Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Andrew R. Hardenstine sues over jail food - tummy ache

Prolific offender Andrew R. Hardenstine is suing the Okanagan Correctional Centre for an alleged food poisoning incident that took place while he was behind bars. He's seeking $14k for his pain and suffering. It's related to what he describes as a food poisoning incident that made him feel ill for three days.

Hardenstine is currently awaiting trial on weapons and drug charges after cops seized an arsenal of firearms and drugs from his home in Penticton in late 2018.
Weapons included a .22 calibre rifle, a semi-automatic 9mm, a semi-automatic .38, a homemade style shotgun, crossbow and ammunition.
In 2013 career drug dealer/criminal Andrew Robert Hardenstine was arrested on 11 counts, ranging from failure to comply with recognition, possession of a loaded restricted weapon without a licence and possession of methamphetamine.

He was nailed with an SKS semi-automatic assault rifle in that episode.