Friday, April 2, 2021

Gangster Moll Emma Lavery

Store assistant Emma Lavery, 24, earned as little as £7k a year but wore designer clothes, drove a BMW, and enjoyed holidays to Barcelona, Rome and Mexico while helping her boyfriend run a cocaine empire. She had the latest designer footwear, carried a Gucci handbag and moved into a luxury condo with Adam Hussain after he set up a drugs racket in which he ran a team of street dealers.
In a pair of raids cops lassoed £115,000 in cash spread over their bed bundled into £1,000 wads. Cops seized designer gear including a Rose Gold Rolex watch valued at £28,850, a pair of Gucci Tiger pumps worth £405, Valentino camo flip flops worth £570 and a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes worth £645. Bolton Crown Court sentenced Hussain to 6 years and Lavery, who has an eight month old daughter by him, to 16 months jail suspended for two years.