Thursday, September 10, 2020

Safwan Choudhry figures masks for infidel - Update

Choudhry figures prominently in the Iranian Muslim community. He is director of communications for Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at, the largest organized Muslim group in Canada.
Safwan ChoudhrySafwan Choudhry, who was not wearing a mask, told reporters that his family was targeted over the mask policy and the flight crew was wrong. Choudhry and his family were travelling on employee travel passes and refused to abide by Westjet's 'zero tolerance' mask policy. The flight crew requested that the family step off the plane for the safety of other passengers. They refused.

Choudhry described it as " ... the most horrific & dehumanizing treatment"
Safwan Choudhry claims he was subjected to Islamic discrimination.

It's appearing this man is incapable of making his child wear a mask OR leaving the aircraft when requested to do so. OF COURSE he should be banned to protect others from his irresponsible conduct that is grossly unacceptable. To wrap himself in Islam as a victim is an insult.