Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Former Rock Machine boss Émard attacked in penitentiary, seriously injured

Jean-François Émard is in serious but stable condition in hospital after being attacked by 4 inmates at Archambault penitentiary in Sainte-Anne-des- Plains. The 4 had shanks and at one point it was feared Émard would lose his life. The original Rock Machine MC in Canada 'patched over' to the Bandidos in December 2000.
Émard made headlines for another reason in 2014; he was beaten by an SQ police officer who he had just insulted in a cell at the Valleyfield police station.In 2014 Émard assured the press that the war with the Hells Angels was a thing of the past and that the new Rock Machine wanted to live at peace.

In 2016 Émard was arrested on suspicion of opening fire on a group linked to the Hells Angels in a bar in Casselman, Ontario. He has been warned by the police multiple times his life is in danger.