Sunday, August 2, 2020

Gakirah Barnes

She was known on the streets as 'KI' and 'Lil Snoop'When she was fatally shot nine times in the face, neck and chest at 17 years old, Gakirah Barnes was the most notorious gang assassin in Chicago.

Before her death in 2014, the 'devilish, monstrous little girl' had shot or killed 17 people — and amassed an army on social media by bragging about her bloodthirsty gangster lifestyle.

Chicago saw 1,979 murders between 2016-2018.
She was said to be the go-to gunman in the Gangster Disciples, a criminal street gang locked in a brutal rivalry with the Black Disciples. Gakirah Barnes' reputation was based on blood and revenge.
Her reputation as a gangster every bit as violent as the boys only grew as the violence in Chicago's South Side got worse. The 'hitta' had a reputation for efficiency and the stone-cold killer loved gloating about her exploits on social media.