Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Sean Connery punched mobster Johnny Stompanato

After a few retakes, he walked into the frame, pointed a pistol at Connery, and told him to take his hands off Turner.The recently deceased Sean Connery took on mobster Johnny Stompanato. In 1957, the young Connery was shooting the film Another Time, Another Place in London. His co-star was Lana Turner, a Hollywood sex symbol whose boyfriend after her 5th divorce was mob enforcer Stompanato. A jealous Stompanato showed up at the studios where Turner and Connery were filming. He caught a scene where the pair were embracing on a couch.
The future Bond grabbed the mobster's wrist and twisted it until the gun came loose, and then laid him out with one punch. Scotland Yard escorted Stompanato from the set, and he was deported for breaking England’s gun laws. Johnny Stomp was killed at Turner’s rented Beverly Hills home on April 4, 1958. Turner’s 13-year-old daughter stabbed Stompanato to death with a butcher knife after he attacked her mother.