Thursday, April 23, 2020

13 dead after clashes in Guerrero

Led by Isaac Navarette Celis, the cartel is known for China White and virtually enslaving small towns for the production of heroin.An extended gun battle in the mountains of Guerrero was between community vigilantes, soldiers and the Cartel del Sur. El Naranjo is an agricultural town where poppies are grown for opium gum and heroin. The Cartel del Sur’s hold on the region is brutal.
The Cartel del Sur is known for its brutality, including torturing and executing prisoners.

On the other side is the United Front of Community Police of Guerrero State (FUPCEG), a grassroots citizens militia of 11,700 fighters who patrol 39 municipalities in Guerrero. In the middle is the ineffective military and police, many of whom are bribed by the cartel.