinder Dhaliwal: 39. Gurpreet Dhaliwal: 35. Samroop Gill: 29. Sumdish Gill: 28. Sukhdeep Pansal: 33. Amarpreet Samra: 28. Ravinder Samra: 35. Andy St Pierre: 40. Richard Joseph Whitlock: 40.

Cops say they are “expecting the violence to continue in the coming weeks and months.” If history is any guide some to many of these men will be whacked, and soon.
Clockwise from top left: Amarpreet Samra, Shakiel Basra, Barinder Dhaliwal, Sumdish Gill, Samroop Gill, and Ravinder Samra.
HA Jaimie ‘Jewsifer’ Yochlowitz gets jollies water bombing homeless
HA Jaimie Yochlowitz is bringing eyeballs to the club after posting social media throwing water ballons from a high rise at homeless. Having nothing better to do with his time, for months Yochlowitz posted videos, until his TickTock account was pulled for abuse. Yochlowitz later posted that he had found a new place to live and had moved. “As much fun as it was to drop balloons on the heads, I’m happy to be gone from that neighbourhood,” he wrote.
No doubt 'that neighbourhood' is glad to see the biker go on his way. Conduct this childish is all bad for the HAMC.

The murdered Chad Wilson, left, with the murdered Suminder 'Ali' Grewal, center, and Jaimie ‘Jewsifer’ Yochlowitz.
HAMC standards MUST BE slipping. The Death Head has it's mouth stitched closed. This represents several things, among them keeping one's mouth shut. 'Jewsifer' doesn't seem to get that concept. It is being reported Yochlowitz's remaining social media accounts have since been closed.
Yochlowitz is a full patch of the Hardside Chapter in Surrey.
Brothers Keeper associate Andrew Miguel Best pulls 5 years
Andrew Miguel Best, 22, was charged with trafficking and possession for the purpose of trafficking. He dealt fentanyl, heroin, meth and cocaine in Campbell River. The investigation resulted in seizure of more than 11 kg of drugs including cocaine, methamphetamine and fentanyl; a loaded Smith & Wesson .40 caliber; laboratory equipment, precursor chemicals, and more than $50k. Best said nothing before being put away. The Brothers Keepers aggressively expanded drug distribution territory from the Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island and the Kamloops area, according to cops. They recruited 20 somethings as disposable street level dealers, of which Best was one.
Clayton Eheler - busted again
Clayton Archie Eheler was arrested on multiple charges March 22 in Langley. This time around it's committing an offence for a criminal organization, and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence, and trafficking.
Co-accused are Blaire Smith and Tyler Van Basten. Van Basten is Eheler’s cousin. The trio also face charges of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking. Eheler wasn't granted bail and was cooling his heels in the big house. Dude has been sprung again with an encylopedia of conditions. Eheler is not allowed to be within 100 metres of the U.S. border, nor is he to be within 2km of any airport.

Clayton Archie Eheler puts the 'R' into recidivist. In 2019 cops seized $2m worth of drugs, including nearly 15 kg of fentanyl pills and powder, eight guns and more than $200k in cash.
Eheler and co-accused Mathew Jordan Thieessen were caught with cocaine in 2014. Both were found guilty of trafficking. Eheler, a former Bacon brothers associate, was sentenced to 8 years and a lifetime weapons prohibition. The case against the gangsters turned mainly on the admissibility of evidence from a search warrant executed in Chilliwack. The men were present in the apartment when cops busted down the door to search. Cops landed 8 kg of powder cocaine and 1 kg of crack along with weapons. Dates were set for the new trial. A pre-trial conference is scheduled for April 22 after which the trial will begin. Eheler, 38, is well known as a Wolf Pack gangster - a coalition made up of some Hells Angels, some Red Scorpions and some Independent Soldiers.
Eheler has a long criminal history, exceeding 45 convictions. Over the years Eheler repeatedly used a high profile defence lawyer to force delay after delay in the case. There were multiple defense voir dire hearings for alleged Charter breaches and a failed application for a mistrial. Then the pair gleefully argued their Charter rights were violated because the case took more than 30 months from arraignment to conviction.
Clayton Eheler in Asia in 2014.
Meninder Dhaliwal whacked in Whistler
Surrey residents Gursimran Sahota, 24, and Tanvir Khakh, 20, have been charged with murder. Well known Lower Mainland Brothers Keepers gangster Meninder Dhaliwal, and Satindera Gill were shot to death in Whistler. The pair were shot at about 12:20 p.m. The shooting happened steps from the Whistler Village Gondola. Dhaliwal died at the scene, Gill succumbed to his injuries in hospital.
Dhaliwal’s older brother Harb was shot to death in Coal Harbour on April 17, 2021.

