Monday, December 21, 2020

UK Gangster pulls 12 years for selling gun to youth

A gangland kingpin who masterminded a UK-wide gun running racket has been jailed for 12 years after police caught him selling an antique revolver to a teenager. Aqdas Vasi, 32, was arrested after officers saw him hand over an American-made Defender 89.32 Rimfire weapon to Tyrece Weaver, 19.
Vasi was a member of the Fallowfield 'Mad Dogs' gang.
Cops searched Vasi's Audi Quattro convertible and found a British made Bulldog revolver. Vasi admitted charges of selling a firearm and possessing prohibited weapons. Weaver pulled 5 years youth custody after he admitted possessing a prohibited firearm and ammunition. The teenager claimed he was forced to get the gun by Manchester by Herts-based gangs who force kids as young as 10 into 'county lines' drug trafficking.

The judge wasn't amused. 'It is trite to say that too many lethal weapons are available, carried, distributed or used. They have devastating consequences and are properly described as a scourge on our society.'