Friday, July 31, 2020

Calgary drug dealer Chapman walks

Drug charges against alleged kingpin Allistair Chapman and two others, including convicted killer Blais Delaire, were stayed because their Charter right to a speedy trial was violated. The judge said there were no exceptional circumstances to justify exceeding the 30-month Jordan limit. The Crown isn't likely to appeal.
Project Arbour in 2018 resulted in 46 drug, weapons and trafficking charges.
Anees Amr, Colin ReitbergerChapman had cartel connections, said to have a short temper, and was feared for his violence.

On May 21 2018, in front of stunned onlookers, two men were shot to death in a parking lot. Anees Amr, 26, and Colin Reitberger, 23, - believed to be the intended target — died. Police allege Reitberger’s murder was a hit ordered by Chapman. Christian Ouellette, the gang's enforcer, was arrested a few weeks later.

Christian Ouellette (L) and Blais Delaire (R) are charged in connection with the murders of Colin Reitberger and Anees Amr.