Vancouver cops issued a warning to the public in 2021 about gangster Meninder Dhaliawal and his brothers.

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Harb Dhaliwal killer sentenced - 20 years
Francois Joseph Gauthier, 53, had been charged with first degree murder in the execution of Brothers Keepers gangster Harb Dhaliwal but pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of second-degree murder. On the night of April 17, 2021, Gauthier used a semi-automatic handgun with a silencer to shoot Dhaliwal 10 times, including twice in the back of the head. Two in the Dhaliwal group chased and stabbed Gauthier multiple times, including in the eye. Bleeding profusely, Gauthier was cornered in a condo courtyard where cops found him.
Harb Dhaliwal, 31, was shot at point blank range in the 1500-block of Coal Harbour Quay. The Brothers Keepers are linked to HA Hardside chapter, and are embroiled in a street war with the UN, as well as the Kang/Red Scorpion gang. Harb Dhaliwal, second from right.
Of 31 gang-related murders in 2019 seven had a link to the Brothers Keepers either as a suspect or a victim. Harb Dhaliwal was injured in two previous shootings — one in 2017 and another in 2018. Elder brother Barinder “Shrek” Dhaliwal was held back by Vancouver cops. Youngest brother Meninder was said to be present. All 3 gangsters are well known to cops.
Gangster Jonathan Olson appeal dismissed

The Crown was seeking a sentence of 14 years.

Prolific offender Jonathon Olsen's appeal of his 11.5-year jail sentence for a crime spree five years ago that included shooting a man in the head has been dismissed. Olson was convicted with Brodie Tyrel Takahashi Robinson for incidents over the 2017 Canada Day long weekend. Olson was sentenced in B.C. Supreme Court on Jan. 13, 2021. Olson has an extensive and violent criminal record.

Police dog Grinder after Olson attempted to drown him in the Vedder River in 2018.
The Crown informed the court in Sept 2019 of a pending application under section 752.1 of the criminal code ... the dangerous offender tag and indeterminate sentence. The dangerous offender designation was taken off the table.

Drama ensued as Olson was found in possession of a stolen vehicle near the Vedder Canal. He ended up in the water fleeing from a police dog that he fought off and attempted to drown. He was arrested by the RCMP’s Emergency Response Team hiding in bushes. Both Robinson and Olson faced a minimum for the most serious weapons offences. The criminal code calls for a minimum of five years with the use of a restricted or prohibited firearm. Olson originally faced the rare charge of attempting to kill or maim a law enforcement animal, but that was dropped.
Cop sting no defence against extradition
Cops set up Wayne Steven Hollaus with a suitcase containing 26 kg of what he thought was cocaine. Hollaus wasn't the direct target of the DEA. That would be frequent flyer HA David 'Nick' Oliynyk. Hollaus's lawyers cried the ruse "tainted" his rights. They argued other Charter violations, and said he should have been informed of the U.S. investigation. Lawyers also argued his arrest was unlawful. Ultimately, the court sided against him and dismissed the appeal. The trio of judges said there were reasonable grounds for the arrest given what police knew at the time: he'd picked up a suitcase that he thought was full of cocaine. Oliynyk also argued abuse of process, criticizing heinous conduct by cops. He too lost on all fronts in June and is US bound.
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Rabih Alkhalil escapes from North Fraser
Rabih Alkhalil has escaped from the high security North Fraser Pretrial Centre. Corrections will be investigating how the killer managed to escape from North Fraser on Thursday night with the help of two Americans. The two men posed as contractors working at the jail, where they helped Alkhalil to escape wearing a black jumpsuit and a construction vest. A plasma torch was used in the escape. A Canada wide warrant has been issued for Alkhalil's arrest while an Interpol Red Notice is pending. Alkhalil is considered extremely dangerous and should not be approached.
The trial of Alkhalil and co-accused Hells Angel Larry Amero resumed Friday morning without him.
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Gangster Chris Irwin runs out of lives
In April cops warned the Vancouver public to avoid gangster Chris Irwin after two targeted shootings four months apart. "Be aware and vigilant" they said ominously.

