Monday, June 8, 2020

Trangmar misunderstood

A NZ man who thought he was Hitler's grandson as he went on a rampage will remain behind bars as he gets psychological treatment.

For two days in 2010, Te Rangi Jamie Charles Marshall,'Trangmar', went wild, firing shots into the roof of a bar and threatening residents with a sawn-off shotgun leaving several people injured. He's too dangerous to be released says the parole board.
Trangmar faced 17 charges, including aggravated robbery, kidnapping, assault, injuring with intent, threatening to kill and wilful damage.
Trangmar thought he was an SAS member and a trained assassin who could communicate through a microchip in his head - in particular with birds and crickets.

Marshall's history on the outside isn't great. On his last release on Dec 4, 2019 he suffered a rapid decline which saw him recalled to jail five days later.