Monday, January 18, 2021

Gangsters land free money

Solid Gold is a peeler bar with a tight connection to the Calabrian Mafia. A list published by CRA reveals those who have cashed in from a program, created last spring, that finances 75% of companies' payroll. It cost taxpayers $55 billion.
Solid Gold has received government assistance. Influential Calabrian mobster Moreno Gallo was expelled from the country for serious criminality in January 2012 and murdered the following year in Mexico was once the owner. In recent years, arson and gunfire have occurred often around Solid Gold.

The Pro Gym, linked to the Hells Angels for years has also received free money. Vice-president of Pro Gym is Christian Ménard, a Sherbrooke Hells Angel.
"The subsidy was used to pay part of the salaries of the employees with whom we have kept an employment relationship" says the biker, who has pledged to ignore Covid-19 lockdowns.

Individuals convicted of tax fraud by Revenu Québec had no problems. WE Charity (UNIS in French) is also on the list. It is embroiled in scandal after Trudeau hired it to manage a $900m student volunteer program. The program earned WE Charity nearly $43m million in management fees.