Thursday, March 11, 2021

Polymer80 Glock

Want to build your own Glock, one without a serial number? If you aren't concerned with a significant jail sentence one starts with a $149 Polymer80 Glock frame.
The 80 refers to the fact the firearm is 80% complete. At 80% the ATF deems something not a firearm. The frame is prohibited in Canada.

A small parts kit $29, and a Glock slide and barrel, $149 complete the required parts list. With minimal technical knowledge the gun can be completed for around $350. On the street that number is $1500.
Carfentanil dealer Nakhari Henry-Robinson
Nakhari Henry-Robinson, 22 is facing 17 charges after police recovered a gun and drugs in North York. He was also charged with purpose of trafficking schedule I substance – carfentanil.