Sunday, January 17, 2021

Christian Deschênes’s plea denied

It all added up to a 45 year sentence. After passes to leave prison to visit his dying wife were cancelled due to COVID-19, Christian Deschênes sued. His plea has been denied. In 2001 he was arrested in a plot to kidnap Francesco Arcadi, the street boss of the Rizzuto Mafia clan. While he faced trial, he was nailed as a conspirator in a $1m armoured truck heist.
Deschênes, now 64, isn’t the man he once was, the parole board was told. Housed in a minimum-security facility in Laval, he was granted unescorted temporary absences, although he was turned down for full parole and day parole.

His wife has terminal cancer with a dire prognosis of about a year.