Saturday, May 18, 2019

How to impress your 1% friends

Crocker 109.Auction Lot S124.1. 1940 Crocker 'Big Tank' Big Twin, Serial No. 4061109. Fastest production machine of its era at 110 MPH. One of the most collectible and desirable motorcycles ever built. This black Crocker “Big Tank” is the ultimate American V-twin.
Albert Crocker showed the two big American V-twin manufacturers—Indian and Harley-Davidson—by creating a machine that was faster than anything they offered. The total production of Crockers is 64 total V-twins. $550,000.

Bodies dropping like flies in Quebec - Update

Cops now believe that the man killed in a restaurant in Brossard last week is linked to criminal bikers and the drug trade. On May 10, around 10:30 pm, Eric-Francis De Souza was sitting with friends when a gunman burst into Pizzeria Sofia. De Souza was shot in the head and killed.
Lost in the glare of bigger names, trafficker Francis Turgeon was killed in Repentigny on May 8, Eric-Francis De Souza in a pizzeria in Brossard last Friday and safety officer Eric Chabot in Terrebonne. So far police have determined that only the murders of Scoppa and Turgeon are related to organized crime.

Wesley McKenzie, 40, was arrested Friday by the Sûreté du Québec for the murder of Turgeon.
Wesley McKenzie has long been associated with the Hells Angels in ​​Repentigny. He has an extensive criminal history.

Francis Turgeon was said to be involved in the large-scale sale of meth.

Largest meth bust in N.L. history

Assault rifles, shotguns, cocaine, meth and cash was laid out on tables at RCMP headquarters in St. John's. It was dubbed Project Blowfish and resulted in two arrests. 3 kg of cocaine and 350 grams of meth was seized along with many other drugs.
Project Blowfish kicked off when RCMP intercepted three kilograms of cocaine en route from Montreal to St. John's. The cocaine is packaged and stamped with luxury brand logos, like “Gucci.”

Cops found six firearms, including a loaded tactical shotgun, two pump-action shotguns, a .22 calibre rifle and two handguns. Police also seized a motorcycle, an SUV, a high end sports car, jewelry and $90,600 in cash.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Fraudster Amir Golestan stole 750,000 IP addresses - Busts Self

A Charleston man was charged with fraud this week after investigators unraveled an elaborate scheme to take control of IP addresses. More than 750,000 were snagged. Amir Golestan, 36, was charged in federal court in a twenty-count indictment. Each count is punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment. Golestan appears to have gotten himself busted because he sued ARIN after it failed to transfer control of a block of his bogus addresses. Shortly after someone with a three digit IQ finally looked at the paperwork and called the FBI.

Victim of Calgary homicide testified in gangster's murder trial

Bikramjit Dhindsa, 49, the victim of what police are calling a targeted homicide once testified against a gangster on trial for two drug-related murders.

Dhindsa was found dead Sunday in northwest Calgary. When police pulled security video, they found images of men standing outside his door, faces obscured, the night before Dhindsa was found.
Vijay Ganesh Singh of Burnaby was convicted of two counts of second-degree murder in 2013 for the slaying of two men found dead in the trunk of a car in Pickering, Ont. They had been bound with tape and shot in the head.

Singh, who is serving an indefinite sentence in federal prison, is described in court documents as a gangster, smuggler and drug trafficker. At the time of the killings in 2009, Dhindsa was living in Ontario and later testified against Singh. Dhindsa is described as a former drug smuggler.

Kelowna prospect Colin Michael Bayley busted again - Clubhouse raided

Colin Michael Bayley, 30, was arrested yesterday and charged with aggravated assault in connection with the vicious assault of a 41-year-old Kelowna man on May 6.
Damiano Dipopolo, Kelowna President, center.
Bayley had just completed a 12-month probation period for a previous assault conviction before the May 6 assault. He's been granted bail and is scheduled to appear back in Kelowna court on May 27.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Red Scorpion Brandon Chappell faces trial

31 year-old gangster Brandon Chappell is charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking and possessing a firearm without a permit, as well as three counts of possession of property obtained by crime. On Jan. 14, 2016 the RCMP searched the Heavy Metal Gym belonging to Konaam Shirzad as well as Chappell’s home.
While searching Chappell’s home, cops found cash, drugs and a firearm.
Erwin Dagle, 24, another member of the Red Scorpions under Shirzad’s leadership, was sentenced in Feb to spend a decade in federal prison.

Dagle was arrested and charged as part of the same investigation that snared Chappell. Chappell has elected trial by judge alone in B.C. Supreme Court.

Konaam Shirzad
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'Refugee' Gangster Kwok Chung Tam loves Canada

Kwok Chung Tam's fraudulent People's Republic of China passport.
Kwok Chung Tam is said to be a man with powerful connections — a kingpin of a Chinese crime cartel so dominant in Canada that police once said it set the price of heroin on the streets across North America. According to allegations made by cops between 1991 and 2014, Tam is a major heroin importer, a chemical drug lab operator and a 'loan shark' with a history of extreme violence.

He’s been fighting deportation from Canada for over 25 years. Voluminous records dating back to 1988, outline nearly three decades of crime and Tam’s connections to the Big Circle Boys. Tam is a well-connected member of the crime syndicate — and that cartel is a major player in the Vancouver underworld.
The Big Circle Boys now dominate the trade of fentanyl importation and trafficking in Canada.In 1991, Tam and other refugee claimants from China were arrested for an armed, violent home-invasion and jewelry-store-robbery cell. Tam was found in possession of 10 stolen Rolex watches, but the case didn't result in charges. Extortion and weapons charges from a 1998 loan-sharking complaint were stayed in 2002 because of undue court delays.

