Monday, April 26, 2021

Larry Eyler - The Highway Killer

Human remains found at a northwestern Indiana farm have been identified as a victim of the late serial killer Larry Eyler. John Ingram Brandenburg, Jr. of Chicago was among four young men found on an abandoned farm on October 18, 1983. Two others, Michael Bauer and John Bartlett, were identified, leaving one victim still nameless. Eyler confessed to at least 21 killings before dying in an Illinois prison in 1994 from AIDS. He was on death row for the 1984 murder of Danny Bridges, a 15-year-old.
Victim Daniel Dewey “was bound alive with [an] elaborate rigging. Knotted ropes lashed him wrist-to-wrist, ankle-to-ankle, wrists-to-ankle. Another cord was wrapped around his neck to his feet. The more the victim squirmed to break free, the tighter the ropes constricted his breathing until he was asphyxiated.”

For 29 years his headstone read simply: “Unidentified Homicide Victim.”