Sunday, November 1, 2020

Luis Antonio Navia - El Senador

Luis Antonio Navia 'El Senador' spent 25 years in the criminal underworld where he served as a logistical drug trafficker for some of the world's most dangerous gangs. He helped to export more than 300 tonnes of cocaine, worth billions. Navia worked for Pablo Escobar.

He was sentenced to 11 years in prison and served six.
El Senador is now an advisor to law enforcement. Navia recounted how he was picked up by a Mexican cartel and marked for execution because it thought he was treading on their turf.
Navia believed 'Metro', a “psychopath”, was going to kill him in a gruesome way ... in a crocodile pit. "We were on our way to the crocodiles, I was going to get thrown in – these people are rough and don’t forgive certain things.” Navia had played pool with Metro's associate and lost $250k the previous night and tried to contact the man to back his story and save his life. Eventually he got through ... “He told him, ‘No don’t do that, he owes me $250k from a pool game’ and Metro couldn’t believe that something so off the wall was actually true.” Metro joked that Navia was “fucking crazier” than him and before being dropped off at the hotel, he said: “Today’s your fucking day, motherfucker!”
Navia reflected: “Losing $250,000 was very lucky, maybe if I had won the guy would have said ‘No, what pool game?’