That was some very good advice as the man at the center was whacked last week. He was found shot to death in an industrial area.
Hells Angel Ronaldo Lising shot outside Burnaby home
Cops released footage of a grey 2020 Kia Forte captured on surveillance video in the area of Patterson Avenue and Hurst Street before the shooting. The car was stolen in Langley and was recovered by police later that day. Ronaldo Lising is said to be recovering from his injuries.
Ronaldo 'Ronnie' Lising, 59, is expected to survive after a targeted shooting in the 7000-block of Patterson Ave. Ronaldo Lising has been convicted of drugs, weapons and assault offences, and in 2005 he was nabbed during a massive bust that saw police raid HA clubhouses in Kelowna and Vancouver. Lising has owned his house on the block where he was shot since 2004. It’s currently assessed at $1.6m.

Francisco 'Chico' Pires, third from left. Ronaldo Lising is far right, with sword. Photo was seized by cops during 2005 clubhouse raid.
The two operated a cocaine business supplying Vancouver strip bars. A judge called them “criminals in the true sense.”
Ronaldo Lising punching a bouncer while Rob Alvarez kicks him. The 2005 attack came as the two declined to wait in line.

Ronaldo Lising busted in 2000.
John Philip Stirling - He's back

John Philip Stirling returned to Victoria.
Prolific B.C. drug smuggler John Philip Stirling, 68, was freed last year from the Sheridan prison near Salem, Ore., after arguing successfully for an early release for poor health. He had been sentenced to 40 months behind bars in 2020 after he was caught on a sailboat loaded with meth bound for Canada.

Stirling filed multiple lawsuits from jail. A handwritten lawsuit sought $30m from the Chinese government, who he blamed for the pandemic.
Stirling sued the United States Bureau of Prisons for allegedly not doing enough to protect him from Covid-19. He is alleging unconstitutional treatment at the hands of his jailers at the Sheridan prison, southwest of Portland. "Sheridan prison staff are endangering my life," Stirling cried in his handwritten complaint. "I am 66 years old with diabetis [sic]," Stirling wrote.
"I should be released as death, either mentally or by Corona-19, is inevitable under the present situation."
John Philip Stirling was busted again after authorities found 196 gallons of liquid meth on his boat off the coast of Oregon. He was arrested after his sailing vessel was discovered traveling north near Newport. The 65-year-old refused to cooperate after U.S. Coast Guard officials boarded his vessel. They found 28 seven-gallon jugs of liquid meth on board.

Sterling has a history of arrests stretching back more than 30 years from B.C. to the waters off South America. In 1989, he was convicted in a cocaine smuggling and was sentenced to five years in prison.

Stirling aboard the 'Western Wind'
In 2001, his boat, the Western Wind, was stopped by US authorities in the Strait of Juan de Fuca with 2.5 tonnes of cocaine on board. No charges were laid in that episode. In 2006 he was busted again, this time with bails of pot. He again escaped unscathed.

In October 2011, the U.S. Coast Guard caught Stirling captaining a boat with 400kg of cocaine on board. Charges stuck, and he was sentenced to 90 months in U.S. federal prison.

He has Hells Angels connections that date back decades.