Saturday, August 1, 2020

‘Veal Shank Redemption’ mobster and other Luccheses get life

A trio of New York mobsters were sentenced to life in prison for carrying out a Bronx hit in 2013. Christopher Londonio, Matthew Madonna and Terrence Caldwell were all given life for the slaying of former Purple Gang leader Michael Meldish in Throggs Neck. Madonna, the 84-year-old former acting boss of the Lucchese family, was convicted of racketeering conspiracy for ordering the hit over an unpaid gambling debt.
Londonio, 46, was accused of plotting to escape the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn by losing a huge amount of weight and using braided dental floss to begin “perforating the glass” at the lockup. The alleged plot put Londonio on the front page of The New York Post with the headline “The Veal Shank Redemption,” but he was later acquitted of the escape charge. He lost a whooping 200 pounds in the attempt.

Mob boss Madonna continued to plead his innocence. “I am innocent. I had absolutely nothing to do with the tragic death of Michael Meldish. I conspired with no one.”
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