Thursday, March 12, 2020

Bronx council member Mark Gjonaj subpoenaed

Mark Gjonaj is a scandal-plagued Bronx city councilman who has ties with a law firm that helped bring the Hells Angels to his district even as his staff attorney was compelled to resign over the deal. Gjonaj recently hired attorney John Parker, who represented the Hells Angels, to oppose a homeless shelter the city wants to build.

Gjonaj’s staff attorney Edmond Pryor represented the HA in the $1.5m deal for the clubhouse in Throggs Neck. Following a shooting at the property and an outcry from residents, Pryor resigned from the councilman’s office.
In a bizarre twist, Gjonaj claimed Parker doesn't work for Pryor, though documents list Parker as a member of Pryor’s firm.
John “Smiley” Simonlacaj plead guilty to charges of tax fraud and wire fraud conspiracy. Gjonaj has a long list of scandals. Gjonaj accepted thousands in donations from two affiliates of the Gambinos, cousins Mark “Chippy” Kocaj and John “Smiley” Simonlacaj.

Gjonaj received a $11k donation from people related to a project he endorsed even as it was rejected by two community boards. Gjonaj paid over $20k of his office budget to businesses connected to his campaign donors. In October 2018, it was discovered that Gjonaj was using campaign funds to fund a lawsuit against the city.

The suit alleges that the Bronx borough is overburdened with homeless shelters and mental health facilities.
In July 2018, the councilman attempted to give $130k of taxpayer money to the Albanian-American Community Association which he is said to have co-founded.

Mark Gjonaj also tried to do away with speed cameras. He introduced failed legislation to replace ticket-issuing city speed cameras with warning signs, probably because he had nine citations issued to his black Audi between Jan. 3, 2019, and Nov. 1, 2019 for zooming through school zones.

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