Friday, October 30, 2020

B.C. appeal court sets aside part of forfeiture ruling against Hells Angels

Judge Davies sided with the Hells Angels over three of their clubhouses in Vancouver, Kelowna and Nanaimo. He decided they ought not be forfeited to the B.C. government as instruments of criminal activity. That decision was appealed in July. The attorney-general is appealing the finding that the forfeiture act is unconstitutional, while the director of civil forfeiture appealed the decision against forfeiting the clubhouses.

Davis made the curious finding that no evidence proved the HAMC was a global operation. That contradicts a recent Netherland court that found evidence of thousands of HA linked crimes. It also proves the judge doesn't read this blog as HA gangsterism is half my material on any given day.
“The director has not proven that the Hells Angels is a worldwide criminal organization,” Davies said. “Although the evidence adduced does establish that many members of the Hells Angels in British Columbia and Ontario have committed serious criminal offences, there is a paucity of admissible evidence concerning such criminals offending in other jurisdictions.”