Saturday, May 16, 2020

Simon Dufresne killed, dismembered, burned

Five men were arrested for their alleged role in the death of Simon Dufresne, 31. Dufresne disapeared in March 2019 and is thought to have been dismembered and burnt. Dufresne was known in the underworld of organized crime and is said to have had a contract on his head. It is reported he did not respect territory belonging to the Hells Angels.

Dufresne and his entourage were known to carry out drug rips and then sell the product in North Montreal.
Jonathan Provencher, 41, and Alfredo Rodriguez Farinas, 29, face counts of first degree murder, forcible confinement, conspiracy and complicity after the fact.
Jonathan Tshinkenke, 20, Yvon Camirand, 54, and Stéphane Larouche , 47, were also charged.