Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Raided medical marijuana dispensary linked to Hells Angels - Update IV

Health Canada has sent out letters to a handful of marijuana dispensaries for advertising the sale of pot and called on them to immediately suspend all activities.

The 13 targeted dispensaries include at least one operation each in Vancouver and Victoria, and another in Saskatchewan, according to B.C. Compassion Club Society spokeswoman Jamie Shaw, who is also the president of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries.

Rona Ambrose
“Health Canada will attempt to work co-operatively with all parties involved to encourage compliance. If continued non-compliance is identified, the department may refer the case to law enforcement agencies for appropriate action,” said an email from Health Canada spokesman Patrick Gaebel. Health Minister Rona Ambrose reiterated the federal government’s position that the shops are illegal, adding: “We expect the police to enforce the law.”

Warning Letter

When the City of Vancouver sparked the idea of regulating pot shops, an April 21 staff report said there were 80 operating without a business licence. Four months later, it says it received 176 applications under the controversial Medical Marijuana-Related Use bylaw. Sixty-nine are so-called “compassion clubs” that would pay $1,000 each for a licence, while the rest are businesses that would be charged $30,000 each if approved.

“It’s not a surprise, it’s a cash cow,” said NPA Coun. George Affleck. “It’s an opportunity to sell illegal drugs in our city, through legitimate retail space. It’s attracting a lot of interest.”
Health Canada has licensed 26 producers across Canada, including six in B.C., under its Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations to ship small quantities of dried marijuana directly to patients who are prescribed marijuana for medical purposes by a physician or nurse practitioner. Last January, CBC’s Fifth Estate aired a documentary that showed how simple it is to buy pot in Vancouver. A naturopath prescribed marijuana to reporter Mark Kelley for stress relief during a consultation that lasted just over a minute. Kelley was in a dispensary, but the naturopath was somewhere else on Skype.
Vancouver dispensaries that have been raided by police for allegedly selling cannabis to teens or being linked to gangs such as the Hells Angels have a slim chance of securing approval under the city’s new licensing regime, says a councillor who was one of the main architects of the new pot-shop rules.

Brian Oldham, sergeant-at-arms for the Kelowna Hells Angels

Expensive vehicles and a speedboat were parked in the side yard of the Limelife Society pot dispensary.
Councillor Kerry Jang, who oversees the marijuana file for the governing Vision Vancouver party, said city staff will seek input from the Vancouver Police Department’s drug squad when reviewing applications under the new licensing system, which was approved in June.
Owners of six shops that have reopened after being raided in recent years will likely have a hard time getting a licence.

Brian Oldham
Several of the people involved in the operation of the Rupert Street Limelife dispensary are connected with Brian Oldham, 48, a full-patch member of the Kelowna chapter of the Hells Angels. They include his girlfriend, Shawna Bates, 24.


David Giles
Undercover officers also identified Shane Schuhart, 31, as a Hells Angels associate who identified himself as a property representative for another Limelife Society dispensary on Granville Street. In 2012 Oldham was charged in connection with a major cocaine trafficking operation that snared seven others, including Hells Angels Kelowna vice-president David Giles.

In the warrant, police say the Rupert Street Limelife dispensary appeared to be run by Ricky Jack Radu, 52, and his girlfriend, Thi Kieu Trinh Vu, 42, who live in the upstairs suite. Police say Radu, who has convictions or charges for a variety of trafficking or assault offences, is an associate of Oldham.
An associate of the Hells Angels is listed as the operator of an East Vancouver medical dispensary, according to a search warrant executed in a raid on the business.

The court document claims the Pitt Meadows resident, who has not been charged in association with the investigation, shows up in City of Vancouver records associated with the Limelife Society at 4866 Rupert St.

Robert Clarke, 32 runs the operation.
"He is a known Hells Angel associate and is 'Of Interest' in five separate gang intel files since 2010," the warrant states.

According to the court document, police started investigating after observing "new and high end" vehicles in the parking lot. "I believe these vehicles to be associated to the Hells Angels based on common Hells Angels insignia," wrote Const. Brian Hobbs.
Clarke, 32, said he's the sole owner of four Limelife Society stores in Vancouver. He also owns a dispensary in Nanaimo, where he watched the raid unfold on a live security camera feed.



Hells Angel News

Damiano Di Popolo

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Canadian Eric Lawrence sentenced large in Oz - Update

A Metro Vancouver man has been handed a hefty sentence down under for smuggling 29 kilograms of cocaine and pre-cursor chemicals into Australia. Eric Lawrence, 32, was sentenced last week to 14 years and must serve a minimum eight years and five months in jail before being eligible for parole.

Lawrence was arrested last year with four kilograms of cocaine and 25 of pseudoephedrine, a chemical used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine. Information leading to his arrest came from a lengthy joint investigation between the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit of B.C. and Australian Federal Police. The case also overlapped with the Surete du Quebec’s Project Loquace, which led to drug importation charges against B.C. gangsters Larry Amero, Shane Maloney and Rabih Alkhalil.
Amero has applied for bail with a hearing resuming Oct. 1. All three are scheduled to go to trial in 2017.

