Wednesday, May 31, 2023

fei ch’ien - flying money - Italian cops bust ‘Ndrangheta, Chinese money brokers

Italian police arrested 40 in a new crackdown targeting the 'Ndrangheta and their dealings with Chinese money launderers. Investigations have shown how drug cartels in Italy are increasingly using shadow networks of unlicensed Chinese money brokers to conceal cross-border payments. The network was able to handle drug shipments with South American cartels, including the Brazilian Primeiro Comando da Capital, and Colombian, Peruvian, Mexican and Bolivian rings. After receiving the drug cash, the Chinese money brokers forwarded it to trading companies in China and Hong Kong. The companies then delivered the money to the drug brokers and the South American cartels through agents. The investigation was helped by accessing encrypted chats on the Sky Ecc platform, dismantled in 2021 by Europol.
The earliest known use of paper money is from the Tang dynasty. This dynasty lasted from the year 618 to 907 AD, with paper money appearing around 800. This money, known as 'flying cash', were certificates issued by the Tang government to pay local merchants in distant parts of the empire.
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