Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tow truck industry nailed in GTA, again

York cops have arrested 20 and brought hundreds of charges, including murder, in the often violent turf war between tow-truck criminals. Dubbed 'Project Platinum,' cops say towing companies colluded with repair shops, physiotherapy clinics and car rental companies to grossly inflate bills, with each group taking a slice. Cops say some were involved in staged collisions to rip off insurance companies.
Project Platinum began in February and has resulted in the seizure of $1.5m in cash, fentanyl, and cocaine. Cops confiscated 40 firearms, including handguns, rifles, and a machine gun. 11 tow trucks were also seized. The operation produced two first-degree murder charges in the death of tow truck driver Soheil Rafipour in 2018.
Alexander Vinogradsky, 35, ran Paramount Towing and one of the cartels, along with Omer Zahawi, 36, and Filippo Genova, 22. They face a mountain of charges.

The raid comes nearly a year after another major police operation targeting the tow truck industry, Project Kraken. More than 70 – including seven drivers were nailed in that operation.
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