Monday, November 9, 2020

Vancito Gumbs faces 15 more years

Vancito Gumbs is a former Georgia police officer convicted in a massive gang racketeering case. After spending 4 years in prison, he was dealt another 15 years for his role in the Gangster Disciples. Its the end of a long fall for Gumbs, who moved to the US as a teenager from the U.S. Virgin Islands and went on to fight against Taliban forces in the Middle East.

After deployment, he took a job at the DeKalb County Police Department. He met Kevin Clayton, a Gangster Disciples enforcer. On a series of wiretaps, the FBI heard Gumbs give broad information to Clayton about police activity. The jury found Gumbs guilty of racketeering involving murder. Prosecutors said Gumbs knew full well that the Gangster Disciples killed people.
The war damaged him, his mother said.
“When my son came back, he was not the son I dropped off.” Janelle Gumbs spoke of nightmares where Gumbs would be screaming.