Thursday, January 14, 2021

Altaf Khanani - Cameron Ortis

Altaf Khanani was one of the world's largest money launderers. The Pakistani was involved in the illicit movement of money between Pakistan, the UAE, US, UK, Canada and Australia. He moved money for cartels and terrorist groups.

FinCEN files suggest Khanani moved $14b annually. The Khanani Money Laundering Organization funnelled billions across the globe on behalf of terrorists, drug traffickers, and criminals.

Khanani was arrested in 2015 by the DEA.
Khanani was sent to the US, where he was sentenced to 68 months. He was released from prison on July 13.
A ring of currency traders in Toronto laundered hundreds of millions in drug money annually, and transferring huge sums between Iran and Canada via Dubai, a banking zone used by the Iranian regime. In 2016 spy Cameron Ortis took over the file and began offering to sell intelligence to the Khanani network.