Tuesday, November 24, 2020

SA prison gang leader Ernest Solomon whacked

Ernest “Ernie Lastig” SolomonThe prison Number gangs are so cruel that sometimes a father kills his own son or the son kills his father because of “this Number we believe in”, said former leader of the 28s gang Ernest “Ernie Lastig” Solomon in a video clip that was recorded before his murder. Solomon was gunned down in Boksburg, Gauteng. His car was forced off the road by a Ford Ranger and then gunmen in that vehicle fired an avalanch of shots into Solomon’s BMW, killing him.

The hit on Solomon was similar to the one carried out on 9 April 2019 in Gauteng on Serbian national Ivan Djordjevic, when gunmen fired shots through the roof of Djordjevic’s bulletproof Mercedes-Benz. "Be careful, you are going to kill your family and your own community and after that your own brothers are going to kill you,” Solomon warned.