Tuesday, July 14, 2020

New Generation Jalisco Cartel - Omar García Harfuch

Harfuch suffered three bullet wounds as he and his bodyguards came under heavy fire around dawn in an upscale Mexico City neighbourhood June 30.Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes is public enemy No. 1 for the Mexican and U.S. governments. The U.S. is offering a $10m reward, with Mexico 30m pesos. 'El Mencho' is likely hiding in the mountains of Jalisco or Michoacán. He is thought to have engineered the attack on Omar García Harfuch, Mexico City's secretary of public security.
On February 21, Rubén Oseguera González was extradited to the United States. 'El Menchito' was considered to be the number two within the Jalisco Cartel, below his father, Nemesio Oseguera. Five days after the extradition of El Menchito, Jessica Johana Oseguera González was arrested in Washington. Jessica was present at the hearing of El Menchito. The U.S. points to 'La Negra,' as the owner of companies linked to CJNG and used to launder money. On June 2 a new blow to the CJNG was announced as authorities froze 1,770 bank accounts of individuals, 167 of companies, and two trusts. Jessica Johana Oseguera González