Friday, December 18, 2020

Quebec bikers lose firearm permits

Sûreté du Québec revoked the firearm permits of 11 members of motorcycle clubs sympathetic to the Hells Angels. "Allegiance to organized crime has a direct impact on their privilege of possessing a license to possess and acquisition of firearms." Red Devils, Dark Souls, Devils Ghosts, Devils Riders, Death Messengers, Brotherhood, Rolling Aces, Heaven Demon, Survivor Bikers and Sacrilege clubs were all effected. 'Hangarounds' of the Hells Angels are targets. The Rebel Riders appealed to the Court of Quebec to recover their firearms licenses, but failed. The president admitted that his group wore jewelry showing their support for the HA. Walking around in public with a badge showing support for the Hells Angels is now a recipe for headaches.
The judge said “In our country, owning a gun is a privilege. This privilege is highly regulated and a license is necessary for the possession of such a weapon. ”