Larry Amero

Shane Kenneth Maloney

Rabih Alkhalil
Project Loquace was a major operation that mobilized more than 1,000 officers in Quebec, Ontario and B.C. Police executed pre-dawn raids in late 2012 looking for 128 suspects. The arrests of 103 of them were also connected to a weapons case involving a massive cache of firearms and stolen dynamite.

Larry Amero is alleged to be one of six kingpins in a “consortium” that united different crime groups in their move into the Quebec illicit drug market. The consortium was able to sell 75 kilograms of cocaine a week, netting $50-million in revenues in a span of six months"

Police recovered 1,486 sticks of dynamite.
Police also recovered 161 firearms. Officers have seized $255,000 in cash, 46,100 methamphetamine pills, 153 kilograms of cocaine, nine kilograms of cannabis and 13 barrels of gamma-butyrolactone (GBL), a chemical precursor used to manufacture GHB. They also seized 35 vehicles and had court orders blocking five residences worth a total of $1.4-million.

"Police are still looking for four of the six men they considered leaders of the operation: Mihale Leventis, Frédéric Lavoie, Rabih Alkhalil and Timoleon Psiharis."

Frederic Lavoie
El Tiempo newspaper reported that the body of Quebec City native Frederic Lavoie, 31, was found on May 12, 2014 in the town of Sabaneta, 300 km northwest of the capital, Bogota. His remains were found on a street inside four garbage bags that were leaking blood. He was among more than 100 people sought by provincial police in a massive anti-drug operation launched in 2012 against bikers, the Mafia and their associates.

Lavoie's accomplice, Timoleon Psiharis, 29, was tortured, doused with acid and beaten to death in Greece in 2012.

Timoleon Psiharis

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hells Angels Longeuil BBQ draws police scrutiny

Michel Guertin
Longueuil police kept a close eye on a barbecue on the South Shore last evening. It was organized by a motorcycle shop and was a welcome back party for a full-patch member of the Hells Angels who was released from jail a few days ago.

Michel "Guert" Guertin pleaded guilty last March to a charge of conspiracy to commit murder. Gangs including the Red Devils, Devils Ghosts and Death Messengers were represented.
Longueuil police have told the Journal de Montreal that they issued about a dozen tickets at the roadblocks but made no arrests.

The barbecue made the headlines earlier this week when a charity refused to accept the proceeds from it, saying it was leery of any link to biker gangs.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Hells Angel Damiano Dipopolo - Rocco Dipopolo

Rocco Dipopolo
"Rocco Dipopolo insisted that he no longer "rolls with the club" despite the fact that his brother Damiano is a full-patch member of the Kelowna chapter, and a former East End member.

A B.C. Supreme Court ruling in the divorce between Damiano Dipopolo and Janette Wu shows some financial links between the twins. The February 2008 ruling says Rocco and Damiano were business partners in a cafe in the 1990s and that Damiano gave Rocco $30,000 from some lottery winnings "on a date which was not clear in the evidence." Rocco Dipopolo's lawyer, Kevin Drolet, sent a letter to The Sun, threatening a lawsuit and stating: "We wish to be clear that neither Mr. Dipopolo nor his businesses are affiliated with the Hells Angels. Mere insinuation of the existence of such a link could cause serious harm to Mr. Dipopolo, his businesses and his reputation. Should you persist, legal action will surely follow."

Kevin Drolet
"Insp. Andy Richards, a biker expert with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit, said Dipopolo at one time was on his way to earning his patch with the East End chapter. "I can confirm that he was a prospect of the club at one point," Richards said.

2011. There’s no dispute over the copyright of the East Van cross at Sixth Avenue and Clark, according to Vancouver artist Ken Lum, who based the art piece on a symbol that he said has been around for decades. The Vancouver Sun reported today (July 12) that Rocco Dipopolo, who they say is a former Hells Angel prospect, approached a Commercial Drive business owner who was displaying photos of the East Van cross, claiming he copyrighted the symbol.

Lum said the City of Vancouver owns the trademark on the neon cross design, which is officially titled Monument for East Vancouver.
An angry Dipopolo said that the image of the cross was first used almost 20 years ago by a Hells Angels puppet club of which he was a member at the time.

"Mr. Dipopolo had other choice words, though mostly directed at Ken Lum, the artist whose photo of the cross was installed as city art in January 2010. He said Mr. Lum “took that design off a God damn, fucking park bench. Okay. That design belongs to us — I got a tattoo on my arm from 1993. So where did I get the design from — a park bench?”

http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/what-theyre-talking-about-in-3 http://www.straight.com/news/east-van-cross-symbol-has-been-around-decades-says-vancouver-artist-ken-lum
Watch the Video Video (RCMP)Digstown Clothing, owned and operated by East End Hells Angel Damiano Dipopolo, went up in flames in February 2007.

Kelowna RCMP released photos of a man caught on camera at the back of the business minutes before it went up in flames.
"Mr. Dipopolo expects Digstown Clothing to receive $54,000 in insurance proceeds, net of the deductible."
July 2005. "The biker gang owns more than 20 homes in the city and more than a dozen businesses including Champagne Charlies on Lawrence Ave., Digstown Clothing on Pandosy St., Pier Marine Pub in Westbank and Splash's Nite Club on Leon Ave.

McKinnon says patrons who frequent those businesses are "indirectly supporting the Hells Angels."

Damiano Dipopolo walks with a limp due to a bad knee, which required surgery.