Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Sweden - ‘gangster’s paradise’

Operation Hoarfrost was to tackle the rise in gang crime in Sweden. A year later and the situation is out of control.
Swedish cops are pleading for resources as migrant gangs terrorize the country. Last year Sweden's bomb squad was called out more than 250 times, a level unseen anywhere in Europe. The situation escalated last November when a 15-year-old was killed in a blast.
"These criminal clans have a different culture that makes them difficult to tackle with normal police methods." In Aug, 20 gangsters were busted when cops responded to an incident in Gothenburg that saw a group close roads as they looked for rivals. "Two years ago, if people linked immigration to crime, they would be accused of being racist. But the paradigm is shifting." At least 40 migrant gangs had been identified and are operating in Sweden.
The Ali Khan group has literally hundreds of complaints. The Ali Khan group originated from Palestine and Turkey, but spread to northern Europe. Cops say the latest wave is Syrian gangsters who take advantage of the country's generous welfare system.

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