Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Mexican meth mule pulls 8 years

Armando Esparza-Ochoa, 31, was busted on Sept. 1, 2018, after border surveillance detected him crossing the border west of the Osoyoos port of entry. Cops found Ochoa hiding in bushes about two kilometres west of his entry point. A backpack was found nearby containing 12.8 kg of meth.

Esparza-Ochoa was living in the U.S. picking fruit and was offered $2,500 for the drug run. Ochoa was seeking asylum in Canada, claiming he fears retribution. Prosecutors called it ironic Ochoa would be using the very offence he committed to apply for asylum in Canada. ".. you are by no means innocent." the judge told Ochoa through an interpreter. He sentenced Ochoa to eight years. He has been in custody since his arrest so he has about six years left to serve.