Thursday, March 18, 2021

3 cops sentenced in FBI cartel sting

Three more ex-South Carolina cops have been sentenced to federal prison following an FBI operation in which agents posed as Mexican drug cartel members. Carolyn Colter Franklin, 64, Allan Hunter, 52, and Nathaniel Miller Shazier III, 29, were nailed on charges of conspiracy.

The City of Orangeburg agreed to pay $750k in 2020 to a man who sued over being jailed for more than four months on charges that he hit a cop, even though a police supervisor said it wasn't true.
The dirty cops thought they were protecting drug dealers. FBI wiretaps and videos showed the cops agreeing to use patrol cars in uniform and accept payment to "guard" fake drug shipments. Franklin pulled 61 months in federal prison, Hunter 63 months, and Shazier 46 months.