Sunday, September 6, 2020

Dubai boltholes losing appeal for gangsters

Scot crime boss Steven Lyons has left his luxury Dubai bolthole over safety fears. The hood, 39, is said to have a £200k bounty on his head. Lyons moved his HQ amid concerns of a hit by rivals and after a series of huge drug busts. He was left 'cut off' from his crew after the EncroChat hack.

Irish cops are said to be probing “credible” intelligence that mob chief Daniel Kinahan, 42, is also on the move.
Info from the international hack of EncroChat led cops in Scotland to seize over £25m of drugs.

Insiders believe a good part of that huge haul belonged to the Lyons gang. Dozens of gangsters were given “threat to life” warnings after assassination plots were uncovered by cops in the EncroChat hack.
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