Saturday, March 14, 2020

Carmine 'The Cigar' Galante

New York patrolman Walter DeCastillia’s slaying in Brooklyn on March 15, 1930 remains unsolved. On the day of his killing, DeCastillia was sent to the Martin-Weinstein Shoe Co. on York St. His assignment was to stand guard as cash was moved from a bank to the company’s offices so employees could process the payroll, stuffing brown envelopes with cash.

Four or five gunman showed up, stepping from the elevator and opening fire.
20-year-old Carmine Galante, a rising star in organized crime was arrested in August 1930. Charges were dropped against the mobster over lack of evidence. Galante wound up doing 10 years in prison after he was arrested in December 1930 for shooting and wounding an NYPD detective — and a 6-year-old girl — after another attempted payroll heist at a brewery.

In 1979, then boss Galante was killed. His cigar was stuck in his mouth when he died.

"No one will ever kill me,” Galante is said to have uttered. “They wouldn't dare.”