Sunday, October 11, 2020

Mob boss Christy ‘Dapper Don’ Kinahan - update

Raids involved 750 police officers across Ireland, the UK and Spain, as well as follow-up raids in Belgium, Cyprus, Dubai, South Africa and Brazil.It has been revealed that the catalogue of failures by Spanish authorities that gave the Kinahan gang free rein was no accident. The mob was always one step ahead of the Spanish cops and knew when they were moving in. The answer lies in the €5,000 a month paid to two senior Spanish officers.

The multinational operation in 2010 that saw around 30 cartel associates arrested in Spain, Ireland and the UK in 2010 left the boss and his sons eventually untouched. The number of dropped charges, after being dragged out for years, is mountainous.
Daniel Kinahan
The boss's use a fraudulent passport came back to haunt him last week after he was charged with passport fraud by Spanish police. It was a common tactic to use the identities of homeless people to obtain passports. Cops suspect Kinahan used it for a few months before obtaining another.

The man who once ran a €1b drug empire before passing control to his eldest son Daniel is now an ageing gangster who is largely retired. At present, the ‘Dapper Don’ remains in Dubai with his two sons, although many gangsters are said to be abandoning Dubai, including the Kinahans.