In 1999, Tam was charged with conspiracy to import and traffic heroin. He was acquitted after wiretap evidence was ruled inadmissible.

Lai Changxing
In 2006 an RCMP investigation targeted a score of drug houses linked to Tam. He was convicted in 2010 of unlawfully possessing marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and possession of narcotics. He was handed a 15-month conditional sentence, which included house arrest and a weapons ban.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

B.C. announces public inquiry into dirty money

B.C. Premier John Horgan finally capitulated to increasing calls for a public inquiry, saying an inquiry was necessary to examine the extent to which billions of dollars gained from criminal activities have infiltrated the province’s housing, casinos and luxury car markets.

Horgan said the problem of dirty cash has had a dramatic impact on the province, including a rise in opioid deaths and higher housing costs. Reports suggest $7.4B was laundered in B.C. last year - driving up the cost of buying a home by at least 5%.
A series of reports from Global News last week revealed new allegations that show how organized crime groups have laundered money in B.C. casinos as far back as the 1990s.

Top HA in Quebec 'unhappy' with Scoppa hit

Influential bikers expressed their dissatisfaction with the reckless method with which Salvatore Scoppa was killed. Some are said to have said as much to law enforcement. The Hells Angels now control almost the entire Quebec drug market, and fear the repercussions of mafia reprisals because of increased police attention.
"They do not agree with this murder. The Hells do not need to have more police heat. They want to have as little trouble as possible" said a reliable source. Laval police chief Pierre Brochet announced that his troops would increase in places frequented by the mafia and other organized crime groups.
Police suspected Scoppa of having been involved in several murders at the expense of the Rizzuto clan and believe he was the victim of a revenge killing.

Scoppa, 49, escaped an attempted murder in Terrebonne in 2017. The alleged gunman Frédérick Silva is in jail after that and other contract murders. Since Silva's arrest, Scoppa had dropped his guard. He was not wearing his bulletproof jacket and had no bodyguard when he was killed at a party following the communion of his son.
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Monday, May 13, 2019

Laval police create special squad after Scoppa hit

Laval police chief Pierre Brochet announced the creation of Project Répercussion, a special squad that will be composed of investigators from the Laval police, the Sûreté du Québec and the RCMP. Scoppa, the brother of Andrea (Andrew) Scoppa, 55, leader of a Calabrian branch of the Montreal Mafia, was killed on May 4 at the Sheraton Hotel in Laval at a reception to celebrate his son’s confirmation. A gunman fired several shots endangering many, including children.
No one has been arrested in connection with the shooting.

Cops at Ovadia crime scene.
Scoppa’s murder is one in a series of unsolved Mafia-related killings in Laval. Notable victims include: Lorenzo Giordano and Rocco Sollecito, two Mafia leaders who were gunned down in two separate shootings in 2016; Harry Mytil, 33, a street gang leader who was probably killed in 2013, Vincenzo Spagnolo, 65, a close friend of Vito Rizzuto in October 2016; and Steve Ovadia, 45, a man tied to Andrea Scoppa who was killed in June last year.
Rocco Sollecito was killed in Laval
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Oz HA Redbubble determined - money no object

The Hells Angels in Brisbane are fighting to restrict what a T-shirt website can sell after being awarded nominal damages following a years-long legal battle over copyright and trademark infringement.

Lawyers for the bikers appeared again last week for an injunction on the sale of items related to their trademark.
The highest selling T-shirt that included the designs sold two units while one example did not sell. The Hells Angels were awarded $5000 in nominal damages.

The Hells Angels claimed the designs, some of which included their flying skull logo, breached copyright and infringed on their trademark. In March, a judge found the bulk of their copyright claim had failed.
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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Fake Heiress Anna Sorokin (Anna Delvey) comes crashing down

Anna Sorokin was sticking by her story. For years, Sorokin pretended to be Anna Delvey, a German heiress with a trust fund that paid for a life of ease. She lived in hotels, wore designer clothes and hung out in Manhattan’s moneyed party circles. She was found guilty of theft of services and grand larceny, having stolen more than $200,000.

Sorokin, who rejected a plea deal, will face deportation to Germany after her four to 12 years in prison.
With a vast family fortune and intent on launching her own global business, Anna led a life that seemed too good to be true. And it was. Anna Sorokin travelled in celebrity circles and tossed $100 tips — all the more reason to believe she was the German heiress she said she was. But behind the jet-set lifestyle was a fraudster who bilked friends, banks and hotels. Sorokin, 28, lived in luxury New York City hotel rooms she couldn’t afford, promised a friend an all-expenses paid trip to Morocco and then stuck her with the $62,000 bill, and peddled bogus bank statements in a quest for a $22 million loan.
She was arrested last October while in rehab in Malibu, California. Sorokin is accused of falsifying documents from foreign banks showing balances of £52 million, which she tried to use to secure a £16.5 million loan for her business project.

With her plea bargain now rejected, Sorokin faces 15 years in jail.

Her lawyer told jurors that Sorokin was exploiting a system that was “easily seduced by glamour and glitz”

Gangster who perfected the bank heist - Prussian soldier Herman 'Baron' Lamm

Lamm was born in Germany and later joined the Prussian Army before emigrating to the United States shortly before the outbreak of World War I in 1914. Lamm adapted the tactics and precision he was taught by the Prussian Army to bank robbery.

Dubbed "the Lamm Technique," he would watch a bank, its guards, and its employees. Members of his gang would map the banks in various ways, posing as reporters or other outsiders. He meticulously planned his getaways.

Each member of the gang was assigned a specific role in the heist, down to hiring a race car driver to drive the getaway car.
In 1930, Lamm committed suicide when surrounded by police in Sidell, Illinois after a botched heist.

Lamm's techniques were studied and imitated by other bank robbers across the country, including John Dillinger.