Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Israeli drug kingpin Gabriel Kenigsberger nailed in Bogotá

Gabriel Kenigsberger, an Israeli citizen, was busted in the Chapinero neighborhood of Bogotá by Colombia’s army. Kenigsberger has lived in Colombia for twenty years and holds Colombian identity documents that allowed him to travel throughout Colombia arranging shipments of cocaine to Europe. His used his cover was as a hotel manager in Bogotá to export cocaine to gangsters in Europe, the Japanese Yakuza and the Jerusalem Clan in Israel.

He is now facing 26 years in prison for his role as a kingpin in an organized crime network connecting buyers with the Colombian La Oficina narcotrafficking gang. Kenigsberger, though already convicted, is also also being investigated for a pedophile sex ring that offered sexual tourism. Kenigsberger also faces an Interpol red notice for drug trafficking in France, the Netherlands and Israel.