Monday, September 14, 2020

Drug dealing Gangster Granny busted in Wales

Angela Collingbourne, 52, was ‘second-in command’ of a 16-strong drug gang headed by her sons. The cocaine dealer was jailed for six years after being found guilty of drugs offences on the streets of Newport in Wales.

Collingbourne ran a mobile telephone trading line with 4,000 customers. She kept the operation going when both of her sons were in prison. Collingbourne’s sons were also jailed – Jerome Nunes, 28, for 12 years and Blaine Nunes, 26, for 14.
The judge had harsh words for Collingbourne.

‘You took no responsibility for your actions or those of your criminal family. ‘During your trial you portrayed yourself as a victim, fighting bigotry and injustice – but the jury saw through you. You dismissed your crimes as evidence of your own victimhood. ‘You were counting and banking the vast profits from this operation. You knew many of those involved and the scale of the it. You began to believe that you were unstoppable.’