Sunday, September 20, 2020

Meth prices double at Southern US border

"we were seeing about $1,700 per pound. It’s now increased, we’re pushing about $4,000 per pound of methamphetamine." Meth is flooding across the Mexican border at all-time highs, and cops say the coronavirus pandemic has affected its prevalence and price. In fiscal year 2019, some 68,585 pounds of meth was seized compared to 118,153 pounds so far this year with 2 months to go. As supply chains are restricted cops say prices have increased.

In Mexico authorities seized 19,079 kg of meth, which was listed as a 32% rise. The increase appears to be 50%.
75kg of meth was seized after smugglers tried to float it across the border by roping together packages and sending them through an underground drainage tunnel into Arizona.
Mexico's violence remains at record levels. The homicide rate is around 3,000 murders per month. The Department of State issued travel warnings to many Mexican states, including four bordering Texas.