Friday, September 11, 2020

Daniel Tiessen had friends with HA

Daniel Tiessen, 52, is charged with four counts of conspiring with others to commit an indictable offence, as well as threatening death or bodily harm. Drug dealer Tiessen lined up outlaw bikers to scoop up Devin Alderton and then have everything from his legs broken to screws drilled into his head. Other ideas included syringes filled with bleach. This was related to efforts to recover monies owed. As cops listened in Tiessen spoke in graphic terms of how he and his associates would deal with their target.
“I want this fucking done clean and professional,” Tiessen said in one police intercept.
The muscle hired to carry out the kidnapping was expected to be the HA, “they’re one-percenters — they mean fucking business,” said Tiessen. One of the meetings referred to was with a Hells Angels vice-president. As the plot moved closer to fruition the cops swooped in.